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MembersNir Sobol , Eyal Zur
Exaile is Nir Sobol & Eyal Zur. They arrived into trance from totally different directions. Eyal has been playing piano since he was 10 and is a graduate of Israel's top music school - Rimon. He also played guitar in a trash metal band.

Nir started playing guitar in a metal band and then moved into electronic music while he was studying sound and production at the Yoav Gera School in Tel Aviv.

Eyal and Nir have been making electronic music together since 1996. For the first four years their band included a singer and they fused rock and electronic music. In 2000 they moved to trance music. Since then they enjoyed worldwide success with parties in places such as: Japan, Mexico, Portugal, India, Russia and Israel.

Exaile debut album, "In Panic", was released by Shaffel in December 2002.

During this time Exaile collaborated with DJ Skazi under the name SX, with DJ Omi, with Psycho-Micro, with Paranormal Attack and with Uriel from Visual Paradox.


Nir Sobol

ExaileNir Sobol , Eyal Zur

Eyal Zur

ExaileNir Sobol , Eyal Zur



Exaile - In PanicShaffel RecordsSHAFFELCD052002
Exaile - Hit The MachineChemical CrewCHEM0042004
Exaile - ScreamGround Breaking MusicGBMCD0032008


Exaile - Analog To DigitalGround Breaking MusicGBMCD003CD
Exaile - Barbaric MovesPhonokol2292-2CD
Exaile - Base jumpingChemical CrewCHEM004CD
Exaile - BassologyChemical CrewCHEM021CD
Exaile - Black SheepSiriusSIR004CD
Exaile - Black SheepSiriusSIR006CD
Exaile - BoostChemical CrewCHEM004CD
Exaile - ConnectionShaffel RecordsSHAFFELCD05CD
Exaile - DemoGround Breaking MusicGBMCD003CD
Exaile - ExperienceBeats and Pieces RecordsBNPCD01CD
Exaile - FlowerSpun RecordsSPUNCD11CD
Exaile - FunkyExposure ProductionsEXPOCD001CD
Exaile - Give a headShaffel RecordsSHAFFELCD05CD
Exaile - Greedy 2008 (Exaile Remix)Ground Breaking MusicGBMCD003CD
Exaile - Hide And SeekChemical CrewCHEM002CD
Exaile - Hit the machineChemical CrewCHEM004CD
Exaile - Hit The Machine (Indra Remix)Ground Breaking MusicGBMCD003CD
Exaile - I Want FreedomZillion Mental Anarchie RecordsZMACD018CD
Exaile - In Your FaceDigital PsionicsDPSICD28CD
Exaile - In Your FaceGround Breaking MusicGBMCD001CD
Exaile - IntroShaffel RecordsSHAFFELCD05CD
Exaile - Knock it offShaffel RecordsSHAFFELCD06CD
Exaile - Knock it off (Sesto Sento Remix)Yellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE182CDCD
Exaile - Knock It Off (Sesto Sento Remix)Ground Breaking MusicGBMCD003CD
Exaile - Last oneChemical CrewCHEM004CD
Exaile - Last One (Star-X Remix)Chemical CrewCHEM024CD
Exaile - Last One (Star-X Remix)Ground Breaking MusicGBMCD003CD
Exaile - Let looseChemical CrewCHEM004CD
Exaile - Mental NotesGround Breaking MusicGBMCD003CD
Exaile - Merry go roundChemical CrewCHEM004CD
Exaile - Miss JustinShaffel RecordsSHAFFELCD05CD
Exaile - New kick on the blockChemical CrewCHEM004CD
Exaile - One Of The TribeChemical CrewCHEM002CD
Exaile - One of the tribe (Bonus Track)Chemical CrewCHEM004CD
Exaile - Out Of ControlGround Breaking MusicGBMCD003CD
Exaile - PanikShiva Space JapanSSJ001CD
Exaile - Pitch shiftYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE061CDCD
Exaile - Pitch Shift CaseAlchemy RecordsALCD010CD
Exaile - Pitch Shift Case (Exaile Remix)Ground Breaking MusicGBMCD003CD
Exaile - PureSiriusSIR006CD
Exaile - PureSiriusSIR002CD
Exaile - Radio EditSpun RecordsSPUNCD09CD
Exaile - Radio Edit (Bizzare Contact Remix)Ground Breaking MusicGBMCD003CD
Exaile - S.O.S CompressorChemical CrewCHEM008CD
Exaile - Safe modeChemical CrewCHEM004CD
Exaile - ScreamGround Breaking MusicGBMCD003CD
Exaile - Share It Or DieGround Breaking MusicGBMCD003CD
Exaile - Suzzy SurpriseShaffel RecordsSHAFFELCD05CD
Exaile - TeacherCrystal MatrixCMCD08CD
Exaile - Ten Hours outShaffel RecordsSHAFFELCD05CD
Exaile - The LowShiva Space TechnologySSTCD012CD
Exaile - The mad midgetShaffel RecordsSHAFFELCD05CD
Exaile - The world is our dance floorChemical CrewCHEM004CD
Exaile - The World Is Our Dance Floor (Delysid Remix)Ground Breaking MusicGBMCD003CD
Exaile - The World Is Our Dancefloor (Delysid Remix)Noize ConspiracyNCCD008CD
Exaile - Tide UpShaffel RecordsSHAFFELCD02CD
Exaile - Tide UpMDMA MusicMDMA026-2CD
Exaile - Tied itYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE005CDCD
Exaile - Tied UpMDMA MusicMDMA018-2CD
Exaile - Tied Up (Azax Syndrom Remix)Ground Breaking MusicGBMCD003CD
Exaile - Tied up (Remix)Shaffel RecordsSHAFFELCD05CD
Exaile - Trade (Remix)Phonokol2270-2CD
Exaile - TunnelShaffel RecordsSHAFFELCD05CD
Exaile - Use Your Mind (Delysid Remix)Noize ConspiracyNCCD006CD
Exaile - VildernessChemical CrewCHEM012CD
Exaile - VitalityGround Breaking MusicGBMCD003CD
Exaile - What About This?Ground Breaking MusicGBMCD003CD
Exaile - What's Really GoodGround Breaking MusicGBMCD003CD
Exaile - X-AilesShaffel RecordsSHAFFELCD05CD


Exaile vs 40% - MayhemThird Eye RecordsTERCD002CD
Exaile vs Delysid - Fast And FuriousNutek RecordsNUCD009CD
Exaile vs Delysid - PutadelayMK RecordsMIRACLB001CD
Omi & Exaile - Going CommercialMoon Spirits RecordsMSRCD005CD
Paranormal Attack vs Exaile - PsycreoesChemical CrewCHEM012CD
Skazi vs Exaile - RambatsambaMechanik SoundMECH003CD
Star-X vs Exaile - ExclusiveChemical CrewCHEM024CD
Exaile - In Panic Exaile - Hit The Machine Exaile - Scream