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Simon Schwendener

FreakulizerSimon Schwendener
KhainzSimon Schwendener
ThujonSimon Schwendener



Freakulizer - The Awakening ProcessAlchemy RecordsALCD0182005
Freakulizer - Frequencies Of SoundAlchemy RecordsALCD0282009


Freakulizer - A Wonderful DayAlchemy RecordsALCD018CD
Freakulizer - Are We There?Oxygen RecordsOXYCD007CD
Freakulizer - Are We There?Yellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE168CDCD
Freakulizer - Bassline TutorialAlchemy RecordsALCD028CD
Freakulizer - Brain Generated MusicAlchemy RecordsALCD021CD
Freakulizer - Brain Generated MusicAlchemy RecordsALCD021CD
Freakulizer - Centre Of MindYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE118CDCD
Freakulizer - Centre Of MindTransient RecordsTRANR101CD
Freakulizer - Change It Or Control ItAlchemy RecordsALCD028CD
Freakulizer - Choose It Or Lose ItYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE093CDCD
Freakulizer - Choose It Or Lose ItAlchemy RecordsALCD018CD
Freakulizer - Codex (Redit)Alchemy RecordsALCD028CD
Freakulizer - DeeplomaticAlchemy RecordsALCD028CD
Freakulizer - Floating Thru SpaceAlchemy RecordsALCD018CD
Freakulizer - Get Cape Town (Remix)Alchemy RecordsALCD028CD
Freakulizer - IdentityMoonstone RecordsMSCD002CD
Freakulizer - IdentityYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE085CDCD
Freakulizer - Intelligent SystemAlchemy RecordsALCD028CD
Freakulizer - Just TrustYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE108CDCD
Freakulizer - Just TrustPoint Zero RecordsPZR01CD
Freakulizer - Losing ControlAlchemy RecordsALCD018CD
Freakulizer - MaximalAlchemy RecordsALCD020CD
Freakulizer - MentalityAlchemy RecordsALCD018CD
Freakulizer - Moving In HarmonyAlchemy RecordsALCD018CD
Freakulizer - Moving In HarmonyYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE107CDCD
Freakulizer - New concept of realitySpliff MusicSP1CD007CD
Freakulizer - Nuclear Device (Remix)Alchemy RecordsALCD028CD
Freakulizer - RadioshowDacru RecordsDCRCD001CD
Freakulizer - Sublimal MessageAlchemy RecordsALCD021CD
Freakulizer - Summer's Almost GoneMoonstone RecordsMSCD001CD
Freakulizer - Summer's Almost GoneYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE069CDCD
Freakulizer - TechonAlchemy RecordsALCD028CD
Freakulizer - The awakening processRevolve MagazineREVOLVE01CD
Freakulizer - The Awakening ProcessAlchemy RecordsALCD017CD
Freakulizer - The Physical BodyWoodroomWDCD04CD
Freakulizer - Thru MeAlchemy RecordsALCD028CD
Freakulizer - TraceformationSpliff MusicSP1CD009CD
Freakulizer - Two ShotsAlchemy RecordsALCD019CD
Freakulizer - UncutSolar Tech RecordsSOTCD02CD
Freakulizer - Understand Your LifeAlchemy RecordsALCD018CD
Freakulizer - Use Our MindGroove CriminalsGCRCD001CD
Freakulizer - VisualisationYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE097CDCD
Freakulizer - VisualisationAlchemy RecordsALCD018CD
Freakulizer - Visualisation (Cosmonet Remix)Planet B.E.N. RecordsPBRCD18CD


Freakulizer vs DJ Moodra - Freaky MoodOxygen RecordsOXYCD002CD
Freakulizer vs Firewall - Lets Face The MusicVision QuestVP067CD
Freakulizer vs S.O.S. - High Tech IntroducePoint Zero RecordsPZR02CD
Orgon Flow vs Freakulizer - Virtual RealityWoodroomWDCD05CD
Freakulizer - The Awakening Process Freakulizer - Frequencies Of Sound