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MembersFrederic Talaa , Guillaume Dorson


Frederic Talaa

E.S.X.S.Frederic Talaa
Growling Moon SpiritsShajahan Matkin, Josef Quinteros, Sebastian Claro, Celli Firmi , Jean-Baptiste Laffitte , Frederic Talaa
Los DiablosFrederic Talaa , Gilles Beraud , Lawrence Hoffman , Stephane Rault
MastermindJean Luc Silvestre , Frederic Talaa
NeurochromeFrederic Talaa , Lawrence Hoffman
NeuromotorFrederic Talaa , Guillaume Dorson
Plastyk ElephantFrederic Talaa
The Crazy Lions CultFrederic Talaa , Gilles Beraud

Guillaume Dorson

NeuromotorFrederic Talaa , Guillaume Dorson



Neuromotor - After Effect EPTurbo Trance RecordsTTR0012000


Neuromotor - Neuro DamageAcidance RecordsACIDCD0032001
Neuromotor - The Electrik-CityArcadia MusicARCCD0032003
Neuromotor - Bloody RealityAcidance RecordsACIDCD0142005


Neuromotor - A Better WorldAcidance RecordsACIDCD014CD
Neuromotor - Acid SynecismSpirit Zone RecordsSZR151CDCD
Neuromotor - After EffectTurbo Trance RecordsTTR001EP
Neuromotor - Afx Mechanik (Remix)Acidance RecordsACIDCD005CD
Neuromotor - Analog RainArcadia MusicARCCD003CD
Neuromotor - Android From MarsXIII Bis Records9002CD
Neuromotor - Attack Of The Funky AliensBom Shanka MusicBSMCD003CD
Neuromotor - Big CityKetuh RecordsKTHCD01CD
Neuromotor - Black PlanetParvati RecordsPVRCD03CD
Neuromotor - Bloody RageThird Eye RecordsTERCD002CD
Neuromotor - Bush The AntichristAcidance RecordsACIDCD014CD
Neuromotor - Chaotic SystematicAlchemy RecordsALCD001CD
Neuromotor - Children Back In The LightAcidance RecordsACIDCD014CD
Neuromotor - Children Back In The Light IIGoaCrops RecordsGOACROPS001CD
Neuromotor - Children Back In The Light pt.2Psytropic RecordsPTRCD004CD
Neuromotor - Children In The DarkYage RecordsYAGECD02CD
Neuromotor - Children In The DarkAcidance RecordsACIDCD014CD
Neuromotor - Chrystal MatterArcadia MusicARCCD003CD
Neuromotor - Color Funky ToneThe Vision RecordsVRCD02CD
Neuromotor - Crazy CroonerTurbo Trance RecordsTTRCD001CD
Neuromotor - Dance Or DieSpectral MoonSMRCD001CD
Neuromotor - Dance With The MotorFractalFRACT006CD
Neuromotor - Danger Hight Voltage (Remix)Geomagnetic.tvGEOCD002CD
Neuromotor - Danger Hight Voltage (Remix)Geomagnetic.tvGEODVD002DVD
Neuromotor - Dead BodiesMechanik SoundMECH005CD
Neuromotor - Dirty SocietyAcidance RecordsACIDCD014CD
Neuromotor - Drumatik VisionPsytropic RecordsPTRCD005CD
Neuromotor - Drumatik VisionGoa RecordsGOAREC001CD
Neuromotor - El Guarrero PrimitivoAvatar RecordsAVA018CD
Neuromotor - Electorik Mama (Part 2)Arcadia MusicARCCD003CD
Neuromotor - Electrik CityArcadia MusicARCCD003CD
Neuromotor - Electrik ZoneDeja Vu RecordsDJVCD001CD
Neuromotor - ElectrofackArcadia MusicARCCD003CD
Neuromotor - ElementsMass Abduction RecordsMARCD002CD
Neuromotor - Erotic FantasyShiva Space TechnologySSTCD012CD
Neuromotor - Fight For Human RightsAcidance RecordsACIDCD014CD
Neuromotor - First OperatorFragile Planet RecordsFPRCD001CD
Neuromotor - Forget The RulesAcidance RecordsACIDCD014CD
Neuromotor - Free Mind In A Reckless WorldReckless RhythmRECKLESS001CD
Neuromotor - Fuck the DAT Mafia Trance ExpressAcidance RecordsACIDCD002CD
Neuromotor - Fuck the DAT Mafia Trance Express (Original Version)Acidance RecordsACIDCD003CD
Neuromotor - Funk ItMass Abduction RecordsMARCD001CD
Neuromotor - Funky BistoAcidance RecordsACIDCD003CD
Neuromotor - Ghost of the Monkey's BackMoon Spirits RecordsMSRCD002CD
Neuromotor - High Danger VoltageArcadia MusicARCCD003CD
Neuromotor - IlluminationShiva Space TechnologySSTCD101CD
Neuromotor - JoystykAcidance RecordsACIDCD003CD
Neuromotor - Laly the CycloneMechanik SoundMECH005CD
Neuromotor - Liquid EvolutionAcidance RecordsACIDCD003CD
Neuromotor - Lord Of NoiseFractalFRACT005CD
Neuromotor - Lui Gets His Red WingsPeak RecordsPR002CD
Neuromotor - Machine On EarthAcidance RecordsACIDCD003CD
Neuromotor - Mama GoblinBeyond LogicBL05PSDCD
Neuromotor - Marquis Of SoundPeak RecordsPR001CD
Neuromotor - My AncestorsRhythms of Peace RecordROPCD001CD
Neuromotor - Neuro DanceAcidance RecordsACIDCD003CD
Neuromotor - Neurological GameArcadia MusicARCCD003CD
Neuromotor - No Turning BackPagoda RecordsPRCD02CD
Neuromotor - Oganic Confusion (Remix)Shpastic ElasticSHECD02CD
Neuromotor - Organic Confusion (Remix)Shpastic ElasticSHELP02LP
Neuromotor - Par Amour Pour Une FemmeAcidance RecordsACIDCD014CD
Neuromotor - PremonitionAcidance RecordsACIDCD015CD
Neuromotor - RockAfricAtittude RemixThe Vision RecordsVRCD02CD
Neuromotor - Save Your SoulArcadia MusicARCCD003CD
Neuromotor - Smoke On The Water Cover Remix (Original By Deep Purple)FractalFRACT003CD
Neuromotor - Speed RacerTurbo Trance RecordsTTRCD002CD
Neuromotor - SpootnikIcarus Creations RecordsICCD001CD
Neuromotor - Stabler NoizeTurbo Trance RecordsTTR001EP
Neuromotor - Star ShineDigital Distortion RecordsDDR001CD
Neuromotor - Strike to HeavenTurbo Trance RecordsTTR001EP
Neuromotor - Synthetic ButterflyCrystal MatrixCMCD01CD
Neuromotor - Tears of FireMechanik SoundMECH005CD
Neuromotor - The Beauty & The BeastAcidance RecordsACIDCD003CD
Neuromotor - The Brain ForestAcidance RecordsACIDCD003CD
Neuromotor - The F TrackBeyond LogicBL04PSDCD
Neuromotor - The Love CycloneAcidance RecordsACIDCD014CD
Neuromotor - Ticket To The HighwayPurple HexagonPUHECD001CD
Neuromotor - Tribal SharkMindfunk RecordsMFR002CD
Neuromotor - Valentino walkes on the moonMechanik SoundMECH003CD
Neuromotor - Virtual MemoryRudraksh RecordsRUDRACD001CD
Neuromotor - Wind, Clouds, Dance & SignsAcidance RecordsACIDCD003CD
Neuromotor - Women In ControlVaporvent RecordsVV002CD
Neuromotor - World Of ChaosAcidance RecordsACIDCD014CD
Neuromotor - X-rayArcadia MusicARCCD003CD


Chromatone & Neuromotor & E.S.X.S. - Electryk ChromamaVaporvent RecordsVV005CD
Neuromotor vs Atmaah - Organic NoiseSpectral MoonSMRCD001CD
Neuromotor vs Electrocult - GroovmatikFractalFRACT001CD
Neuromotor vs Electrocult - HumamacumadiFractalFRACT002CD
Neuromotor vs Electrocult - Robotic SyndromNoize ConspiracyNCCD003CD
Neuromotor vs Electrocult - RockafricattitudeMechanik SoundMECH006CD
Neuromotor vs Hyper Frequencies - HurricaneParadiso RecordsPARCD001CD
Ninja vs Neuromotor - Vortex TunnelYoYo RecordsYOYO46CD
Neuromotor - After Effect EP Neuromotor - Neuro Damage Neuromotor - The Electrik-City Neuromotor - Bloody Reality