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MembersBill Halsey, Jeremy Van Kampen
When you're sick of the ordinary, Cosmosis gets extraordinary! He's been to Mars and back and proves it with extraterrestrial juice in each track. He keeps true to his form always delivering fresh mind bending leads & that certain element of funk to the equation. A true veteran who is firmly planted in his roots not far from the path he created.


Bill Halsey

BillBill Halsey
CosmosisBill Halsey, Jeremy Van Kampen
HopefiendMark Allen, Bill Halsey
Laughing BuddhaBill Halsey, Jeremy Van Kampen
Mumbo JumboBill Halsey, Mitch Davies

Jeremy Van Kampen

CosmosisBill Halsey, Jeremy Van Kampen
Drum DruidsJeremy Van Kampen
Laughing BuddhaBill Halsey, Jeremy Van Kampen
Purple BuddahJeremy Van Kampen, Richard Kegg



Cosmosis - Cannabanoid EPTransient RecordsTDV0041995
Cosmosis - Deus Remixes EPTransient RecordsTRA0071995
Cosmosis - Gift of the Gods EPTransient RecordsTRA0161996
Cosmosis - Howling at the Moon EPTransient RecordsTRA0241996
Cosmosis - San Yacid EPTransient RecordsTRA0101996
Cosmosis - Moonshine EP (Picture Disk)Transient RecordsTRA034PD1997
Cosmosis - Moonshine EP (Yellow Vinyl)Transient RecordsTRA0341997
Cosmosis - Do It! EPTransient RecordsTRA0461998
Cosmosis - Pigs in Space EPTransient RecordsTRA0441998
Cosmosis - Doors of Perception EPTransient RecordsTRA0511999
Cosmosis - The Spirit World EPTransient RecordsTRA0562000
Various Artists - Cosmosis and Mumbo Jumbo EPTransient RecordsTRA0702002


Cosmosis - CosmologyTransient RecordsTRANR604LP1996
Cosmosis - SynergyTransient RecordsTRANR614LP1998
Cosmosis - IntergalacticTransient RecordsTRANR625LP2000


Cosmosis - Moonshine EPTransient RecordsTRA034CD1997


Cosmosis - CosmologyTransient RecordsTRANR6041996
Cosmosis - SynergyTransient RecordsTRANR6141998
Cosmosis - IntergalacticTransient RecordsTRANR6252000
Cosmosis - ContactTransient RecordsTRANR6402002
Cosmosis - AkashicHolophonic RecordsHOLO6052005
Cosmosis - TrancendanceHolophonic RecordsHOLO6042005
Cosmosis - Psychedelica MelodicaPhantasm RecordsPTMCD1632007
Cosmosis - Fumbling For The Funky FrequencyHolophonic RecordsHOLO6062009


Cosmosis - AfterglowYoYo RecordsYOYO18CD
Cosmosis - AfterglowTransient RecordsTRANR604LPLP
Cosmosis - AfterglowTransient RecordsTRANR604CD
Cosmosis - AfterglowRumour RecordsTRIPCD08CD
Cosmosis - AfterglowYoYo RecordsYOYO18-28CD
Cosmosis - Alien DiscoTransient RecordsTRANR604CD
Cosmosis - Alien DiscoLeguan RecordsDA56007-2CD
Cosmosis - Alien DiscoRumour RecordsTRIPCD06CD
Cosmosis - Alien DiscoTransient RecordsTRANR604LPLP
Cosmosis - Atom Bom!Transient RecordsTRANR610LPLP
Cosmosis - Atom Bom!Transient RecordsTRANR610CD
Cosmosis - Atomic FunfareRumour RecordsTRIPCD09CD
Cosmosis - Atomic FunfareTransient RecordsTRA024EP
Cosmosis - Beguiling IllusionsHolophonic RecordsHOLO606CD
Cosmosis - Beyond The Five SensesHolophonic RecordsHOLO606CD
Cosmosis - BrainwavesTransient RecordsTRANR625CD
Cosmosis - BrainwavesTransient RecordsTRANR625LPLP
Cosmosis - CannabanoidTransient RecordsTRANR604LPLP
Cosmosis - CannabanoidTransient RecordsTRANR604CD
Cosmosis - CannabanoidPsychic Deli RecordsPDCD001CD
Cosmosis - CannabanoidSub TerraneanSPV089-38582CD
Cosmosis - CannabanoidTransient RecordsTDV004EP
Cosmosis - ContactTransient RecordsTRANR640CD
Cosmosis - Creature From Outer SpacePhantasm RecordsPTMCD163CD
Cosmosis - CrossroadsKing Coconut RecordsKCR001CD
Cosmosis - Dance of ManYoYo RecordsYOYO06CD
Cosmosis - Dance of ManTransient RecordsTDV004EP
Cosmosis - Dance Of The Cosmic SerpentPhantasm RecordsPTMCD163CD
Cosmosis - Dans Ta FigureTransient RecordsTDV004EP
Cosmosis - Dans Ta FigureFairway Records3010102CD
Cosmosis - Danse Ta FigurePolytox RecordsPR0010CLCD
Cosmosis - Dawn of an EraTransient RecordsTRANR609CD
Cosmosis - Dawn of an EraTransient RecordsTRA034CDCDS
Cosmosis - Dead Or AlivePhantasm RecordsPTMCD151CD
Cosmosis - Dead Or Alive?Holophonic RecordsHOLO604CD
Cosmosis - DeusTransient RecordsTRANR602LPLP
Cosmosis - DeusTransient RecordsTRANR602CD
Cosmosis - Deus (Agnostic Remix)Visionary Records302.4035.2CD
Cosmosis - Deus (Agnostic Remix)Transient RecordsTRA007EP
Cosmosis - Deus (Benedictine Remix)YoYo RecordsYOYO03CD
Cosmosis - Deus (Benedictine Remix)Transient RecordsTRA007EP
Cosmosis - DissociationHolophonic RecordsHOLO605CD
Cosmosis - DissociationTransient RecordsTRANR625CD
Cosmosis - Dissociation (Who's About To Scream?)Transient RecordsTRANR625LPLP
Cosmosis - Do ItChakra Records089-55562CD
Cosmosis - Do It!Transient RecordsTRA046EP
Cosmosis - Do It! (Teutonic Technoid Remix)Transient RecordsTRA051EP
Cosmosis - Doors of PerceptionWhy Not RecordsWHYCD012CD
Cosmosis - Doors of PerceptionTransient RecordsTRA051EP
Cosmosis - Down At The CrossroadTransient RecordsTRANR614LPLP
Cosmosis - Down at the CrossroadPsysolation RecordsPSYSOL02CD
Cosmosis - Down At The CrossroadHolophonic RecordsHOLO605CD
Cosmosis - Down at the CrossroadTransient RecordsTRANR614CD
Cosmosis - Down At The CrossroadsMillennium RecordsMILL066CDCD
Cosmosis - Echoes In Eternity (Warm Saki)Holophonic RecordsHOLO604CD
Cosmosis - EmanationTransient RecordsTRA016EP
Cosmosis - Find your own difinityTransient RecordsTRANR640CD
Cosmosis - Find Your Own DivinityYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE014CDCD
Cosmosis - Find Your Own DivinityHolophonic RecordsHOLO605CD
Cosmosis - Find Your Own Divinity (Original Mix)Transient RecordsTRA070EP
Cosmosis - FlatlinersTransient RecordsTRANR625LPLP
Cosmosis - FlatlinersTransient RecordsTRANR625CD
Cosmosis - Gift Of The GodsShivlink RecordsSLRCD006CD
Cosmosis - Gift of the GodsTransient RecordsTRA016EP
Cosmosis - Gift Of The GodsTransient RecordsTRANR603LPLP
Cosmosis - Gift Of The GodsHolophonic RecordsHOLO605CD
Cosmosis - Gift Of The GodsTransient RecordsTRANR604LPLP
Cosmosis - Gift Of The GodsNova Tekk RecordsNTD90502-24CD
Cosmosis - Gift Of The GodsGlobal Trance NetworkGTN108525CD
Cosmosis - Gift of the GodsTransient RecordsTRANR604CD
Cosmosis - Gift of the GodsTransient RecordsTRANR603CD
Cosmosis - Higher AccessTransient RecordsTRANR614LPLP
Cosmosis - Higher AccessTransient RecordsTRANR614CD
Cosmosis - HolographicTransient RecordsTRANR640CD
Cosmosis - Howling At The MoonNova Tekk RecordsNTD90502-24CD
Cosmosis - Howling At The MoonKickin RecordsKICK51CD
Cosmosis - Howling at the MoonTransient RecordsTRA024EP
Cosmosis - Howling At The MoonSub TerraneanSPV089-47402CD
Cosmosis - Human evolutionYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE024CDCD
Cosmosis - Human evolutionTransient RecordsTRANR640CD
Cosmosis - Imagine If You WillPhantasm RecordsPTMCD157CD
Cosmosis - In Yer Face (part 2)Transient RecordsTRA046EP
Cosmosis - In Yer Face (part 2)Transient RecordsTRANR623CD
Cosmosis - In Yer Face (Part 2)Transient RecordsTRANR646CD
Cosmosis - In yer face part 2Chakra Records089-55552CD
Cosmosis - Inner spaceTransient RecordsTRANR640CD
Cosmosis - Inside YourselfHolophonic RecordsHOLO604CD
Cosmosis - Intergalactic Fluoro FunksterRumour RecordsTRIPBX13CD
Cosmosis - Intergalactic Fluoro FunksterTransient RecordsTRA044EP
Cosmosis - Intergalactic Fluoro FunksterTransient RecordsTRANR614LPLP
Cosmosis - Intergalactic Fluoro FunksterHolophonic RecordsHOLO605CD
Cosmosis - Intergalactic fluoro funksterTransient RecordsTRANR615CD
Cosmosis - Intergalactic fluoro funksterTransient RecordsTRANR614CD
Cosmosis - Interspacial MeltdownTransient RecordsTRANR604CD
Cosmosis - Interspatial MeltdownTransient RecordsTRANR604LPLP
Cosmosis - Journey Of The SoulPhantasm RecordsPTMCD163CD
Cosmosis - Just Say NoTransient RecordsTRANR625LPLP
Cosmosis - Just Say NoHolophonic RecordsHOLO605CD
Cosmosis - Just Say NoTransient RecordsTRANR625CD
Cosmosis - Key To The InnerverseHolophonic RecordsHOLO605CD
Cosmosis - Key To The InnerverseTransient RecordsTRANR604LPLP
Cosmosis - Key to the InnerverseLeguan RecordsDA56001-2CD
Cosmosis - Key to the InnerverseTransient RecordsTRANR604CD
Cosmosis - Key to the InnerverseTransient RecordsTRANR606CD
Cosmosis - Key to the InnerverseKickin RecordsKICK44CD
Cosmosis - Kinda WeirdTransient RecordsTRANR625LPLP
Cosmosis - Kinda Weird 2007 RemixPhantasm RecordsPTMCD164CD
Cosmosis - Kinda WeirdaTransient RecordsTRANR625CD
Cosmosis - Martian BluesPhantasm RecordsPTMCD163CD
Cosmosis - Metaphysical WorldsPhantasm RecordsPTMCD163CD
Cosmosis - MoonshineHolophonic RecordsHOLO605CD
Cosmosis - MoonshineTransient RecordsTRANR616CD
Cosmosis - MoonshineTransient RecordsTRA034EP
Cosmosis - MoonshineTransient RecordsTRA034CDCDS
Cosmosis - MoonshineTransient RecordsTRA034PDEP
Cosmosis - MoonshineLeguan RecordsDA56023-2CD
Cosmosis - MoonshineTransient RecordsTRANR614LPLP
Cosmosis - MoonshineIntergrooveDREAM001-ZCD
Cosmosis - MoonshineSub TerraneanSPV089-39022CD
Cosmosis - MoonshineTransient RecordsTRANR614CD
Cosmosis - Morphic ResonanceTetsuo RecordsTETCD03CD
Cosmosis - Morphic ResonanceTransient RecordsTRANR604LPLP
Cosmosis - Morphic ResonanceSub TerraneanSPV089-47032CD
Cosmosis - Morphic ResonanceTransient RecordsTRANR604CD
Cosmosis - Morphic ResonanceTransient RecordsTRA010EP
Cosmosis - Naked ChicksHolophonic RecordsHOLO604CD
Cosmosis - No Such Thing (Throb Factor Five Remix)Phantasm RecordsPTMCD163CD
Cosmosis - OceanicTransient RecordsTRANR604LPLP
Cosmosis - OceanicTransient RecordsTRANR604CD
Cosmosis - One Blinding Illumination (This Is Me)Holophonic RecordsHOLO604CD
Cosmosis - Pigs in SpaceTransient RecordsTRA044EP
Cosmosis - PsychofunkFM RecordsFM841CD
Cosmosis - PsychofunkTransient RecordsTRA024EP
Cosmosis - PsychofunkTransient RecordsTRANR605LPLP
Cosmosis - PsychofunkTransient RecordsTRANR605CD
Cosmosis - Re-OrderHolophonic RecordsHOLO604CD
Cosmosis - Reality CheckTransient RecordsTRANR608CD
Cosmosis - Reality CheckTransient RecordsTRANR608LPLP
Cosmosis - RoswellTransient RecordsTRANR625LPLP
Cosmosis - RoswellTransient RecordsTRANR625CD
Cosmosis - Rub A Dub DubTransient RecordsTRANR620CD
Cosmosis - Samba Del GringoHolophonic RecordsHOLO606CD
Cosmosis - San YacidSub TerraneanSPV089-47122CD
Cosmosis - San YacidGlobal Trance NetworkGTN108525CD
Cosmosis - San YacidActiv RecordsACTIVCD09CD
Cosmosis - San YacidTransient RecordsTRA010EP
Cosmosis - San YacidTransient RecordsTRANR604CD
Cosmosis - San YacidConnection RecordsCON9601CDCD
Cosmosis - San YacidSub TerraneanSPV087-59582CD
Cosmosis - SanyacidTransient RecordsTRANR604LPLP
Cosmosis - Self DiscoveryHolophonic RecordsHOLO606CD
Cosmosis - Siren SongHolophonic RecordsHOLO606CD
Cosmosis - SkankadelicTransient RecordsTRANR640CD
Cosmosis - SkankadelicTransient RecordsTRANR632CD
Cosmosis - SkankadelicPhonokol2220-2CD
Cosmosis - Space TravellerHolophonic RecordsHOLO606CD
Cosmosis - Spanish GypsyPhantasm RecordsPTMCD163CD
Cosmosis - Spontaneous CombustionHolophonic RecordsHOLO604CD
Cosmosis - Spores from space (a micorscopic trace)Transient RecordsTRANR614CD
Cosmosis - Spores From Space? (A Microscopic Trace)Transient RecordsTRANR614LPLP
Cosmosis - Stormy MondayHolophonic RecordsHOLO604CD
Cosmosis - SupernaturalTransient RecordsTRANR640CD
Cosmosis - TelekineticReturn to the SourceRTTSLP02LP
Cosmosis - TelekineticReturn to the SourceRTTSCD02CD
Cosmosis - TelepathyTransient RecordsTRANR625CD
Cosmosis - TelepathyTransient RecordsTRANR625LPLP
Cosmosis - The Big Bang BoogieTransient RecordsTRANR614CD
Cosmosis - The Big Bang BoogieTransient RecordsTRANR614LPLP
Cosmosis - The Cave Of MedusaAvatar RecordsAVA046CD
Cosmosis - The Cave of MedusaAvatar RecordsAVA006CD
Cosmosis - The Cave Of The MedusaSPV PolandSPV-D0732CD
Cosmosis - The Eternal NowHolophonic RecordsHOLO606CD
Cosmosis - The first stepTransient RecordsTRANR640CD
Cosmosis - The First StepHolophonic RecordsHOLO605CD
Cosmosis - The HimalayaChill Tribe RecordsCTRCD03CD
Cosmosis - The Other SidePhantasm RecordsPTMCD163CD
Cosmosis - The Outer LimitsTransient RecordsTRA034PDEP
Cosmosis - The Outer LimitsNMC RecordsNMC20322CD
Cosmosis - The Outer LimitsTunnel RecordsTR1021CDCD
Cosmosis - The Outer LimitsTransient RecordsTRA034EP
Cosmosis - The Outer LimitsTransient RecordsTRA034CDCDS
Cosmosis - The Spirit WorldTransient RecordsTRANR625CD
Cosmosis - The Spirit WorldTransient RecordsTRANR625LPLP
Cosmosis - The Spirit WorldTransient RecordsTRA056EP
Cosmosis - The Ultimate SinTransient RecordsTRANR614CD
Cosmosis - The Ultimate SinTransient RecordsTRANR614LPLP
Cosmosis - Tim's TripHolophonic RecordsHOLO604CD
Cosmosis - Turn On, Tune InTransient RecordsTRANR614CD
Cosmosis - Turn On, Tune InTransient RecordsTRANR614LPLP
Cosmosis - Ultimate SinKing Coconut RecordsKCR001CD
Cosmosis - VisitorsTransient RecordsTRA056EP


Burn In Noise vs Cosmosis - Ancient KnowledgeAlchemy RecordsALCD026CD
Cosmosis & Quantica - Empty Space (Cosmosis Remix)Holophonic RecordsHOLO606CD
Cosmosis & Avalon - Take Flight (Cosmosis Remix)Holophonic RecordsHOLO606CD
Cosmosis & DJ Pied Piper - GrindwinderTransient RecordsTRANR622CD
Cosmosis & DJ Pied Piper - GrindwinderTransient RecordsTRANR622LPLP
Cosmosis & DJ Pied Piper - GrindwinderTransient RecordsTRANR622CD
Cosmosis & Mindfield - Re-OrderYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE070CDCD
Cosmosis & Mumbo Jumbo - Just Say No (The Melodic Mumble)Transient RecordsTRANR648CD
Cosmosis & Shakta - ScientificAlchemy RecordsALCD021CD
Cosmosis & Shakta - ScientificAlchemy RecordsALCD021CD
Cosmosis & Shakta - SupernaturalYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE014CDCD
Cosmosis & Shakta - SupernaturalTransient RecordsTRANR637CD
Cosmosis & Shakta - SupernaturalTransient RecordsTRANR642CD
Cosmosis & Shakta - VisitorsWhy Not RecordsWHYCD014CD
Cosmosis & Shakta - VisitorsTransient RecordsTRANR626CD
Cosmosis & Shakta - VisitorsTransient RecordsTRANR635CD
Cosmosis & Shakta - VisitorsTransient RecordsTRANR646CD
Dickster vs Cosmosis - Warm SakiPhantasm RecordsPTMCD152CD
Eskimo vs Cosmosis - Something WrongAgitato RecordsAGE1047CD
Eskimo vs Cosmosis - Something WrongAgitato RecordsAGE1058CD
Mindfield & Cosmosis - Psycho ProblemPhantasm RecordsPTMCD147CD
Mindfield & Cosmosis - Psycho ProblemPhantasm RecordsPTMEP147LP
Mindfield & Cosmosis - Psycho problem (Remix)Enzyme RecordsENZYMECD01CD
Mindfield & Cosmosis - ReorderPhantasm RecordsPTMCD152CD
Mindfield & Cosmosis - This Is MePhantasm RecordsPTMCD151CD
Pied Piper & Cosmosis - GrinderwinderGreen Ant ProductionsGACD003CD
Shakta & Cosmosis - Anatomic ManeuverResonoise RecordsRESOCD01CD
Shakta & Cosmosis - Atomic ManouvreResonoise RecordsRESO01EP


Fahrenheit - Panacea (Cosmosis Remix)Nova Tekk RecordsNTD90502-24CD
Fahrenheit - Panacea (Cosmosis Remix)Transient RecordsTRANR606CD
Fahrenheit - Panacea (Cosmosis Remix)Transient RecordsTRA005EP
Fahrenheit - Panacea (Cosmosis Remix)Polytox RecordsPR0010CLCD
Mumbo Jumbo - Weird, Sick, Twisted (Cosmosis Remix)Transient RecordsTRANR642CD
Mumbo Jumbo - Weird, Sick, Twisted (Cosmosis Remix)Transient RecordsTRA070EP
Mumbo Jumbo - Weird, Sick, Twisted (Cosmosis Remix)Transient RecordsTRANR640CD
Cosmosis - Cannabanoid EP Cosmosis - Gift of the Gods EP Cosmosis - Howling at the Moon EP Cosmosis - San Yacid EP Cosmosis - Moonshine EP (Picture Disk) Cosmosis - Moonshine EP (Yellow Vinyl) Cosmosis - Do It! EP Cosmosis - Pigs in Space EP Cosmosis - Doors of Perception EP Cosmosis - The Spirit World EP Various Artists - Cosmosis and Mumbo Jumbo EP Cosmosis - Cosmology Cosmosis - Synergy Cosmosis - Intergalactic Cosmosis - Moonshine EP Cosmosis - Cosmology Cosmosis - Synergy Cosmosis - Intergalactic Cosmosis - Contact Cosmosis - Akashic Cosmosis - Trancendance Cosmosis - Psychedelica Melodica Cosmosis - Fumbling For The Funky Frequency