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MembersAvi Harush , Arik Mimon


Avi Harush

DeliriousAvi Harush , Arik Mimon

Arik Mimon

DeliriousAvi Harush , Arik Mimon



Delirious - Tales From The UnknownAgitato RecordsAGE10152001
Delirious - Break PointHOMmega ProductionsHMCD412005
Delirious - Fast Forward To RewindHOMmega ProductionsHMCD552007


Delirious - Analog BoosterTIP.WorldTIPWCD29CD
Delirious - Analog BoosterTIP.WorldTIPWLP29LP
Delirious - Atmos FearHOMmega ProductionsHMCD55CD
Delirious - Back 2 BlackHOMmega ProductionsHMCD41CD
Delirious - Beat ConductorYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE083CDCD
Delirious - Beat ConductorHOMmega ProductionsHMCD41CD
Delirious - Break PointHOMmega ProductionsHMCD41CD
Delirious - Break The SilenceHOMmega ProductionsHMCD55CD
Delirious - Cybershock (Final Mix)Digital Oracle RecordsDOCD001CD
Delirious - Dance ElectricYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE169CDCD
Delirious - Dance ElectricHOMmega ProductionsHMCD55CD
Delirious - Dance FlowHitmania RecordsHMCR002CD
Delirious - Day Dream RemixHOMmega ProductionsHMCD41CD
Delirious - Dynamic ForceTIP.WorldTIPWCD28CD
Delirious - Dynamic ForceTIP.WorldTIPWLP28LP
Delirious - Dynamic ForceYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE031CDCD
Delirious - Dynamic Force (Remix)Yellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE077CDCD
Delirious - Dynamic Force RemixHOMmega ProductionsHMCD39CD
Delirious - Fast ForwardYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE164CDCD
Delirious - Fast Forward To RewindHOMmega ProductionsHMCD55CD
Delirious - Fast Forward To RewindHOMmega ProductionsHMCD50CD
Delirious - First LightAgitato RecordsAGE1015CD
Delirious - FlashbacksHOMmega ProductionsHMCD41CD
Delirious - Free OscillatorsAgitato RecordsAGE1011CD
Delirious - Free OscillatorsAgitato RecordsAGE1015CD
Delirious - Full MoonAgitato RecordsAGE1015CD
Delirious - High FrequencyAgitato RecordsAGE1015CD
Delirious - HorrorAgitato RecordsAGE1015CD
Delirious - HypnoticHOMmega ProductionsHMCD41CD
Delirious - ImpulseHOMmega ProductionsHMCD55CD
Delirious - Inner SpaceAgitato RecordsAGE1015CD
Delirious - InnerfaceHOMmega ProductionsHMCD41CD
Delirious - InnerfaceHitmania RecordsHMCR005CD
Delirious - MicrosonicHOMmega ProductionsHMCD41CD
Delirious - Microsonic (Perplex vs Kido Remix)Yellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE139CDCD
Delirious - Microsonic (Perplex vs Kido Remix)Spectrum MusicSPECTCD11CD
Delirious - Mind SystemAgitato RecordsAGE1019CD
Delirious - Mind SystemYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE008CDCD
Delirious - Minimal VibeHOMmega ProductionsHMCD41CD
Delirious - Mushroom GodAgitato RecordsAGE1017CD
Delirious - No LimitsCrystal MatrixCMCD12CD
Delirious - Not for kidsYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE172CDCD
Delirious - Paradise CityHOMmega ProductionsHMCD41CD
Delirious - Paradise CityYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE074CDCD
Delirious - Quick SilverMagma RecordsMGMCD009CD
Delirious - Red DuneAgitato RecordsAGE1015CD
Delirious - Silver SkySpectrum Music2293-2CD
Delirious - Silver SkyHitmania RecordsHMCR002CD
Delirious - Stop The BeatHOMmega ProductionsHMCD55CD
Delirious - Stuck In My BrainHOMmega ProductionsHMCD55CD
Delirious - Stuck in my brainYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE175CDCD
Delirious - Tales From The UnknownAgitato RecordsAGE1014CD
Delirious - Tales From The UnknownAgitato RecordsAGE1015CD
Delirious - UsbeatChemical CrewCHEM026CD


Astrix & Delirious - Day DreamHOMmega ProductionsHMCD28CD
Astrix & Delirious - Day DreamHitmania RecordsHMCR001CD
Astrix & Delirious - Day Dream (Delirious Remix)Phonokol2345-2CD
Astrix & Delirious - Tel AvivTokyo Dance RecordsTOKYO03EP
Astrix & Delirious - Tel Aviv (The Promised Land)Crystal MatrixCMCD11CD
Astrix & Delirious - Tel Aviv (The Promised Land)Crystal MatrixCMCD09CD
Delirious & Astrix - Solaris Pt. IIIHOMmega ProductionsHMCD55CD
Delirious & Astrix - Solaris Pt.3Yellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE165CDCD
Delirious & Kido - Not For KidsHOMmega ProductionsHMCD55CD
Delirious & Stereomatic - Most WantedHOMmega ProductionsHMCD55CD


Astral Projection - People Can Fly (Delirious Remix)Phonokol2315-2CD
Astrix - Life system (Delirious Remix)Yellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE047CDCD
Delirious - Tales From The Unknown Delirious - Break Point Delirious - Fast Forward To Rewind