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MembersRenato Moreira
LAB, of his name Renato Moreira was born in 1984 in Lisbon, Portugal.

Starting his route in the electronic music field in 1998, he begun to gain a taste for computurized production in that same year using Rebirth 1.0.

Evolving in 2000 into the use of hosts like Fruity Loops, he first had experiences in genres of electronic like breakbeat,downtempo and house, before turning to the more dark path of psychedelic trance in his selftitled project LAB, influenced by the upcoming wave of russian sounds.

LAB`s music is based on fast passed and groove full beats, inducing futuristic ambiences and breaks, featuring powerful mental twisting leads!

Making his live debut appearence in 2005, at the present time LAB intends to obtain more knowledge to add to his evergrowing musical expertise, and to perform and release globaly, to bring his vision of the future of psychedelic trance to you.


Renato Moreira

LabRenato Moreira


Lab - CarnavalD-A-R-K RecordsDARKCD001CD
LAB - Nightmare Before New YearGolden Dawn RecordsGOD003CD
Lab - ParanoiaDark Life RecordsDLRSCD002CD
Lab - Post ApocalypticNo Comment RecordsNCRCD001CD
Lab - SyndromeDark Life RecordsDLRSCD002CD
Lab - The Menger SpongeNo Comment RecordsNCRCD001CD
Lab - True NoirPsyber TribePTRCD02CD