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Evan Marc Bartholomew

BluetechEvan Marc Bartholomew
Evan MarcEvan Marc Bartholomew



Bluetech - Elementary Particles + Prima MateriaAleph ZeroALEPHZ022004
Bluetech - Elementary ParticlesNative State RecordsNSCD0012005
Bluetech - Sines and SingularitiesAleph ZeroALEPHZ042005
Bluetech - The Divine InvasionAleph ZeroALEPHZ132009


Bluetech - 7th Phase DubAleph ZeroALEPHZ02CD
Bluetech - A Garland Of StarsAleph ZeroALEPHZ04CD
Bluetech - AirstreamAleph ZeroALEPHZ04CD
Bluetech - Alchemie DubAleph ZeroALEPHZ02CD
Bluetech - Alchemie DubNative State RecordsNSCD001CD
Bluetech - Burning WatersAleph ZeroALEPHZ02CD
Bluetech - Burning WatersVagalume RecordsVGLCD001CD
Bluetech - Cerulean FunkPsyBooty RecordsPBCD001CD
Bluetech - CliffdivingAleph ZeroALEPHZ02CD
Bluetech - CondensationAleph ZeroALEPHZ04CD
Bluetech - CondensatonYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE066CDCD
Bluetech - CosmologicAleph ZeroALEPHZ02CD
Bluetech - CosmologicNative State RecordsNSCD001CD
Bluetech - CrescentNice Dreams MusicNDM002CD
Bluetech - CyanecentSounds Of Sanity RecordsSOSCD001CD
Bluetech - Desperate EndsAleph ZeroALEPHZ02CD
Bluetech - Diaspora DubNative State RecordsNSCD006CD
Bluetech - Dreamtime LullabyTruffle RecordsTRS005CD
Bluetech - Dreamtime LullabyAleph ZeroALEPHZ04CD
Bluetech - Elementary ParticlesNative State RecordsNSCD001CD
Bluetech - Elementary Particles (Re-edit)Aleph ZeroALEPHZ02CD
Bluetech - EmbraceChill Tribe RecordsCTRCD03CD
Bluetech - Enter The LovelyAleph ZeroALEPHZ04CD
Bluetech - Even The Stones SingAleph ZeroALEPHZ13CD
Bluetech - Finding the Future By Looking BackwardsAleph ZeroALEPHZ13CD
Bluetech - ForgivenessAleph ZeroALEPHZ04CD
Bluetech - ForgivenessNice Dreams MusicNDM001CD
Bluetech - Holding SpaceAleph ZeroALEPHZ13CD
Bluetech - Honey In The HeartAleph ZeroALEPHZ13CD
Bluetech - Ice Forming On GlassNative State RecordsNSCD003CD
Bluetech - Kingdom Of The BlindNew Land MusicNLMCD001CD
Bluetech - KoinoneaNative State RecordsNSCD001CD
Bluetech - KoinoneaAleph ZeroALEPHZ02CD
Bluetech - Leaving BabylonMental Arts RecordsMA007CDCD
Bluetech - Leaving BabylonAleph ZeroALEPHZ02CD
Bluetech - Leaving Winter BehindNative State RecordsNSCD002CD
Bluetech - Leaving Winter BehindAleph ZeroALEPHZ04CD
Bluetech - Lost In An Imagined LabyrinthAleph ZeroALEPHZ13CD
Bluetech - MezzamorphicTruffle RecordsTRS001CD
Bluetech - MezzamorphicAleph ZeroALEPHZ02CD
Bluetech - OleanderNative State RecordsNSCD001CD
Bluetech - OleanderLobogistic LabsLOB0001CD
Bluetech - OleanderAleph ZeroALEPHZ02CD
Bluetech - Oleander (Phutureprimitive Symbiotic Remix)Native State RecordsNSCD002CD
Bluetech - Prayers for RainTruffle RecordsTRS001CD
Bluetech - Prayers For Rain (Dub Mix)Aleph ZeroALEPHZ02CD
Bluetech - Prayers For Rain (In Dub)Interchill RecordsICHILLCD016CD
Bluetech - Prayers For Rain (J.Viewz Remix)Aleph ZeroALEPHZ02CD
Bluetech - Prayers for Rain (J.Viewz Remix)Native State RecordsNSCD001CD
Bluetech - Prayers For Rain (Ott Remix)Aleph ZeroALEPHZ12CD
Bluetech - Probability TreeAleph ZeroALEPHZ13CD
Bluetech - Prophetic SinesAleph ZeroALEPHZ02CD
Bluetech - Rite Of The DragonflyAleph ZeroALEPHZ13CD
Bluetech - RubiconAleph ZeroALEPHZ02CD
Bluetech - ShimmerAleph ZeroALEPHZ04CD
Bluetech - Snow DriftAleph ZeroALEPHZ07CD
Bluetech - Swimming In A FeverdreamAleph ZeroALEPHZ13CD
Bluetech - Triangle (Retriangulated)Aleph ZeroALEPHZ02CD
Bluetech - White MagnesiaAleph ZeroALEPHZ02CD
Bluetech - WildernessSofa BeatsSOFABEATSCD03CD
Bluetech - WildernessAleph ZeroALEPHZ04CD
Bluetech - WorthyAleph ZeroALEPHZ02CD
Bluetech - WorthyNative State RecordsNSCD001CD


Bluetech & Eitan Reiter - A Golden Ratio SingsAleph ZeroALEPHZ13CD
Bluetech & Mirror System - Living TimeAleph ZeroALEPHZ13CD
Bluetech & Shulman - Midnight BloomAleph ZeroALEPHZ05CD
Bluetech vs Shulman - Midnight BloomNative State RecordsNSCD003CD
Bluetech - Elementary Particles + Prima Materia Bluetech - Elementary Particles Bluetech - Sines and Singularities Bluetech - The Divine Invasion