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Noise Gust

MembersKagetoshi Nakamura


Kagetoshi Nakamura

Noise GustKagetoshi Nakamura
Paradigm ShifterKagetoshi Nakamura



Noise Gust - In The Brain ChipFull Moon RecordsFMRCD072009


Noise Gust - 8 Bit FlagsFullmoon RecordsFMRCD04CD
Noise Gust - Abyss Of DespairFull Moon RecordsFMRCD07CD
Noise Gust - Access to MarsNabi RecordsNABICD002CD
Noise Gust - Another Part Of YourselfKabrathor RecordsKBRTHCD005CD
Noise Gust - AssemblageRockdenashi ProductionzROCKDENACD001CD
Noise Gust - Auto Logical SequenceFull Moon RecordsFMRCD07CD
Noise Gust - Berserk EyeNabi RecordsNABICD006CD
Noise Gust - Biomechanical BrainPhreex NetworxPNXCD001CD
Noise Gust - Brainwashed By My DoctorFull Moon RecordsFMRCD07CD
Noise Gust - BurglarNabi RecordsNABICD006CD
Noise Gust - Faulty DemonFull Moon RecordsFMRCD07CD
Noise Gust - Freak Out SyndromeBrainBusters RecordsBBCD001CD
Noise Gust - In The Brain ChipFull Moon RecordsFMRCD07CD
Noise Gust - IntroFull Moon RecordsFMRCD07CD
Noise Gust - Life HuckingSamsara RecordsSAMCD001CD
Noise Gust - Limbogott RemixFullmoon RecordsFMRCD03CD
Noise Gust - Noise Adventures In WonderlandFullmoon RecordsFMRCD02CD
Noise Gust - Ominus SquareVertigo RecordsVERTIGOCD14CD
Noise Gust - OverprocessAvatar RecordsAVA057CD
Noise Gust - Phase Space BugFull Moon RecordsFMRCD07CD
Noise Gust - PhenixPhreex NetworxPNXCD000CD
Noise Gust - Planet Lv426Full Moon RecordsFMRCD07CD
Noise Gust - Purple InvisibilityFullmoon RecordsFMRCD05CD
Noise Gust - Retoro FutureFull Moon RecordsFMRCD07CD
Noise Gust - Slash SplashFullmoon RecordsFMRCD01CD
Noise Gust - SlicemanNabi RecordsNABICD006CD
Noise Gust - Slow RuinKagdila RecordsKAGCD022CD
Noise Gust - Summon SpellNabi RecordsNABICD004CD
Noise Gust - Unreal RealityFullmoon RecordsFMRCD06CD
Noise Gust - VogaFullmoon RecordsFMRCD03CD
Noise Gust - WarperNabi RecordsNABICD007CD
Noise Gust - Weird DirectivityFull Moon RecordsFMRCD07CD


Baphomet Engine vs Noise Gust - Culture In Chaos2to6 Records2TO6CD001CD
CPC & Noise Gust & Aya - BragaTriplag MusicTRPLGCD003CD
Far East Ghost vs Noise Gust - ZK-01Trip RecordsTTD002CD
Hishiryo vs Noise Gust - NakatakiWild Seven RecordzW7RCD001CD
Kalilaskov AS vs Noise Gust - Evil Computer CrashTriplag MusicTRPLGCD005CD
Mondo vs Noise Gust - Car And RadioFullmoon RecordsFMRCD01CD
Mondo vs Noise Gust - Full MoonNabi RecordsNABICD006CD
Noise Gust & Savage Scream - Red ToadFullmoon RecordsFMRCD02CD
Noise Gust vs Jun - KanouTremors Underground ProductionsTUP07-02CD
Noise Gust vs Killer Mind - Killer NoiseFoot Stompin RecordsFSR2007-001CD
Noise Gust - In The Brain Chip