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Michael Petterson

KlusterMichael Petterson



Kluster - Bug FixDigital PsionicsDPSICD042002
Kluster - Extended Oversized SystemStone Age RecordsSTONECD0082005
Kluster - Missing LinkDigital PsionicsDPSICD272008


Kluster - Agent OrangeDigital PsionicsDPSICD17CD
Kluster - Bad HabbitsStone Age RecordsSTONECD008CD
Kluster - BalancedDigital PsionicsDPSICD04CD
Kluster - BenzeneDigital PsionicsDPSICD27CD
Kluster - Bom ShivaKetuh RecordsKTHCD02CD
Kluster - Brain ProcessStone Age RecordsSTONECD008CD
Kluster - Bunker ModeInpsyde MediaIM013CD
Kluster - Caracas MaracasYggdrasil RecordsYGGCD001CD
Kluster - Come OnGlowing Flame RecordsGFRCD06CD
Kluster - CPU 500% (Remix)Ketuh RecordsKTHCD04CD
Kluster - Dark WalkerDigital PsionicsDPSICD23CD
Kluster - Deep Shit (Remix)Stone Age RecordsSTONECD008CD
Kluster - Definition Of Magnetic powerDigital PsionicsDPSICD27CD
Kluster - DNADigital PsionicsDPSICD05CD
Kluster - Dont BelieveDigital PsionicsDPSICD04CD
Kluster - Face The MusicDigital PsionicsDPSICD26CD
Kluster - Freaky FobiDigital PsionicsDPSICD04CD
Kluster - Frosty FogDigital PsionicsDPSICD27CD
Kluster - GuiltyDigital PsionicsDPSICD08CD
Kluster - Head In The CloudsDigital PsionicsDPSICD27CD
Kluster - Higher LearningDigital PsionicsDPSICD04CD
Kluster - L.S.D.Digital PsionicsDPSICD27CD
Kluster - Ladu LazerDigital PsionicsDPSICD27CD
Kluster - LavaDigital PsionicsDPSICD04CD
Kluster - Linking PartsStone Age RecordsSTONECD002CD
Kluster - LumbagoDigital PsionicsDPSICD04CD
Kluster - Mental ExpeditionDigital PsionicsDPSICD27CD
Kluster - Mind ControlDigital PsionicsDPSICD27CD
Kluster - Mysty DistDigital PsionicsDPSICD03CD
Kluster - NirvanaStone Age RecordsSTONECD004CD
Kluster - No DoubtDigital PsionicsDPSICD04CD
Kluster - No Doubt RmxDigital PsionicsDPSICD14CD
Kluster - No Guru No TeacherDigital PsionicsDPSICD33CD
Kluster - Rhythm FoolsDigital PsionicsDPSICD27CD
Kluster - Seven DwarfsStone Age RecordsSTONECD008CD
Kluster - SlowmotionStone Age RecordsSTONECD008CD
Kluster - SpiritStone Age RecordsSTONECD008CD
Kluster - Split Personality (Remix)Stone Age RecordsSTONECD008CD
Kluster - The down lock thingPsyforce ProductionsPFPCD01CD
Kluster - TransformatorStone Age RecordsSTONECD008CD
Kluster - UnconciousDigital PsionicsDPSICD04CD
Kluster - WalkerDigital PsionicsDPSICD12CD
Kluster - WarlocksStone Age RecordsSTONECD008CD
Kluster - WobblerStone Age RecordsSTONECD006CD
Kluster - XibaldiDigital PsionicsDPSICD04CD


Kluster vs Dark Nebula - Round and RoundStone Age RecordsSTONECD007CD
Kluster - Bug Fix Kluster - Extended Oversized System Kluster - Missing Link