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MembersChristophe Drouillet


Christophe Drouillet

AbsolumChristophe Drouillet
Absolut NoiseChristophe Drouillet, Mickey Noise , Dimitri Uriel
C.R.M.B.Christophe Drouillet, Shajahan Matkin, Farid Merbouche , Josef Quinteros
ElixirCedric Dassulle , Christophe Drouillet, Farid Merbouche
LagoonChristophe Drouillet
N.B.K.Ari Linker , Christophe Drouillet
SynergyChristophe Drouillet, Samy Guediche
TiyaChristophe Drouillet, Cynthia Koch
TranswaveChristophe Drouillet, Frederic Holyszewski
UltraChristophe Drouillet, Dimitri Nakov



Absolum - Indigo EP3D Vision Records3DV0011998
Absolum - Re-Generate EPTIP.WorldTIPW0092000
Absolum vs Nomad - The Game EP3D Vision Records3DV0082000
Absolum - On the C-Side EPTIP.WorldTIPW0162001


Absolum - WildTIP.WorldTIPWCD132001
Absolum - Inside The Sphere3D Vision Records3DVCD0202004


Absolum - Astral Body SurfingUltra Groove RecordsUG002CD
Absolum - Astral Body Surfing V.023D Vision Records3DVCD027CD
Absolum - Astral Body Surfing V2.2Digital PsionicsDPSICD24CD
Absolum - Biologic3D Vision Records3DVLP001LP
Absolum - BiologicSub TerraneanSPV089-47742CD
Absolum - Biologic3D Vision Records3DVCD001CD
Absolum - BiologicNova Tekk RecordsNTD90510-24CD
Absolum - Biologic (Live Mix)Moon Spirits RecordsMSRCD001CD
Absolum - Bole BoleTIP.WorldTIPWCD13CD
Absolum - D-GenerateTIP.WorldTIPWCD08CD
Absolum - D-GenerateTIP.WorldTIPW009EP
Absolum - D-GenerateTIP.WorldTIPWCD13CD
Absolum - DrumatrixPsychic Deli RecordsPDCD009CD
Absolum - DrumatrixPsychic Deli RecordsPDLP009LP
Absolum - Drumatrix (Remix)TIP.WorldTIPWCD13CD
Absolum - Drumatrix (Remix)TIP.WorldTIPW016EP
Absolum - Extreme Circumstances3D Vision Records3DVCD020CD
Absolum - Extreme CircumstancesTokyo X-Ray StudioNODX-00008DVD
Absolum - Goldfinger3D Vision Records3DVLP003LP
Absolum - Goldfinger3D Vision Records3DVCD009CD
Absolum - Goldfinger3D Vision Records3DVCD003CD
Absolum - HadracadabraFineplay RecordsFINEP003DVD
Absolum - HadracadabraHadra RecordsHADCD01CD
Absolum - Hadracadabra (Shift Remix)Nexus MediaNEXUSCD016CD
Absolum - Indigo3D Vision Records3DVCD002CD
Absolum - Indigo3D Vision Records3DVLP002LP
Absolum - Indigo3D Vision Records3DV001EP
Absolum - Inside The Sphere3D Vision Records3DVCD020CD
Absolum - Mental SilenceMaia RecordsMRCD00CD
Absolum - Mental SilenceSound Sorcery RecordsSSRCD01CD
Absolum - Metalizer3D Vision Records3DV001EP
Absolum - No Rush3D Vision Records3DVCD012CD
Absolum - No Rush3D Vision Records3DVCD024CD
Absolum - Ob 13D Vision Records3DVCD020CD
Absolum - Off Beat3D Vision Records3DVCD020CD
Absolum - On the C-SideTIP.WorldTIPWCD13CD
Absolum - On the C-SideTIP.WorldTIPW016EP
Absolum - OrangeTIP.WorldTIPWCD13CD
Absolum - Pulse3D Vision Records3DVCD010CD
Absolum - PulseShaffel RecordsSHAFFELCD02CD
Absolum - Push3D Vision Records3DVCD007CD
Absolum - Re-GenerateTIP.WorldTIPWCD10CD
Absolum - Re-GenerateTIP.WorldTIPW009EP
Absolum - RecoveryTIP.WorldTIPWCD13CD
Absolum - RegenerateTIP.WorldTIPWCD13CD
Absolum - SalamSolar Flares RecordsSFCD03CD
Absolum - Salam3D Vision Records3DVCD020CD
Absolum - Smoking Kangaroos3D Vision Records3DVCD003CD
Absolum - Stupid HumansSolar Flares RecordsSFCD02CD
Absolum - Surprises Upset PeoplePhantasm RecordsPTMCD161CD
Absolum - Sweet Little WildTIP.WorldTIPWCD13CD
Absolum - Take Off3D Vision Records3DVCD022CD
Absolum - Take Off v2.03D Vision Records3DVCD025CD
Absolum - That Is Final3D Vision Records3DVCD020CD
Absolum - The Fifth RevelationTIP.WorldTIPWCD16CD
Absolum - The Race (Pole Position Mix)3D Vision Records3DVCD020CD
Absolum - The Stomper3D Vision Records3DVCD020CD
Absolum - Ultimatum 138TIP.WorldTIPWCD13CD
Absolum - Virus3D Vision Records3DVCD020CD
Absolum - Wizzi Wizzy3D Vision Records3DVCD001CD
Absolum - Wizzi Wizzy3D Vision Records3DVLP001LP
Absolum - Wizzi WizzyNova Tekk RecordsNTD90510-24CD
Absolum - Wizzi Wizzy3D Vision Records3DVCD009CD
Absolum - XS3D Vision Records3DVCD001CD
Absolum - XSNova Tekk RecordsNTD90510-24CD


Absolum vs Central Processing Unit - The Race3D Vision Records3DVCD024CD
Absolum vs Central Processing Unit - The Race3D Vision Records3DVCD015CD
Absolum vs Concept - The Dark EdgeFineplay RecordsFINEP005DVD
Absolum vs GMS - The Therapy3D Vision Records3DVCD021CD
Absolum vs GMS - The Therapy (Absolum Live Remix)Planet B.E.N. RecordsPBRCD11CD
Absolum vs Menog - Basic Survival Instincts3D Vision Records3DVCD033CD
Absolum vs Nomad - The Game (Part 2)3D Vision Records3DVLP005LP
Absolum vs Nomad - The Game Part 13D Vision Records3DV008EP
Absolum vs Nomad - The Game Part 13D Vision Records3DVCD009CD
Absolum vs Nomad - The Game Part 23D Vision Records3DVCD005CD
Absolum vs Nomad - The Game Part 23D Vision Records3DV008EP
Absolum vs Nomad - The Game Part 2 v1.23D Vision Records3DVCD009CD
Absolum vs Theoreme - Weekly Mansion 402Timecode RecordsTCCD012CD
Azax Syndrom vs Absolum - World Of Illusion Live Remix3D Vision Records3DVCD031CD
Ex-Gen vs Absolum - High In Chicago3D Vision Records3DVCD033CD
Menog & Absolum - Basic Survival InstinctSpectral RecordsSPLCD08CD
Menog vs Absolum - Basic Survival Instincts (Menog Remix)Spectral RecordsSPLCD09CD
Space Tribe & Absolum - Astral Body SurfingSpace Tribe MusicSTM003CD
Theoreme feat. Absolum - Weekly Mansion 402Arcadia MusicARCCD009CD


Oforia - Raw (Absolum Remix)3D Vision Records3DVCD009CD
Oforia - Raw (Absolum Remix)3D Vision Records3DV007EP
Oforia - Raw (Absolum Remix)TIP.WorldTIPWCD06CD
Absolum - Indigo EP Absolum - Re-Generate EP Absolum vs Nomad - The Game EP Absolum - On the C-Side EP Absolum - Wild Absolum - Inside The Sphere