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MembersBen Avital , Shay Almakayes


Ben Avital

DynamicBen Avital , Shay Almakayes

Shay Almakayes

DynamicBen Avital , Shay Almakayes



Dynamic - DynamixPhonokol2271-22003
Dynamic - Dynamic SoundPhonokol2359-22006
Dynamic - Acid BeatH2O RecordsH2OCD0042007
Dynamic - The RemixesFineplay RecordsFINEP0072009


Dynamic - 24 HoursSGK ProductionsSGKDVD001DVD
Dynamic - 24 HoursPhonokol2359-2CD
Dynamic - 24 hoursYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE109CDCD
Dynamic - 24 Hours (Guitar Version)Phonokol2357-2CD
Dynamic - Acid BeatH2O RecordsH2OCD004CD
Dynamic - Acid Beat (220 Volt Remix)Fineplay RecordsFINEP007CD
Dynamic - Acid TroopersPhonokol2359-2CD
Dynamic - Alien ConnectionVortex RecordsVCD02CD
Dynamic - Alien ConnectionPhonokol2271-2CD
Dynamic - Alien CraftVortex RecordsVCD02CD
Dynamic - Alien craftEnzyme RecordsENZYMECD01CD
Dynamic - Alien CraftPhonokol2299-2CD
Dynamic - AlienwareTIP.WorldTIPWCD40CD
Dynamic - AlienwareTIP.WorldTIPWLP40LP
Dynamic - Buenas Noches (CPU Remix)Fineplay RecordsFINEP007CD
Dynamic - Buenos NotchesH2O RecordsH2OCD004CD
Dynamic - Chemical GroovePhonokol2231-2CD
Dynamic - Clear It OutAgitato RecordsAGE1047CD
Dynamic - Com-Ben-NationLight Music RecordsLMRCD001CD
Dynamic - Com-Ben-NationLight Music RecordsLMRCD001CD
Dynamic - Digital Eclips (Remix)USTA Records2283-2CD
Dynamic - Digital MessageAgitato RecordsAGE1036CD
Dynamic - DJ On PillsTIP.WorldTIPWCD27CD
Dynamic - DJ On PillsTIP.WorldTIPWLP27LP
Dynamic - Djs on PillsPhonokol2271-2CD
Dynamic - Drop ThisH2O RecordsH2OCD004CD
Dynamic - Drop This (GMS Remix)Fineplay RecordsFINEP007CD
Dynamic - Dynamic and Star-XPhonokol2271-2CD
Dynamic - Dynamic SoundPhonokol2322-2CD
Dynamic - Dynamic SoundYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE069CDCD
Dynamic - Dynamic Sound (Remix)Phonokol2359-2CD
Dynamic - Dynamic Sound (Switch Remix)Fineplay RecordsFINEP007CD
Dynamic - DynamixPhonokol2271-2CD
Dynamic - Dynamix (Remix)Phonokol2296-2CD
Dynamic - Emotion PulsH2O RecordsH2OCD004CD
Dynamic - Emotion Pulse (Black and White Remix)HOMmega ProductionsHMCD59CD
Dynamic - Emotion Pulse (Black and White Remix)Fineplay RecordsFINEP007CD
Dynamic - ExpanderPhonokol2332-2CD
Dynamic - Future FilePhonokol2231-2CD
Dynamic - Genetic Engineering (Alien Project Remix)Solstice Music InternationalSOL-WCD008CD
Dynamic - Genetic Engineering (Alien Project Remix)Solstice MusicSOLMC-028CD
Dynamic - Genetic EngineersPhonokol2271-2CD
Dynamic - Genetic EngineersPhonokol2270-2CD
Dynamic - Hallucinogenic VisionPhonokol2359-2CD
Dynamic - Happy HippiesZodiac RecordsTPCR-1018CD
Dynamic - Happy Hippies (Remix)Phonokol2271-2CD
Dynamic - I'm Very FineplayPhonokol2359-2CD
Dynamic - Into The SunFineplay RecordsFINEP003DVD
Dynamic - Lets RockSolstice MusicSOLMC-025CD
Dynamic - Lets RockSpun RecordsSPUNCD07CD
Dynamic - Life GamePhonokol2271-2CD
Dynamic - Make MeH2O RecordsH2OCD004CD
Dynamic - Make MeFineplay RecordsFINEP005DVD
Dynamic - Make Me (Dynamic vs Space Cat Remix)Fineplay RecordsFINEP007CD
Dynamic - Make Me (Space Cat & Dynamic Remix)H2O RecordsH2OCD006CD
Dynamic - MarjuanaPhonokol2271-2CD
Dynamic - Metal FlangePhonokol2359-2CD
Dynamic - OvniSpun RecordsSPUNCD05CD
Dynamic - Planet BenPhonokol2322-2CD
Dynamic - Power DrainPhonokol2231-2CD
Dynamic - Power Drain (Storm Remix)Phonokol2269-2CD
Dynamic - Proto ChipsPhonokol2348-2CD
Dynamic - Pure Ecstasy RemixH2O RecordsH2OCD004CD
Dynamic - R2D2Phonokol2271-2CD
Dynamic - Rock the body (Ananda Shake Remix)Fineplay RecordsFINEP007CD
Dynamic - Say YesPhonokol2271-2CD
Dynamic - ScreamH2O RecordsH2OCD004CD
Dynamic - Scream (Bliss Remix)Fineplay RecordsFINEP007CD
Dynamic - Sense Of StylePhonokol2359-2CD
Dynamic - Shoot ShootPhantasm RecordsPTMCD152CD
Dynamic - Super SonicPhonokol2227-2CD
Dynamic - Take Your TimeH2O RecordsH2OCD004CD
Dynamic - Take your time (Sigma vs Dynamic Remix)Fineplay RecordsFINEP007CD
Dynamic - TB LandSigma RecordsSIGMA001CD
Dynamic - The Beach (Remix)Yellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE173CDCD
Dynamic - The Beach RemixH2O RecordsH2OCD004CD
Dynamic - The Way Of HappinessPhonokol2359-2CD
Dynamic - Time To Get SeriousPhonokol2359-2CD
Dynamic - Time To Get SeriousYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE105CDCD
Dynamic - Time To Get Serious (Live Remix Japan)Fineplay RecordsFINEP005DVD
Dynamic - UnlimitedFineplay RecordsFINEP002CD
Dynamic - Unlimited (Dual Core Remix)Fineplay RecordsFINEP007CD
Dynamic - Virus InfectionPhantasm RecordsPTMCD149CD
Dynamic - When You RemixH2O RecordsH2OCD001CD


220V vs Dynamic - Insane To The BrainPhantasm RecordsPTMCD167CD
Alien Project vs Dynamic - Alien LifeTIP.WorldTIPWCD29CD
Alien Project vs Dynamic - Alien LifeTIP.WorldTIPWLP29LP
Astral Projection vs Dynamic - MohadivePhonokol2307-2CD
Astral Projection vs Dynamic - MohadiveYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE055CDCD
Bigabo vs Dynamic - Biga BenPsy-Core RecordsPSCCD002CD
Black and White & Dynamic - Machine Against The RrageHOMmega ProductionsHMCD59CD
Cycle Sphere & Dynamic - Hallucinogenic VisionPhantasm RecordsPTMCD156CD
Dynamic & Cycle Sphere - Electro WavesPhonokol2322-2CD
Dynamic & Cycle Sphere - World of SoundsHadra RecordsHADCD03CD
Dynamic & Cycle Sphere - World Of SoundsYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE105CDCD
Dynamic & Sigma - Galactic WarTokyo X-Ray StudioNODX-00006DVD
Dynamic & Switch - Bad MagicFineplay RecordsFINEP013CD
Dynamic feat. Eskimo - Time To Get Serious (Bonus Track)Phantasm RecordsPTMCD159CD
Dynamic vs 220V - InsaneFineplay RecordsFINEP001CD
Dynamic vs Bigabo - BigabenPsy-Core RecordsPSCCD006CD
Dynamic vs Process - Solar SystemPhonokol2376-2CD
Dynamic vs Sigma - 2picksLast Xenobiology RecordsQQSH-004CD
Dynamic vs Storm - ShockwaveTIP.WorldTIPWCD27CD
Dynamic vs Switch - AmpliefierFineplay RecordsFINEP012CD
Dynamic vs Switch - Drop This3D Vision Records3DVCD031CD
Dynamic vs Z-Machine - EnergyTIP.WorldTIPWCD35CD
Dynamic vs Z-Machine - EnergyTIP.WorldTIPWLP35LP
Dynamic vs Z-Machine - Side EffectProcyon RecordsPROCYCD002CD
Hypersonic & Dynamic - Inside MePhonokol2322-2CD
Melicia vs Dynamic - Magnetic FeelPhonokol2299-2CD
Michele Adamson feat. CPU & Dynamic - Blood On The MicrophoneOn The Move MusicONTHEMOVECD03CD
Space Monkey vs Dynamic - Digital IllusionsAgitato RecordsAGE1033CD
X-Wave & Dynamic - Crazy DiamondBalloonia RecordsBALL34EP
X-Wave & Dynamic - Crazy DiamondTokyo X-Ray StudioNODX-00008DVD
X-Wave & Dynamic - Crazy DiamondBalloonia RecordsBALLCD06CD
X-Wave & Dynamic - In The NameZodiac RecordsTPCR-1019CD


Alien vs The Cat - Ac Lator (Dynamic Remix)Phonokol2322-2CD
Astral Projection - Dancing Galaxy (Dynamic Remix)Phonokol2315-2CD
Dynamic - Dynamix Dynamic - Dynamic Sound Dynamic - Acid Beat Dynamic - The Remixes