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Genetic Spin

MembersSimon Towity , Michael Schultz
Genetic Spin are Simon Towity and Michael Schultz both 22 years of age and from Copenhagen, Denmark. They met in year 2000 after having been producing electronic music alone for some time as well as playing various acoustic instruments. Today they only work with electronic music producing progressive trance under the name of Genetic Spin. They also have a side project called Handbuch, which is a collaboration between Simon and Cujorius One.


Simon Towity

Genetic SpinSimon Towity , Michael Schultz

Michael Schultz

Genetic SpinSimon Towity , Michael Schultz



Genetic Spin - LowriderCreamcrop RecordsCCCDM012002


Genetic Spin - On / OffCreamcrop RecordsCCCD092003
Genetic Spin - BackspinNervine RecordsNCD0022004
Genetic Spin - Spin CityPsytropic RecordsPTRCD0062006


Genetic Spin - AclonNervine RecordsNCD002CD
Genetic Spin - BirdsNervine RecordsNCD002CD
Genetic Spin - Bood TubeCreamcrop RecordsCCCDM01CDS
Genetic Spin - Cat Vs PigeomUSTA Records3506-2CD
Genetic Spin - Chemical PrinciplesLeguan RecordsDA56045-2CD
Genetic Spin - Chemical PrinciplesPsytropic RecordsPTRCD003CD
Genetic Spin - ComebackCreamcrop RecordsCCCD09CD
Genetic Spin - Desert VibesCreamcrop RecordsCCCD09CD
Genetic Spin - Desperate House BeatsPsytropic RecordsPTRCD006CD
Genetic Spin - Desperate House BeatsGoaCrops RecordsGOACROPS001CD
Genetic Spin - Digital DollarsGoa RecordsGOAREC001CD
Genetic Spin - Digital DollarsZillion Mental Anarchie RecordsZMACD028CD
Genetic Spin - Drop 6USTA Records2313-2CD
Genetic Spin - FlowmotionNervine RecordsNCD002CD
Genetic Spin - Full OnionNervine RecordsNCD002CD
Genetic Spin - HumlehavenCreamcrop RecordsCCCDM01CDS
Genetic Spin - HybridYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE115CDCD
Genetic Spin - JazzmanLeguan RecordsDA56035-2CD
Genetic Spin - JazzmanNova Tekk RecordsNT-30004CD
Genetic Spin - Local DadiosNervine RecordsNCD002CD
Genetic Spin - Lord Of The StringsYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE115CDCD
Genetic Spin - Lord of the StringsNervine RecordsNCD002CD
Genetic Spin - Lord of the stringsYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE053CDCD
Genetic Spin - Lord Of The Strings (Cujorius One Remix)Groove Zone RecordsGZCD03CD
Genetic Spin - Lord Of The Strings (Remix)Psytropic RecordsPTRCD006CD
Genetic Spin - Lord of the Strings (Silicon Sound Remix)Nervine RecordsNCD002CD
Genetic Spin - LowriderYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE018CDCD
Genetic Spin - LowriderCreamcrop RecordsCCCDM01CDS
Genetic Spin - Lowrider (Frogacult Remix)Trance Of ScandinaviaTOSCD01CD
Genetic Spin - Lowrider (Frogacult Remix)Creamcrop RecordsCCCDM01CDS
Genetic Spin - Lowrider (Frogacult Remix)Leguan RecordsDA56037-2CD
Genetic Spin - Magic WoodsPsytropic RecordsPTRCD004CD
Genetic Spin - Magic WoodsYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE109CDCD
Genetic Spin - MemotechPsytropic RecordsPTRCD006CD
Genetic Spin - Mogley BrunchLeviathan RecordsLEV010CD
Genetic Spin - Monkey BusinessPsytropic RecordsPTRCD006CD
Genetic Spin - Mood BounceCreamcrop RecordsCCCD09CD
Genetic Spin - Mummy TangoAyahuasca RecordsACD002CD
Genetic Spin - No IdeaPsytropic RecordsPTRCD006CD
Genetic Spin - OceanSinn-TecSTRCD003CD
Genetic Spin - QuietIboga RecordsIBOGACD026CD
Genetic Spin - RizrazCreamcrop RecordsCCCD09CD
Genetic Spin - Shaolin GrooveCreamcrop RecordsCCCD09CD
Genetic Spin - ShopliftingPsytropic RecordsPTRCD006CD
Genetic Spin - Side FxNervine RecordsNCD002CD
Genetic Spin - Slip 'n SlideLeguan RecordsDA56041-2CD
Genetic Spin - Spin CityPsytropic RecordsPTRCD006CD
Genetic Spin - Spin CityRevolve MagazineREVOLVE04CD
Genetic Spin - StagediverCreamcrop RecordsCCCD09CD
Genetic Spin - SundownCreamcrop RecordsCCCD09CD
Genetic Spin - SwordfishCrotus RecordsCROTUSCD03CD
Genetic Spin - Thek2Nervine RecordsNCD001CD
Genetic Spin - ToplordCreamcrop RecordsCCCD09CD
Genetic Spin - TV-ShopInterzone RecordsIZR06CDCD
Genetic Spin - ViperCreamcrop RecordsCCCD09CD


Genetic Spin & Silicon Sound - NatureSpirit Zone RecordsSZR152CDCD
Genetic Spin & Silicon Sound - NatureYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE074CDCD
Genetic Spin feat. Cecile Sadolin - HybridPsytropic RecordsPTRCD006CD
Genetic Spin feat. Vazik - The FridgePsytropic RecordsPTRCD006CD
Genetic Spin - Lowrider Genetic Spin - On / Off Genetic Spin - Backspin Genetic Spin - Spin City