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MembersDavy Piessens , Bert De Decker
DigiCult consists of Alpha (Davy Piessens) and DJ Nemesis (Bert De Decker). Alpha had been producing all kinds of music for a long time, with interests evolving throughout the years from techno to trip hop. By teaming up with DJ Nemesis, who had been familiar for a long time with all aspects of psychedelic music, they formed the perfect duo to bring you their own interpretation of contemporary trance. Since 2003, they’ve been given the time to grow under the wings of Belgian organisation Dacru (


Davy Piessens

DigicultDavy Piessens , Bert De Decker

Bert De Decker

DigicultDavy Piessens , Bert De Decker



Digicult - Avenida De BelgicaAvigmatic RecordsAVICD0032006
Digicult - Out Of This WorldDacru RecordsDCRCD0052008


Digicult - All Balls OutAvigmatic RecordsAVICD003CD
Digicult - Avenida De BelgicaAvigmatic RecordsAVICD003CD
Digicult - Avenida De Belgica (Perplex Remix)Dacru RecordsDCRCD002CD
Digicult - Awaken The DreamDacru RecordsDCRCD005CD
Digicult - BrainwashYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE124CDCD
Digicult - BrainwashAvigmatic RecordsAVICD003CD
Digicult - Cosmic CompanyDacru RecordsDCRCD005CD
Digicult - Every Single SecondNamaha RecordsNAMRCD003CD
Digicult - Icarus OneDacru RecordsDCRCD005CD
Digicult - In The RiverDacru RecordsDCRCD001CD
Digicult - InfectionAvigmatic RecordsAVICD001CD
Digicult - InstinctAvigmatic RecordsAVICD003CD
Digicult - Last WarningMidwayStation RecordsMWSCD001CD
Digicult - Leap Of FaithAvigmatic RecordsAVICD003CD
Digicult - Leap Of Faith (DNA Remix)Dacru RecordsDCRCD003CD
Digicult - LightshaperAvigmatic RecordsAVICD003CD
Digicult - MagicAvigmatic RecordsAVICD004CD
Digicult - MagicDacru RecordsDCRCD005CD
Digicult - Out Of This WorldDacru RecordsDCRCD005CD
Digicult - Red PlanetDacru RecordsDCRCD005CD
Digicult - SpiritualAvigmatic RecordsAVICD003CD
Digicult - SpiritualYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE125CDCD
Digicult - Star TravelDacru RecordsDCRCD005CD
Digicult - The Way InUSTA Records3508-2CD
Digicult - The Way InAvigmatic RecordsAVICD003CD
Digicult - The Zen MindDacru RecordsDCRCD001CD
Digicult - The Zen MindDivine Balance RecordsDBRCD001CD
Digicult - TwistedAvigmatic RecordsAVICD003CD


Digicult & U-Recken - Days in spaceYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE182CDCD
Digicult feat. Dj Oonah - Next Stop EarthDacru RecordsDCRCD002CD
Digicult vs Ephedrix - Formula 25Dacru RecordsDCRCD002CD
Digicult vs Fatali - The ReturnDacru RecordsDCRCD005CD
Digicult vs Fatali - The Return (Alpha F Remix)Dacru RecordsDCRCD007CD
Digicult vs U-Recken - Days In SpaceDacru RecordsDCRCD005CD
Sufi vs Digicult - AntilopeDacru RecordsDCRCD008CD
Digicult - Avenida De Belgica Digicult - Out Of This World