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Aphid Moon

MembersJules Hamer


Jules Hamer

AMDRichard Trevor, Jules Hamer
Aphid MoonJules Hamer



Aphid Moon - Tazmania EPIntastella RecordsINTA081997
Aphid Moon - Chi EPFlying Rhino RecordsAFR0692002
Aphid Moon - Disco Biscuit EPDragonfly RecordsBFLT942003
Various Artists - Reefer Madness Sampler EPTIP.WorldTIPW0332003


Aphid Moon - High DiverDragonfly RecordsBFLCD622003
Aphid Moon - Global CultureNano RecordsNANOCD0102005


Aphid Moon - A Kind of RevolutionTransient RecordsTRANR645CD
Aphid Moon - A Lot of RadioFlying Rhino RecordsAFR069EP
Aphid Moon - A Lot Of RadioDragonfly RecordsBFLCD62CD
Aphid Moon - A Lot Of RadioElement RecordsELEMCD001CD
Aphid Moon - A Lot Of RadioFlying Rhino RecordsAFRCD038CD
Aphid Moon - Another PlanetGroove CriminalsGCRCD001CD
Aphid Moon - AxleNano RecordsNANOCD010CD
Aphid Moon - BooDragonfly RecordsBFLCD62CD
Aphid Moon - ChiFlying Rhino RecordsAFR069EP
Aphid Moon - Disco BiscuitDragonfly RecordsBFLT94EP
Aphid Moon - Disco BiscuitDragonfly RecordsBFLCD57CD
Aphid Moon - Disco BiscuitDragonfly RecordsBFLCD62CD
Aphid Moon - Do What You WantTurbo Trance RecordsTTRCD012CD
Aphid Moon - Do What You WantYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE082CDCD
Aphid Moon - DooferFree Spirit RecordsFSR0003CD
Aphid Moon - DunnoDragonfly RecordsBFLCD62CD
Aphid Moon - ElavateDragonfly RecordsBFLCD48CD
Aphid Moon - Electronic MembraneIntastella RecordsINTA08EP
Aphid Moon - Electronic MembraneKickin RecordsKICK69CD
Aphid Moon - FunkTurbo Trance RecordsTTRCD004CD
Aphid Moon - Global CultureNano RecordsNANOCD010CD
Aphid Moon - He Who SurvivesNano RecordsNANOCD010CD
Aphid Moon - He who survivesRevolve MagazineREVOLVE01CD
Aphid Moon - Head CandyTwisted RecordsTWSCD18CD
Aphid Moon - High DiverDragonfly RecordsBFLCD62CD
Aphid Moon - Human RaceYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE084CDCD
Aphid Moon - Human RaceNano RecordsNANOCD010CD
Aphid Moon - JimmeyTransient RecordsTRANR647CD
Aphid Moon - K-9Nano RecordsNANOCD010CD
Aphid Moon - LandedNano RecordsNANOCD010CD
Aphid Moon - ManaTransient RecordsTRANR619CD
Aphid Moon - Nu GrooveNano RecordsNANOCD009CD
Aphid Moon - Nu GrooveNano RecordsNANOCD010CD
Aphid Moon - OceanicOxygen RecordsOXYCD007CD
Aphid Moon - ProtocolHyperflow RecordsHF01CD
Aphid Moon - ProtocolYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE096CDCD
Aphid Moon - PsyferLa Magica BoutiqueLMB001CD
Aphid Moon - ReactorDragonfly RecordsBFLCD62CD
Aphid Moon - ReactorDragonfly RecordsBFLT94EP
Aphid Moon - Rock StarNano RecordsNANOCD010CD
Aphid Moon - Space GhostDragonfly RecordsBFLCD65CD
Aphid Moon - SpectraDragonfly RecordsBFLCD62CD
Aphid Moon - Star PeopleKoyote RecordsKPXCD33CD
Aphid Moon - SuperflyTransient RecordsTRANR648CD
Aphid Moon - Taz ManiaTunnel RecordsTR1024CDCD
Aphid Moon - TazmaniaIntastella RecordsINTA08EP
Aphid Moon - Total PsyNano RecordsNANOCD010CD
Aphid Moon - UpgradeDragonfly RecordsBFLCD54CD
Aphid Moon - UrusAlchemy RecordsALCD002CD
Aphid Moon - Zak StardustDragonfly RecordsBFLCD62CD
Aphid Moon - ZaphodAtomic RecordsATOM012CDCD
Aphid Moon - ZaphodAtomic RecordsATOM012LPLP


AMD feat. Dick Trevor & Aphid Moon - Don’t Look In ThereOrganic RecordsORGTRPCD001CD
Aphid Moon & Apex - Robot RevolutionPeak RecordsPR015CD
Aphid Moon & Damion - Do U?Gaian MindBLISS001CD
Aphid Moon & Lucas - Dark StarTIP.WorldTIPWLP40LP
Aphid Moon & Lucas - Dark starTIP.WorldTIPWCD40CD
Aphid Moon & Pogo - Total RealityNano RecordsNANOCD018CD
Aphid Moon & The Electric Ant - Vicious CycleNano RecordsNANOCD002CD
Aphid Moon vs Hydrophonic - Aphidphonics (Aphid Moon Remix)Transient RecordsTRANR649CD
Aphid Moon vs Laughing Buddha - Real StuffNano RecordsNANOCD011CD
Aphid Moon vs Lucas - Ok PeopleTIP.WorldTIPW033EP
Aphid Moon vs Lucas - Ok PeopleTIP.WorldTIPWCD31CD
Aphid Moon vs Lucas - We Are Your FriendTIP.WorldTIPWLP47LP
Aphid Moon vs Lucas - We Are Your FriendTIP.WorldTIPWCD47CD
Aphid Moon vs Organik - Are Mutants?Organic RecordsORGCD006CD
Aphid Moon vs Organik - HappylandOrganic RecordsORGCD007CD
Aphid Moon vs Protoculture - Systematic AnomallyOxygen RecordsOXYCD002CD
Dick Trevor vs Aphid Moon - Blinking LightsOrganic RecordsORGCD007CD
Laughing Buddha & Aphid Moon - Crystal ClarityDragonfly RecordsBFLCD69CD
Tristan vs Aphid Moon - Hammer TimeSolstice Music InternationalSOL-WCD008CD
Tristan vs Aphid Moon - Hammer TimeSolstice MusicSOLMC-028CD


Aphid Moon vs Hydrophonic - Aphidphonics (Aphid Moon Remix)Transient RecordsTRANR649CD
Aphid Moon - Chi EP Aphid Moon - Disco Biscuit EP Various Artists - Reefer Madness Sampler EP Aphid Moon - High Diver Aphid Moon - Global Culture