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Cycle Sphere

MembersUdi Bitton


Udi Bitton

Cycle SphereUdi Bitton



Cycle Sphere - Call It What You WantPhantasm RecordsPTMCD1562006


Cycle Sphere - Bow WowPhantasm RecordsPTMCD151CD
Cycle Sphere - Brain CandyPhantasm RecordsPTMCD156CD
Cycle Sphere - Breaking The HabitCatalyst RecordsCATCD001CD
Cycle Sphere - Dangers SpeedLast Xenobiology RecordsQQSH-004CD
Cycle Sphere - Distorted FeedbacksSpliff MusicSP1CD005CD
Cycle Sphere - Dream Is DestinyPhantasm RecordsPTMCD156CD
Cycle Sphere - Driving Under The InfluenceHadra RecordsHADCD02CD
Cycle Sphere - Electrical ResistanceWired Music WMCD014CD
Cycle Sphere - Electrical Resistance (Blazed Remix)Spun RecordsSPUNCD33CD
Cycle Sphere - Electrical Resistence (Blazed Remix)Enzyme RecordsENZYMECD03CD
Cycle Sphere - EnzymePsytropic RecordsPTRCD007CD
Cycle Sphere - I.M.Love ItTokyo X-Ray StudioNODX-00007DVD
Cycle Sphere - Jump Into The...Psy-Core RecordsPSCCD006CD
Cycle Sphere - Jump Into The...Vision QuestVP067CD
Cycle Sphere - Narcotics ShitPhantasm RecordsPTMCD156CD
Cycle Sphere - Sphere Of DestinyPhantasm RecordsPTMCD152CD
Cycle Sphere - System TechnologySigma RecordsSIGMA008CD
Cycle Sphere - The Final BoomYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE114CDCD
Cycle Sphere - The MaskPhantasm RecordsPTMCD156CD
Cycle Sphere - Time For BasePhantasm RecordsPTMCD164CD
Cycle Sphere - TraffikPhantasm RecordsPTMCD158CD
Cycle Sphere - Whats Your Trip?Phantasm RecordsPTMCD156CD


Bigabo vs Cycle Sphere - The Last Liquid (Live Remix)Psy-Core RecordsPSCCD002CD
Cycle Sphere & Dynamic - Hallucinogenic VisionPhantasm RecordsPTMCD156CD
Cycle Sphere & Spinal Chord - The Final BoomPhantasm RecordsPTMCD156CD
Cycle Sphere feat. Eskimo - Call It What You WantPhantasm RecordsPTMCD156CD
Cycle Sphere vs Eskimo - Call It What You Want (Bigabo Remix)Psy-Core RecordsPSCCD002CD
Dynamic & Cycle Sphere - Electro WavesPhonokol2322-2CD
Dynamic & Cycle Sphere - World Of SoundsYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE105CDCD
Dynamic & Cycle Sphere - World of SoundsHadra RecordsHADCD03CD
Electro Nation vs Cycle Sphere - Electro SphereSigma RecordsSIGMA003CD
Eskimo & Cycle Sphere - 13 MonkeysPhonokol2322-2CD
Eskimo vs Cycle Sphere - 12 Monkeys (Cycle Sphere Remix)Hadra RecordsHADCD07CD
Eskimo vs Cycle Sphere - Call It What You Want (Indra Remix)Planet B.E.N. RecordsPBRCD23CD
Eskimo vs Cycle Sphere - Wake Walking DreamSigma RecordsSIGMA005CD
Massive vs Cycle Sphere - The Vox BoxPhantasm RecordsPTMCD171CD
Trinitix vs Cycle Sphere - Feel The MusicPhonokol2348-2CD
Cycle Sphere - Call It What You Want