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MembersAndreas Karsten Pfeiffer


Andreas Karsten Pfeiffer

DefolderAndreas Karsten Pfeiffer
DJ SangeetAndreas Karsten Pfeiffer
EarthAndreas Karsten Pfeiffer
EndoraBoris Blenn, Andreas Karsten Pfeiffer, Michael Dressler
HuicholAndreas Karsten Pfeiffer, Andreas Roll
R.A.S.Robert Leiner , Andreas Karsten Pfeiffer
Rainbow SpiritBoris Blenn, Andreas Karsten Pfeiffer
S.M.I.L.E.David Winch , Andreas Karsten Pfeiffer, Roland Sommer
SafranAndreas Karsten Pfeiffer, Madelaine Zuhlsdorff
SalarisAlexander Golz , Andreas Karsten Pfeiffer
SangeetAndreas Karsten Pfeiffer
T.A.S.C.Andreas Karsten Pfeiffer, André Szigethy
White WidowAndreas Karsten Pfeiffer, Axel Von Pander



Earth - Birds EPNAJA RecordsNAJA0051998
Various Artists - Free Form EP 01Free Form RecordsFFR0021998
Various Artists - Free Form EP 02Free Form RecordsFFR0041998
Various Artists - Free Form EP 03Free Form RecordsFFR0111999
Earth - Tripletronic EPNAJA RecordsNAJA0192000


Earth - LiquidFree Form RecordsFFR0151999
Earth - EmotionsFree Form RecordsFFR0312000


Earth - LiquidFree Form RecordsFFR0161999
Earth - EmotionsFree Form RecordsFFR0322000


Earth - A New Definition Of MarsNAJA RecordsNAJA019EP
Earth - Accidence (Minimal Mix)NAJA RecordsNAJA005EP
Earth - BirdsSub TerraneanSPV089-39192CD
Earth - BirdsFree Form RecordsFFR001CD
Earth - BirdsNAJA RecordsNAJA005EP
Earth - ChangesFree Form RecordsFFR015LP
Earth - CloserFree Form RecordsFFR027CD
Earth - CloserFree Form RecordsFFR032CD
Earth - Closer (Nju Mix)Free Form RecordsFFR031LP
Earth - DevotionFree Form RecordsFFR032CD
Earth - DevotionFree Form RecordsFFR059CD
Earth - DevotionFree Form RecordsFFR031LP
Earth - From Hear to NowFree Form RecordsFFR002EP
Earth - GurglefloaterFree Form RecordsFFR016CD
Earth - Hit the BreakFree Form RecordsFFR032CD
Earth - Just For FunFree Form RecordsFFR032CD
Earth - LandedFree Form RecordsFFR016CD
Earth - LiquidFree Form RecordsFFR015LP
Earth - LiquidFree Form RecordsFFR016CD
Earth - No MindFree Form RecordsFFR031LP
Earth - No MindReturn to the SourceRTTSCD14CD
Earth - No WindFree Form RecordsFFR032CD
Earth - ProlinearFree Form RecordsFFR016CD
Earth - ProlinearLeguan RecordsDA56028-2CD
Earth - ProlinearFree Form RecordsFFR015LP
Earth - Quiet RiteFree Form RecordsFFR027CD
Earth - RatzfatzFree Form RecordsFFR032CD
Earth - RatzfatzFree Form RecordsFFR031LP
Earth - RatzfatzInsolation RecordsINSOL008CDCD
Earth - Science FictionFree Form RecordsFFR015LP
Earth - Science FictionFree Form RecordsFFR016CD
Earth - SpacepilotsFree Form RecordsFFR031LP
Earth - SpacepilotsFree Form RecordsFFR034CD
Earth - SpacepilotsFree Form RecordsFFR032CD
Earth - StructureFree Form RecordsFFR016CD
Earth - StructureFree Form RecordsFFR015LP
Earth - SunaiNova Tekk RecordsNTD90520-07CD
Earth - SunaiFree Form RecordsFFR016CD
Earth - SunaiFree Form RecordsFFR004EP
Earth - SunaiAries TunesARSCD001CD
Earth - The Entire SideOV-Silence RecordsOSR001CDCD
Earth - The QuestFree Form RecordsFFR011EP
Earth - The QuestFree Form RecordsFFR015LP
Earth - The QuestGlobal Trance NetworkGTN100625CD
Earth - The QuestFree Form RecordsFFR016CD
Earth - TripletronicNAJA RecordsNAJA019EP
Earth - TrustPsysolation RecordsPSYSOL03CD
Earth - TrustFree Form RecordsFFR032CD
Earth - TrustFree Form RecordsFFR031LP
Earth - Und Wenn SchonFree Form RecordsFFR031LP
Earth - Und Wenn SchonFree Form RecordsFFR032CD
Earth - WaterFree Form RecordsFFR032CD
Earth - WaterFree Form RecordsFFR031LP


Earth Nation - Alienated (Earth Mix)Transient RecordsTRANR601CD
Various Artists - Free Form EP 03 Earth - Tripletronic EP Earth - Liquid Earth - Emotions Earth - Liquid Earth - Emotions