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MembersPiers Oak-Rhind , Helmut Glavar
Entheogenic was formed in 1999, when Helmut Glavar and Piers Oak-Rhind met while working as VIPs for Emagic and sound technicians in a recording studio in France. Helmut Glavar, born in Austria, has been a musician and songwriter since the early 1980s and founded a variety of bands, ranging from punk and funk to new wave, and drums ā€˜nā€™ bass. Piers Oak-Rhind, born in England, has been a sound designer, programmer and musician since the early 1990s, when he studied guitar at the London School of Guitar.


Piers Oak-Rhind

EntheogenicPiers Oak-Rhind , Helmut Glavar

Helmut Glavar

EntheogenicPiers Oak-Rhind , Helmut Glavar



Entheogenic - Entheogenic3D Vision Records3DVCD0112002
Entheogenic - Spontaneous IlluminationC.O.R.N. RecordingsCORNCD012003
Various Artists - Global Psychedelic Trance 9Spirit Zone RecordsSZR144CD2003
Entheogenic - Dialogue Of The SpeakersChillcode RecordsCHILLCD0032005
Entheogenic - Golden CapChillcode RecordsCHILLCD0052006
Entheogenic - Flight of the UrubusUniversal Symbiosis RecordsUSRCD012008


Entheogenic - Absolute Love3D Vision Records3DVCD011CD
Entheogenic - AbsphinxChillcode RecordsCHILLCD005CD
Entheogenic - Aranyanyara (Abakus Remix)Chillcode RecordsCHILLCD003CD
Entheogenic - Aranyanyara (The Overture)Chillcode RecordsCHILLCD003CD
Entheogenic - ArarasUniversal Symbiosis RecordsUSRCD01CD
Entheogenic - Astral Cave3D Vision Records3DVCD011CD
Entheogenic - Beyond Zero3D Vision Records3DVCD011CD
Entheogenic - Earth Song3D Vision Records3DVCD011CD
Entheogenic - Entheogen SpiceUniversal Symbiosis RecordsUSRCD01CD
Entheogenic - FellowshipUniversal Symbiosis RecordsUSRCD01CD
Entheogenic - Golden CapChillcode RecordsCHILLCD005CD
Entheogenic - Ground LuminositySpirit Zone RecordsSZR144CDCD
Entheogenic - Ground LuminosityC.O.R.N. RecordingsCORNCD01CD
Entheogenic - Ground Luminosity (Ott's New Yoghurt Loom Mix)Chillcode RecordsCHILLCD003CD
Entheogenic - Habitual OvertonesSpirit Zone RecordsSZR144CDCD
Entheogenic - Habitual OvertonesC.O.R.N. RecordingsCORNCD01CD
Entheogenic - Impossible Landscape3D Vision Records3DVCD014CD
Entheogenic - Invisible LandscapesC.O.R.N. RecordingsCORNCD01CD
Entheogenic - Invisible LandscapesSpirit Zone RecordsSZR144CDCD
Entheogenic - ItaipavaUniversal Symbiosis RecordsUSRCD01CD
Entheogenic - JuChillcode RecordsCHILLCD005CD
Entheogenic - Kashmir Day TripChillcode RecordsCHILLCD005CD
Entheogenic - Kashmir Day Trip (Kuba Remix)Chillcode RecordsCHILLCD008CD
Entheogenic - Level One3D Vision Records3DVCD011CD
Entheogenic - Light Ocean Blue3D Vision Records3DVCD011CD
Entheogenic - Liquid Universe3D Vision Records3DVCD011CD
Entheogenic - MicrocondianUniversal Symbiosis RecordsUSRCD01CD
Entheogenic - Midnight EyesChillcode RecordsCHILLCD005CD
Entheogenic - MindlessSpirit Zone RecordsSZR144CDCD
Entheogenic - MindlessC.O.R.N. RecordingsCORNCD01CD
Entheogenic - Pagan Dream MachineSpirit Zone RecordsSZR144CDCD
Entheogenic - Pagan Dream MachineC.O.R.N. RecordingsCORNCD01CD
Entheogenic - Pagan Dream Machine (Vibrasphere Remix)Chillcode RecordsCHILLCD003CD
Entheogenic - Rio BarraUniversal Symbiosis RecordsUSRCD01CD
Entheogenic - Sacred ManYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE109CDCD
Entheogenic - Secret TonguesChillcode RecordsCHILLCD005CD
Entheogenic - SidewaysChillcode RecordsCHILLCD005CD
Entheogenic - Sideways (Jong Remix)Chillcode RecordsCHILLCD008CD
Entheogenic - SkullcapUniversal Symbiosis RecordsUSRCD01CD
Entheogenic - SpacedSpirit Zone RecordsSZR144CDCD
Entheogenic - SpacedC.O.R.N. RecordingsCORNCD01CD
Entheogenic - SpacedCosmophiliaCOSMOCD02CD
Entheogenic - Spaced (Shulman Remix)Aleph ZeroALEPHZ05CD
Entheogenic - Spaced (Shulman Remix)Chillcode RecordsCHILLCD003CD
Entheogenic - The Solution MachineChillcode RecordsCHILLCD005CD
Entheogenic - Timeless E.S.P.Chillcode RecordsCHILLCD003CD
Entheogenic - Timeless E.S.P. (Ott's New Wasserboxer Mix)Chillcode RecordsCHILLCD003CD
Entheogenic - TraraUniversal Symbiosis RecordsUSRCD01CD
Entheogenic - Twilight EyesSpirit Zone RecordsSZR144CDCD
Entheogenic - Twilight EyesC.O.R.N. RecordingsCORNCD01CD
Entheogenic - UrubusUniversal Symbiosis RecordsUSRCD01CD
Entheogenic - VervainUniversal Symbiosis RecordsUSRCD01CD
Entheogenic - Walk On AirChill Tribe RecordsCTRCD01CD
Entheogenic - We Are One3D Vision Records3DVCD011CD
Entheogenic - Without ThoughtChillcode RecordsCHILLCD003CD
Entheogenic - Without Thought (Youth Remix)Chillcode RecordsCHILLCD003CD
Entheogenic - Yage3D Vision Records3DVCD011CD
Entheogenic - Zero PlusChillcode RecordsCHILLCD005CD
Entheogenic - Entheogenic Entheogenic - Spontaneous Illumination Various Artists - Global Psychedelic Trance 9 Entheogenic - Dialogue Of The Speakers Entheogenic - Golden Cap Entheogenic - Flight of the Urubus