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Dino Psaras - Lick It


Oktava Records



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Dino Psaras - Lick It
01 Dino Psaras - Riddum
02 Dino Psaras feat. Man With No Name - Hoover
03 Dino Psaras feat. Raz - Perpetual Night Party
04 Dino Psaras feat. X-Dream - Old Cool Tweakers
05 Dino Psaras - Ear Candy
06 Dino Psaras - The Eyes
07 Dino Psaras - Triple X
08 Dino Psaras - Noodles
09 Dino Psaras - 80s Virus


  Dino Psaras feat. Raz
'Perpetual Night Party'

"The land of the perpetual night party." @ 1:46
"Day swallowing night and night swallowing day." @ 2:00
"And keep your eyes open. Nothing is as it seems." @ 2:13

From the movie 'The Salton Sea'

IMDB  The Salton Sea

  Dino Psaras
'The Eyes'

'... believe the eyes are the windows to the soul?'


'I'm very good at reading what's in a person's eyes.'

'That's nice.'

'I'm reading yours right now.'

'What do they say?'

'They say ... you're sleepy. But I can't figure out if ... too-much-drug sleepy, too-much-work sleepy, or i'm-so-fuckin'-bored sleepy. Maybe you have that weird fuckin' sleeping disease, narco sleepy, something sleepy. <????> in a person's eyes. You should know that.'" @ 0:40

From the movie 'Gun Shy'

IMDB  Gun Shy

  Dino Psaras
'80s Virus'

"Questions, questions - Look at that strange boy - He finds it hard existing - To cut a long story short"

To Cut A Long Story Short (by Spandau Ballet)