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The Infinity Project - Mystical Experiences


Blue Room Released



MediaLP (2x12")
01 The Infinity Project - When Sound Becomes Colour
02 The Infinity Project - Mystical Experiences
03 The Infinity Project - The Answer
04 The Infinity Project - High Insert
05 The Infinity Project - Morfioso
06 The Infinity Project - Flute Line
07 The Infinity Project - Flying
08 The Infinity Project - Blue Aura
09 The Infinity Project - Alien Patrol
10 The Infinity Project - Under The Overtones
11 The Infinity Project - Blue Aura (Weird Meeting)


  The Infinity Project
'When Sound Becomes Colour'

'Colors become sound. Sound becomes color.'

'Oh boy, this is really the mind-fucker of all times, man.'

'This big thing goes rrhhaaa... up my spine and flashes in my brain!'

Third from 'Woodstock'

IMDB  Woodstock

Sound The Infinity Project
'Mystical Experiences'

'I had some kind of experiences. I had some kind of... I would say, mystical experiences. A kind of dream world I beheld. Quite a feeling of... oneness, with the world.'

'Hard to imagine nothing. Nothing, nothing. No me, no you, no world. Nothing.'


From 'The Beyond Within: The Rise and Fall of LSD' (BBC documentary, 1987)

Sound The Infinity Project
'The Answer'

'No one saw it's approach, a small point of light lost in the blair of the morning sun. It had been drifting for centuries with the inner solar system, like an iceberg in the ocean of inter-planetary space '

'This is the age of planetary exploration, when our ships has began to sail the heavens'

'The infinitesimal and the infinite... and in that moment I knew the answer.'

'In our spaceship of imagination.'

'You can have anything you want in the whole universe.'

'There is million of things in this universe can have and there is million things that you cant have.'

First and second: Carl Sagan speaking, third The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957)

IMDB  The Incredible Shrinking Man