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MembersNick Barber


Nick Barber

DoofNick Barber
MudspiritNick Barber, Benji Vaughan
Nomads of DubSimon Posford, Nick Barber
Purple OMNick Barber, Simon Posford
Vatos LocosNick Barber, Celli Firmi , Xavier Flux
VoodoofNick Barber, Paul Jackson



Doof - Disposable Hymn To The Infinite EPNovamute RecordsNoMU111993
Doof - Double Dragons EPSmart RecordsSRCX261994
Doof - Double Dragons Remixes EPDragonfly RecordsBFLT221994
Doof - Let's turn on EPTIP RecordsTIP0031994
Doof - Let's Turn On EPSmart RecordsSRCX271994
Doof - Born again EPMatsuri ProductionsMP031995
Doof - Weird Karma EPTIP RecordsTIP0131995
Doof - Youth Of The Galaxy EPDragonfly RecordsBFLT311995
Doof - Destination Bom EPTIP RecordsTIP0181996


Doof - Let's Turn OnTIP RecordsTIPLP101996
Doof - It's About TimeTwisted RecordsTWSLP112000


Doof - Disposable Hymn To The InfiniteNovamute RecordsNoMU11CD1993


Doof - Let's Turn OnTIP RecordsTIPCD101996
Doof - It's About TimeTwisted RecordsTWSCD112000
Doof - Let's Turn On (Re-release)Twisted RecordsTWSCD152001


Doof - (There's Nothing So Dated As) Yesterdays FutureTwisted RecordsTWSCD11CD
Doof - (There's Nothing So Dated As) Yesterdays FutureTwisted RecordsTWSLP11LP
Doof - AngelinaTIP RecordsTIP013EP
Doof - AngelinaSub TerraneanSPV089-47402CD
Doof - AngelinaTwisted RecordsTWSCD15CD
Doof - AngelinaTIP RecordsTIPCD10CD
Doof - AngelinaTIP RecordsTIPLP10LP
Doof - Baba (We Love Dub)Yellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE002CDCD
Doof - Baba, We Love Dub SoDubmission RecordsDUBMCD001CD
Doof - Balashwaar BaksheeshTwisted RecordsTWSCD03CD
Doof - Blue Sun ShrineTransient RecordsTRANR609CD
Doof - Born AgainSub TerraneanSPV089-38592CD
Doof - Born AgainPhonokol2026-2CD
Doof - Born AgainMatsuri ProductionsMPCD21CD
Doof - Born AgainSPV PolandSPV-D0632CD
Doof - Born againMatsuri ProductionsMP03EP
Doof - Born AgainCyber Productions3021322CD
Doof - Born AgainMatsuri ProductionsMPTCD1&2CD
Doof - Chemical EnergyTwisted RecordsTWSCD06CD
Doof - Dark Secrets of the Manky Fudge PocketTwisted RecordsTWSCD11CD
Doof - Dark Secrets Of The Manky FudgepockedTwisted RecordsTWSLP11LP
Doof - Dawn of a New ErrorTwisted RecordsTWSCD11CD
Doof - Dawn Of A New ErrorGlobal Trance NetworkGTN104425CD
Doof - Dawn Of A New ErrorTwisted RecordsTWSLP11LP
Doof - Destination BomKickin RecordsKICK51CD
Doof - Destination BomTIP RecordsTIP018EP
Doof - Destination BomTwisted RecordsTWSCD15CD
Doof - Destination BomTIP RecordsTIPCD10CD
Doof - Destination BomTIP RecordsTIPLP10LP
Doof - Double DragonsDragonfly RecordsBFLCD20CD
Doof - Double DragonsTIP RecordsTIPCD10CD
Doof - Double DragonsTIP RecordsTIPLP10LP
Doof - Double DragonsDragonfly RecordsBFLCD28CD
Doof - Double DragonsLyrical Robot RecordsLRR52232CD
Doof - Double DragonsNova Tekk RecordsNTD90310-22CD
Doof - Double DragonsNova Tekk RecordsNTD90506-24CD
Doof - Double DragonsGlobal Trance NetworkGTN103725CD
Doof - Double DragonsNova Tekk RecordsNTD90501-24CD
Doof - Double DragonsTwisted RecordsTWSCD15CD
Doof - Double DragonsGlobal Trance NetworkGTN103825CD
Doof - Double Dragons (Crystal Insurance Mix)Krembo RecordsKRXXXCD
Doof - Double Dragons (Crystal Insurance Mix)Smart RecordsSRCX26EP
Doof - Double Dragons (Crystal Insurance Remix)Dragonfly RecordsBFLT22EP
Doof - Double Dragons (Trance Edit)Smart RecordsSRCX26EP
Doof - Double Dragons (Trance Edit)Dragonfly RecordsBFLT22EP
Doof - Full Moon Over ParvattiKickin RecordsKICK36CD
Doof - Gift Of The GodsNovamute RecordsNoMU11EP
Doof - Gift Of The GodsNovamute RecordsNoMU11CDCDS
Doof - Grantchester Meadows RememberedFlying Rhino RecordsAFRCD033CD
Doof - H20mReturn to the SourceRTTSCD02CD
Doof - H2omReturn to the SourceRTTSLP02LP
Doof - High on Mount KailashTIP.WorldTIPWCD04CD
Doof - Home Of The StrangeTwisted RecordsTWSLP11LP
Doof - Home on the StrangeTwisted RecordsTWSCD11CD
Doof - I think I can go to the MoonDivine Records Divine18CD
Doof - I think we can go to the MoonMatsuri ProductionsMP03EP
Doof - I Think We can Go to the Moon (Full Moon Mix)Fairway Records3010102CD
Doof - I think we can go to the Moon (Full Moon Mix)Matsuri ProductionsMP03EP
Doof - I Think We Can Go To The Moon (Full Moon Mix)Matsuri ProductionsMPCD09CD
Doof - In FlightNovamute RecordsNoMU11CDCDS
Doof - In FlightNovamute RecordsNoMU11EP
Doof - Last Half Of ForeverTwisted RecordsTWSLP11LP
Doof - Last Half of ForeverTwisted RecordsTWSCD11CD
Doof - Last Half Of ForeverIndigo RecordsIND06162CD
Doof - Let's Turn OnTIP RecordsTIPCD01CD
Doof - Let's Turn OnTIP RecordsTIPLP01LP
Doof - Let's Turn OnTwisted RecordsTWSCD15CD
Doof - Let's Turn OnTIP RecordsTIPCD10CD
Doof - Let's Turn OnTIP RecordsTIPLP10LP
Doof - Let's Turn OnSub TerraneanSPV089-38582CD
Doof - Let's Turn OnAvatar RecordsAVA026CD
Doof - Let's Turn OnTIP RecordsTIPCD20CD
Doof - Let's Turn OnSmart RecordsSRCX27EP
Doof - Let's turn onTIP RecordsTIP003EP
Doof - Let's Turn OnLeguan RecordsDA56007-2CD
Doof - Let's Turn OnNova Tekk RecordsNTD90503-24CD
Doof - Let's Turn OnSmart RecordsSRCD1003CD
Doof - Let's turn on (Tuned In Mix)TIP RecordsTIP003EP
Doof - Let's Turn On (Tuned In Mix)Smart RecordsSRCX27EP
Doof - Mars Needs WomenTIP RecordsTIPCD22CD
Doof - Mars Needs WomenNova Tekk RecordsNTD90503-24CD
Doof - Mars Needs WomenTIP RecordsTIPCD02CD
Doof - Mars Needs WomenTIP RecordsTIPLP02LP
Doof - Mars Needs WomenTIP RecordsTIPLP10LP
Doof - Mars Needs WomenTwisted RecordsTWSCD15CD
Doof - Mars Needs WomenTIP.WorldTIPWDVD02DVD
Doof - Mars Needs Women (96 Mix)Equinox ProductionsEQCD01CD
Doof - Mars Needs Women (96 Mix)TIP RecordsTIPCD10CD
Doof - Mars Needs Women (96 Remix)TIP RecordsTIP018EP
Doof - Mars Needs Women (Remix)TIP.WorldTIPWCD25CD
Doof - Mars Needs Women (Remix)Cyber Productions3021322CD
Doof - Nights in Shing AlmaTwisted RecordsTWSCD11CD
Doof - People in U.F.O.'sNova Tekk RecordsNTD90504-24CD
Doof - People in U.F.O.'sTIP RecordsTIPCD08CD
Doof - People In UFOsTIP RecordsTIPLP08LP
Doof - Secret SunTwisted RecordsTWSCD15CD
Doof - Secret Sun (7th Sun Mix)Dragonfly RecordsBFLT31EP
Doof - Secret Sun (Sunbeam Mix)TIP RecordsTIPCD10CD
Doof - Secret Sun (Sunbeam Mix)TIP RecordsTIPLP10LP
Doof - Sk.2kTwisted RecordsTWSLP11LP
Doof - SK.2KTwisted RecordsTWSCD11CD
Doof - Skunked On Planet DubNova Tekk RecordsNTD90521-24CD
Doof - Star Above ParvatiNova Tekk RecordsNTD90504-24CD
Doof - Star Above ParvatiMillennium RecordsMILL066CDCD
Doof - Star Above ParvatiTIP RecordsTIPCD04CD
Doof - Star Above ParvatiLeguan RecordsDA56000-2CD
Doof - Star Above ParvatiTIP RecordsTIPLP17LP
Doof - Star Above Parvati (Biji Mahadev Mix)Twisted RecordsTWSCD15CD
Doof - Star Above Parvati (Bijli Mahadev Mix)TIP RecordsTIPCD10CD
Doof - Star Above Parvati (Orchestral World Groove Remix)Twisted RecordsTWSCD12CD
Doof - Star Above ParvattiTIP RecordsTIPLP04LP
Doof - SunshineTwisted RecordsTWSCD15CD
Doof - SunshineTIP RecordsTIPCD10CD
Doof - SunshrineTIP RecordsTIPLP10LP
Doof - The NagualNovamute RecordsNoMU11CDCDS
Doof - The NagualNovamute RecordsNoMU11EP
Doof - The Second RevelationTIP.WorldTIPWCD16CD
Doof - The Tower And The StarTIP RecordsTIPCD15CD
Doof - The Tower And The StarTIP RecordsTIPLP15LP
Doof - TryTwisted RecordsTWSLP11LP
Doof - TryTwisted RecordsTWSCD11CD
Doof - VoodoofTIP.WorldTIPWCD05CD
Doof - We Are FreePyramid Records P001EP
Doof - We Are FreeReturn to the SourceRTTSCD01CD
Doof - Weird KarmaTIP RecordsTIPCD16CD
Doof - Weird KarmaFairway Records3014572CD
Doof - Weird KarmaTIP RecordsTIP013EP
Doof - Yesterday's FutureDubmission RecordsDUBMCD003CD
Doof - Yesterday's Future (Underwolves Remix)Twisted RecordsTWSCD12CD
Doof - Yeti 2 (High on MT Kailashy)TIP.WorldTIPWCD05CD
Doof - Yoof of the galaxyDragonfly RecordsBFLT31EP
Doof - Youth Of The GalaxyPassion MusicLPTOT38LP
Doof - Youth Of The GalaxyNova Tekk RecordsNTD90501-24CD
Doof - Youth Of The GalaxyGlobal Trance NetworkGTN103725CD
Doof - Youth Of The GalaxyDragonfly RecordsBFLCD20CD
Doof - Youth of the GalaxyPassion MusicCDTOT38CD
Doof - Youth Of The GalaxyDragonfly RecordsBFLT31EP
Doof - Youth Of The Galaxy (Final Demand Mix)Twisted RecordsTWSCD15CD
Doof - Youth Of The Galaxy (Final Demand Mix)TIP RecordsTIPLP10LP
Doof - Youth of the Galaxy (Final Demand Mix)TIP RecordsTIPCD10CD


Doof & Michele Adamson - Bouncing BallAgitato RecordsAGE1042CD
Doof & Michele Adamson - FlutterbyAgitato RecordsAGE1042CD
The Infinity Project & Doof - HyperspacedTIP RecordsTIPLP16LP


Hallucinogen - LSD (Doof exclusive remix)YoYo RecordsYOYO03CD
Hallucinogen - LSD (Doof Remix)Dragonfly RecordsBFLT29EP
Hallucinogen - LSD (Doof Remix)Cammo RecordsSTCD1CD
Kode IV - Near to the Divine (Doof Remix)Nova Zembla RecordsNZ079CD
Kode IV - Near to the Divine (Official Doof Mix)Fairway Records3005392CD
Kode IV - Near To The Divine (Official Doof Mix)Kickin RecordsKICK36CD
Kode IV - Near To The Divine (Official Doof Mix)Sub TerraneanSPV087-59582CD
Prana - Message for Eastedge (Doof Remix)Celtic RecordsCELT004EP
The Infinity Project - Hyperspaced (Doof remix)Substance RecordsSUB48022CD
Doof - Youth Of The Galaxy EP Doof - Destination Bom EP Doof - Let's Turn On Doof - It's About Time Doof - Disposable Hymn To The Infinite Doof - Let's Turn On Doof - It's About Time Doof - Let's Turn On (Re-release)