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Magnus Andersson

NomaMagnus Andersson
PrexMagnus Andersson, Anthony Sillfors
The Mato ProjectTomasz Balicki, Magnus Andersson



Noma - Nothing was working EPAcid Casualties RecordsACDC0021999
Noma - Goons EPSpiral TraxSPIT0142000
Noma - No Solution EPMicrogram Records700MICS2000
Various Artists - Order Odonata 4 SamplerDragonfly RecordsBFLT572000
Noma - Two-D EPDragonfly RecordsBFLT782001
Noma - Moonstomping EPSpiral TraxSPIT025-12002
Noma - Rotor EPSpiral TraxSPIT025-22002


Noma - NavigatorSpiral TraxSPITLP0052000


Noma - NavigatorSpiral TraxSPITCD0052000


Noma - Add. XSpiral TraxSPITCD005CD
Noma - Add. XSpiral TraxSPITLP005LP
Noma - Another TimePsysolation RecordsPSYSOL05 CD
Noma - Another TimeMidijum RecordsMDCD05CD
Noma - Another TimeMidijum RecordsMDLP04LP
Noma - Appat VivantMidijum RecordsMDLP01LP
Noma - Appat VivantMidijum RecordsMDCD02CD
Noma - Appat VivantMDMA MusicMDMA010-2CD
Noma - Avoid the futureSpiral TraxSPIT025-1EP
Noma - BöseSpiral TraxSPITCD005CD
Noma - BöseSpiral TraxSPITLP005LP
Noma - BrötekölserudSpiral TraxSPITCD005CD
Noma - BrötekölserudSpiral TraxSPITLP005LP
Noma - Chinese WoodYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE014CDCD
Noma - Digital AntichristAcid Casualties RecordsACDC002EP
Noma - DoodaSpiral TraxSPITCD005CD
Noma - DoodaSpiral TraxSPITLP005LP
Noma - Gary & DaveMicrogram Records700MICSEP
Noma - GoonsHappy People MusicHP336959-2CD
Noma - GoonsGlobal Trance NetworkGTN100925CD
Noma - GoonsYoYo RecordsYOYO42CD
Noma - GoonsSpiral TraxSPIT014EP
Noma - Great WhiteAlien News RecordsHADSHCD010CD
Noma - Great WhiteAlien News RecordsHADSHLP010LP
Noma - Instant DeliveryDragonfly RecordsBFLT78EP
Noma - Instant DeliveryDragonfly RecordsBFLCD54CD
Noma - It's Never To LateNova Tekk RecordsNTD93101-22CD
Noma - It's Never Too LateNova Tekk RecordsNTD93102-24LP
Noma - MoonstompingSpiral TraxSPITCD014CD
Noma - MoonstompingLeguan RecordsDA56037-2CD
Noma - MoonstompingSpiral TraxSPIT025-1EP
Noma - NavigatorSpiral TraxSPITLP005LP
Noma - NavigatorSpiral TraxSPITCD005CD
Noma - No More!Spiral TraxSPITCD005CD
Noma - No More!Insolation RecordsINSOL013CDCD
Noma - No More!Spiral TraxSPITLP005LP
Noma - No SolutionMicrogram Records700MICSEP
Noma - Nothing Was WorkingGlobal Trance NetworkGTN100625CD
Noma - Nothing was workingAcid Casualties RecordsACDC002EP
Noma - RotorSpiral TraxSPIT025-2EP
Noma - SleepwalkerSpiral TraxSPIT025-2EP
Noma - SleepwalkerWhy Not RecordsWHYCD018CD
Noma - SoonMidijum RecordsMDCD07CD
Noma - SoonGlobal Trance NetworkGTN102725CD
Noma - SoonNova Tekk RecordsNTD93104-24LP
Noma - SoonNova Tekk RecordsNTD93103-22CD
Noma - SpasmSpirit Zone RecordsSZR061CDCD
Noma - TroubleSpiral TraxSPITLP005LP
Noma - TroubleSpiral TraxSPITCD005CD
Noma - TubeDragonfly RecordsBFLLP37LP
Noma - TubeDragonfly RecordsBFLCD37CD
Noma - TubeDragonfly RecordsBFLT57EP
Noma - Two-DDragonfly RecordsBFLCD48CD
Noma - Two-DDragonfly RecordsBFLT78EP
Noma - Under ConstructionMDMA MusicMDMA007-2CD
Noma - Under ConstructionMDMA MusicMDMA007-1LP
Noma - Under ConstructionGlobal Trance NetworkGTN106725CD
Noma - VacuumSpiral TraxSPIT014EP
Noma - VacuumInsolation RecordsINSOL008CDCD
Noma - What's Out There?Global Trance NetworkGTN108525CD
Noma - What's Out There?Transient RecordsTRANR624LPLP
Noma - What's Out There?Transient RecordsTRANR624CD
Noma - Why?Spiral TraxSPITCD005CD
Noma - Why?Spiral TraxSPITLP005LP


S-Range - Out of Range (Noma's Morning glory mix)Spiral TraxSPIT023EP
S-Range - Out Of Range (Noma's Morning Glory Mix)CosmophiliaCOSMOCD01CD
Noma - Nothing was working EP Noma - No Solution EP Noma - Two-D EP Noma - Moonstomping EP Noma - Rotor EP Noma - Navigator Noma - Navigator