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MembersFarid Merbouche


Farid Merbouche

C.R.M.B.Christophe Drouillet, Shajahan Matkin, Farid Merbouche , Josef Quinteros
Dj MaelFarid Merbouche
ElixirCedric Dassulle , Christophe Drouillet, Farid Merbouche
NomadFarid Merbouche
NomadbrothersFarid Merbouche , Augustin Pardon
Sonic KinkiesCedric Dassulle , Farid Merbouche , Ofer Dikovski
X PortersAvi Shmailov , Farid Merbouche , Tamir Ozana



Nomad - Spaceship Trippers EP3D Vision Records3DV0102001
Various Artists - Full Moon Paradise Sampler 2 EPMoon Spirits RecordsMSR072001


Nomad - Hyperactive3D Vision Records3DVCD0082001
Various Artists - Program Change3D Vision Records3DVCD0062001
Nomad - Mad Attack3D Vision Records3DVCD0182003


Nomad - 2001 Nuits3D Vision Records3DVCD006CD
Nomad - AlbavoceExposure ProductionsEXPOCD001CD
Nomad - Altranaute3D Vision Records3DVCD018CD
Nomad - Another World3D Vision Records3DVCD006CD
Nomad - Aura3D Vision Records3DVCD018CD
Nomad - Birth of StarsMoon Spirits RecordsMSRCD002CD
Nomad - Birth of StarsMoon Spirits RecordsMSR07EP
Nomad - Blue Nights3D Vision Records3DVCD006CD
Nomad - Cabaret3D Vision Records3DVCD010CD
Nomad - Critical LevelBionics RecordsBIOCD01CD
Nomad - Day One3D Vision Records3DV010EP
Nomad - Day One3D Vision Records3DVCD009CD
Nomad - Deep InsideZillion Mental Anarchie RecordsZMACD024CD
Nomad - Demons3D Vision Records3DVCD008CD
Nomad - Desert Wind3D Vision Records3DVCD019CD
Nomad - FantasyPlanet B.E.N. RecordsPBRCD01CD
Nomad - Flying SaucersMateria RecordsMATCD10CD
Nomad - Gladiator3D Vision Records3DVCD008CD
Nomad - Locked InsidePlanet B.E.N. RecordsPBRCD12CD
Nomad - Mad Attack3D Vision Records3DVCD018CD
Nomad - Mental Shock3D Vision Records3DVCD012CD
Nomad - NomadPlanet B.E.N. RecordsPBRCD18CD
Nomad - On The Planet Earth3D Vision Records3DVCD008CD
Nomad - Paper Frame3D Vision Records3DVCD008CD
Nomad - Party TimeProcyon RecordsPROCYCD001CD
Nomad - PhysicalMoon Spirits RecordsMSRCD003CD
Nomad - PsylodelicNatraj RecordsNATRAJCD05CD
Nomad - Revolution3D Vision Records3DVCD008CD
Nomad - RobotikStarsound RecordsSSCD09CD
Nomad - Schyzo3D Vision Records3DVCD008CD
Nomad - Sorcery3D Vision Records3DVCD018CD
Nomad - SorceryTokyo X-Ray StudioNODX-00008DVD
Nomad - Spaceship Trippers3D Vision Records3DV010EP
Nomad - Spaceship Trippers3D Vision Records3DVCD008CD
Nomad - Spyman (Live Mix)3D Vision Records3DVCD018CD
Nomad - Stay Clear3D Vision Records3DVCD008CD
Nomad - Terrible Danger3D Vision Records3DVCD018CD
Nomad - The Magic Sofa's ShowMoon Spirits RecordsMSRCD005CD
Nomad - Tribute With No NameMind Control RecordsMCCD004CD
Nomad - Typhoon3D Vision Records3DVCD018CD
Nomad - Vacation TimeSpun RecordsSPUNCD02CD
Nomad - X-StyleProcyon RecordsPROCYCD002CD
Nomad - X-Style (Remix)3D Vision Records3DVCD018CD
Nomad - You Are Mutant3D Vision Records3DVCD008CD
Nomad - Zamba3D Vision Records3DVCD014CD


Absolum vs Nomad - The Game (Part 2)3D Vision Records3DVLP005LP
Absolum vs Nomad - The Game Part 13D Vision Records3DV008EP
Absolum vs Nomad - The Game Part 13D Vision Records3DVCD009CD
Absolum vs Nomad - The Game Part 23D Vision Records3DVCD005CD
Absolum vs Nomad - The Game Part 23D Vision Records3DV008EP
Absolum vs Nomad - The Game Part 2 v1.23D Vision Records3DVCD009CD
Nomad & Central Processing Unit - Activation3D Vision Records3DVCD018CD
Nomad & Jeremy Tsunami - High VolumeGeomagnetic.tvGEODVD002DVD
Nomad & Jeremy Tsunami - High VolumeGeomagnetic.tvGEOCD002CD
Nomad vs Beat On Fobia - Mosquito City3D Vision Records3DVCD024CD
Nomad vs Beat On Fobia - Mosquito City3D Vision Records3DVCD012CD
Nomad vs Talamasca - Psycho (Tribute to Infected Mushroom)3D Vision Records3DVCD006CD
Silicon Sound vs Nomad - Same PlanetMind Control RecordsMCCD002CD
Talamasca feat. Nomad - The AwakeningMind Control RecordsMCCD001CD
Talamasca feat. Nomad - The Hunted Becomes the Hunter3D Vision Records3DVCD004CD
Talamasca vs Nomad - Password3D Vision Records3DVCD006CD
Talamasca vs Nomad - The Awakening (220V Remix)Proton RecordsPROCD003CD
X.S.I vs Nomad - DarknessPhantasm RecordsPTMCD169CD
X.S.I vs Nomad - ElectronixAgitato RecordsAGE1062CD
Nomad - Spaceship Trippers EP Various Artists - Full Moon Paradise Sampler 2 EP Nomad - Hyperactive Various Artists - Program Change Nomad - Mad Attack