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Broken Toy

MembersJames Copeland
CountrySouth Africa


James Copeland

Broken Shiva ToyJames Copeland , Jorg Kessler
Broken ToyJames Copeland



Broken Toy - Broken ToyAlchemy RecordsALCD0152005
Broken Toy - The Low Down Dirty Sound of...Alchemy RecordsALCD0232007


Broken Toy - AbsolutelyAfrogalactic RecordsAFROCD004CD
Broken Toy - Absolutely (Scorb Remix)Last Possible SolutionLPSCD001CD
Broken Toy - Absolutely (Scorb Remix)Yellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE063CDCD
Broken Toy - Absolutely (Scorb Remix)Yellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE094CDCD
Broken Toy - BabyAfrogalactic RecordsAFROCD002CD
Broken Toy - BeatmachineAlchemy RecordsALCD024CD
Broken Toy - Bites An Bruises24/7 Records247CD002CD
Broken Toy - Break Down BabyPsystation EntertainmentPSYX001CD
Broken Toy - Burst Into FireAlchemy RecordsALCD023CD
Broken Toy - CandyAlchemy RecordsALCD023CD
Broken Toy - Check ItPanorama RecordsPAN007CD
Broken Toy - Creature Of Da WheelAlchemy RecordsALCD010CD
Broken Toy - Crowd DisrapterShiva Space JapanSSJ007CD
Broken Toy - Crowd DisrapterYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE129CDCD
Broken Toy - Devil's PlaygroundNano RecordsNANOCD002CD
Broken Toy - Down On The FarmAlchemy RecordsALCD023CD
Broken Toy - FragileAlchemy RecordsALCD015CD
Broken Toy - Fucking MachinesAlchemy RecordsALCD015CD
Broken Toy - Girls And BoysAlchemy RecordsALCD015CD
Broken Toy - Heavy StructuredAlchemy RecordsALCD023CD
Broken Toy - Hit & MissAlchemy RecordsALCD021CD
Broken Toy - Hit & MissAlchemy RecordsALCD021CD
Broken Toy - Hit & MissYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE142CDCD
Broken Toy - Hole In The CloudsTransient RecordsTRANR104CD
Broken Toy - Holiday VibesAlchemy RecordsALCD019CD
Broken Toy - In A Dark, Dark HouseAlchemy RecordsALCD015CD
Broken Toy - LadadaAlchemy RecordsALCD020CD
Broken Toy - Low Down And DirtyAlchemy RecordsALCD023CD
Broken Toy - Namibian SkyGroove CriminalsGCRCD001CD
Broken Toy - Necessary RoughnessRevolve MagazineREVOLVE05CD
Broken Toy - Necessary RoughnessAlchemy RecordsALCD023CD
Broken Toy - Nihjonj BeatsAfrogalactic RecordsAFROCD007CD
Broken Toy - Play DeadAlchemy RecordsALCD023CD
Broken Toy - Psycho BitchesAlchemy RecordsALCD015CD
Broken Toy - RockstarTimecode RecordsTCCD003CD
Broken Toy - Seared FunkPixan RecordingsPXNCD01CD
Broken Toy - Send More MoneyAlchemy RecordsALCD008CD
Broken Toy - Send More Money (Shift Remix)Nexus MediaNEXUSCD001CD
Broken Toy - SlapheadAlchemy RecordsALCD015CD
Broken Toy - Spanking SeasonAfrogalactic RecordsAFROCD002CD
Broken Toy - SpeedfreakzAlchemy RecordsALCD015CD
Broken Toy - Suck On ThisPanorama RecordsPAN007CD
Broken Toy - Super Evil - We Want Your SoulMMD RecordsMMDCD006CD
Broken Toy - The Zine Familiy (Z-Dorm Remix)Timecode RecordsTCCD009CD
Broken Toy - The Zine FamilyTimecode RecordsTCCD007CD
Broken Toy - This one ThingYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE153CDCD
Broken Toy - This One ThingAlchemy RecordsALCD023CD
Broken Toy - Toys Just Wanna Have FunAlchemy RecordsALCD015CD
Broken Toy - Toys Just Wanna Have FunYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE076CDCD
Broken Toy - Uh OhHyperflow RecordsHF01CD
Broken Toy - What It IsAlchemy RecordsALCD012CD
Broken Toy - WhateverAlchemy RecordsALCD023CD


Broken Toy vs M-Theory - 9amAlchemy RecordsALCD022CD


Bent Sentient - Suffocation Dividend (Broken Toy Remix)Nano RecordsNANOCD005CD
Broken Toy - Broken Toy Broken Toy - The Low Down Dirty Sound of...