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MembersJannis Tzikas
Jannis "Filteria" is a producer from Stockholm, Sweden. His first contact with psychedelic music was in 1996 after buying some Goatrance compilation. He got amazed by the energy of the music and slowly started buying equipment to make something of his own.
After 5 years of tweaking and playing around with midi, he bought himself a new computer and started this psychedelic project in 2003. As an artist he tries to keep the true spirit of psychedelic trance by having lots of melodies and sound-layers. All his tracks have at least 3 melodic climaxes. He has been strongly influenced by the sound of 96-97 especially by the Italian maestros Etnica-Pleiadians but he found his "Filteria style" and keeps it up to date.


Jannis Tzikas

FilteriaJannis Tzikas



Filteria - Sky InputSuntrip RecordsSUNCD012004
Filteria - HeliopolisSuntrip RecordsSUNCD042006
Filteria - Daze Of Our LivesSuntrip RecordsSUNCD142009


Filteria - Aqua Society (2005 Waterly Remix)Ezel Ebed RecordsEERCD001CD
Filteria - Back To EarthSuntrip RecordsSUNCD11CD
Filteria - Birds Lingva FrancaSuntrip RecordsSUNCD10CD
Filteria - Cloud Kingdom (Solar Fields Remix)Suntrip RecordsSUNCD04CD
Filteria - Domestic ModulatorSuntrip RecordsSUNCD01CD
Filteria - EarthriseSuntrip RecordsSUNCD14CD
Filteria - Eyeless ObservatorySuntrip RecordsSUNCD14CD
Filteria - FiltertracesSuntrip RecordsSUNCD14CD
Filteria - Flanger Saucer (Remix)YoYo RecordsYOYODVD001DVD
Filteria - Float Away & DisapprearSuntrip RecordsSUNCD14CD
Filteria - Galactic RaysSuntrip RecordsSUNCD01CD
Filteria - In The Heaven's EyeSuntrip RecordsSUNCD14CD
Filteria - Infinite RegressionSuntrip RecordsSUNCD14CD
Filteria - Lunar Civilization (Filteria's Higher Remix)Suntrip RecordsSUNCD04CD
Filteria - Mind Expansion (Short Version)Suntrip RecordsSUNCD04CD
Filteria - NavigateSuntrip RecordsSUNCD01CD
Filteria - Operation PulseSuntrip RecordsSUNCD01CD
Filteria - Operation Pulse (Live Remix)Kagdila RecordsKAGCD027CD
Filteria - PyrogenSuntrip RecordsSUNCD04CD
Filteria - ReflectedSuntrip RecordsSUNCD04CD
Filteria - Rotate To VibrateSuntrip RecordsSUNCD04CD
Filteria - Sky InputSuntrip RecordsSUNCD01CD
Filteria - Stars (Starstuff Remix)Suntrip RecordsSUNCD01CD
Filteria - The Big BlueSuntrip RecordsSUNCD14CD
Filteria - The Predator (2907 Remix)EktoplazmEKTVA01CDCD
Filteria - The Snuggling SnailSuntrip RecordsSUNCD01CD
Filteria - Tiny UniverseSuntrip RecordsSUNCD02CD
Filteria - Ultimator (Ultimated Remix)Kagdila RecordsKAGCD027CD
Filteria - Ultimator!Suntrip RecordsSUNCD01CD
Filteria - Unfiltered (Moon Remix)Suntrip RecordsSUNCD04CD
Filteria - WormholeSuntrip RecordsSUNCD14CD


Filteria & K.O.B. feat. Klara Steiner - Weight Of OblivionSuntrip RecordsSUNCD06CD
Filteria feat. Red Gravity - Speech ModuleSuntrip RecordsSUNCD04CD
Unison feat. Filteria - The PhasesEtnicanet RecordsET016CD
Filteria - Sky Input Filteria - Heliopolis Filteria - Daze Of Our Lives