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MembersJean Borelli, Dennis Jessen


Jean Borelli

Crunchy PunchAri Linker , Jean Borelli
OrionJean Borelli, Dennis Jessen
SheybaChris Anderson, Jean Borelli

Dennis Jessen

OrionJean Borelli, Dennis Jessen



Orion - Cynabs EPPhantasm RecordsPTM201997
Orion - Rooster EPSymbiosis RecordsSYMB0221997
Orion - Neon EPIboga RecordsIBOGAEP222002
Orion - Twisted Orbit EPTIP.WorldTIPW0222002


Orion - Futuristic PoetrySymbiosis RecordsSYMBLP061997
Orion - MetamorpheusPhantasm RecordsPTMLP1442000


Orion - Futuristic PoetrySymbiosis RecordsSYMBCD061997
Orion - MetamorpheusPhantasm RecordsPTMCD1442000
Orion - Artificial FrequenciesSolstice MusicSOLMC-0232003
Orion - Artificial FrequenciesSolstice Music InternationalSOL-WCD0072003
Orion - Electric BehaviourSolstice Music InternationalSOLM-CD0182005
Orion - Futuristic PoetryAvatar RecordsAVA0282005


Orion - 007 In HeavenPhantasm RecordsPTMCD135CD
Orion - 007 In HeavenPhantasm RecordsPTMLP135LP
Orion - ActivityTIP.WorldTIPWLP31LP
Orion - ActivityTIP.WorldTIPWCD31CD
Orion - AdrenalineSolstice Music InternationalSOLM-CD018CD
Orion - AfterburnerSolstice Music InternationalSOLM-CD018CD
Orion - AkeruAvatar RecordsAVA028CD
Orion - AkeruSymbiosis RecordsSYMBLP06LP
Orion - AkeruSymbiosis RecordsSYMBCD06CD
Orion - AquaSymbiosis RecordsSYMBCD04CD
Orion - AquaSymbiosis RecordsSYMBLP04LP
Orion - Area 51Phantasm RecordsPTMCD144CD
Orion - Bass & PastaUphonic RecordsUPCD002CD
Orion - Bass and PastaYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE033CDCD
Orion - Beat The BombSolstice Music InternationalSOLM-CD018CD
Orion - Blue PointPhantasm RecordsPTMCD144CD
Orion - Body BaloonsOktava RecordsOR001CD
Orion - Body Baloons (Remix)Solstice MusicSOLMC-023CD
Orion - Body Baloons (Remix)Solstice Music InternationalSOL-WCD007CD
Orion - Caipirinha EffectYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE155CDCD
Orion - Capirinha EffectTransient RecordsTRANR104CD
Orion - CaracolSymbiosis RecordsSYMBCD06CD
Orion - CaracolAvatar RecordsAVA028CD
Orion - CaracolSymbiosis RecordsSYMBLP06LP
Orion - Clap HatH2O RecordsH2OCD006CD
Orion - CynabsVisionary Records302.4055.2CD
Orion - CynabsLyrical Robot RecordsLRR52232CD
Orion - CynabsPhantasm RecordsPTM20EP
Orion - CynabsLeguan RecordsDA56001-2CD
Orion - CynabsKickin RecordsKICK51CD
Orion - CynabsNova Tekk RecordsNTD90507-24CD
Orion - CynabsSub TerraneanSPV089-98722CD
Orion - Deep WeedTIP.WorldTIPWCD24CD
Orion - Dig ItSolstice Music InternationalSOL-WCD007CD
Orion - Dig ItSolstice MusicSOLMC-023CD
Orion - Dont PanicOktava RecordsOR002CD
Orion - Electric BehaviourSolstice Music InternationalSOLM-CD018CD
Orion - Electric PulseHarmonia RecordsHRCD004CD
Orion - Fast LaneSolstice MusicSOLMC-023CD
Orion - Fast LaneSolstice Music InternationalSOL-WCD007CD
Orion - Freaky TweakyAlchemy RecordsALCD012CD
Orion - FunkadelicSymbiosis RecordsSYMBLP06LP
Orion - FunkadelicSymbiosis RecordsSYMBCD06CD
Orion - FunkadelicAvatar RecordsAVA028CD
Orion - Future FunkPhantasm RecordsPTMLP144LP
Orion - Future FunkPhantasm RecordsPTMCD144CD
Orion - Groove ControlSolstice Music InternationalSOLM-CD018CD
Orion - Groove Control (Ibojima Remix)Hyperflow RecordsHF02CD
Orion - Guess What (Remix)Solstice Music InternationalSOLM-CD018CD
Orion - HalluweirdSolstice MusicSOLC-019CD
Orion - HalluweirdSolstice Music InternationalSOL-WCD006CD
Orion - Highland EncountersSolstice Music InternationalSOLM-CD018CD
Orion - HighwaySymbiosis RecordsSYMBCD06CD
Orion - HighwayAvatar RecordsAVA028CD
Orion - HighwayPhonokol2101-2CD
Orion - HighwaySymbiosis RecordsSYMBLP06LP
Orion - HorizonSolstice Music InternationalSOL-WCD007CD
Orion - HorizonSolstice MusicSOLMC-023CD
Orion - Lamfighter InternationalPhantasm RecordsPTMLP144LP
Orion - Lamfighter InternationalPhantasm RecordsPTMCD144CD
Orion - Late Night ExposureLiquid & SolidLSD002CD
Orion - LiquidDiscobole RecordsDR002CD
Orion - LiquidSubstance RecordsSUB48352CD
Orion - LiquidSub TerraneanSPV089-47532CD
Orion - LiquidTetsuo RecordsTETCD09CD
Orion - LiquidPhantasm RecordsPTMCD136CD
Orion - LiquidLeguan RecordsDA56007-2CD
Orion - LiquidPhantasm RecordsPTM20EP
Orion - Mad Monk Of MetalSolstice Music InternationalSOLM-CD017CD
Orion - MetamorpheusPhantasm RecordsPTMCD144CD
Orion - MetamorpheusPhantasm RecordsPTMLP144LP
Orion - Nasca SpiderSymbiosis RecordsSYMBLP06LP
Orion - Nazca SpiderSymbiosis RecordsSYMBCD06CD
Orion - Nazca SpiderAvatar RecordsAVA028CD
Orion - NeonIboga RecordsIBOGACD011CD
Orion - NeonIboga RecordsIBOGAEP22EP
Orion - NeuPhantasm RecordsPTMCD144CD
Orion - NeuPhantasm RecordsPTMLP144LP
Orion - Nezca SpiderSub TerraneanSPV089-39022CD
Orion - NicebytesTrue Trance RecordsLUV002CD
Orion - No Mad EmotionVirus Tekk RecordsVTCD02CD
Orion - OrbitTIP.WorldTIPW022EP
Orion - OrganicSolstice MusicSOLMC-028CD
Orion - OrganicSolstice Music InternationalSOL-WCD008CD
Orion - PeakSolstice Music InternationalSOLM-CD018CD
Orion - Pot AlertPhantasm RecordsPTMCD144CD
Orion - Pot AlertPhantasm RecordsPTMLP144LP
Orion - Pots N PansIboga RecordsIBOGACD013CD
Orion - Pots NĀ“pansIboga RecordsIBOGAEP22EP
Orion - Pots'N PansIboga RecordsIBOGACD011CD
Orion - PunchyVision ProductionsNODX01001CD
Orion - Quick StepYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE142CDCD
Orion - Quick StepTurbo Trance RecordsTTRCD017CD
Orion - ReactivatedIboga RecordsIBOGAEP23EP
Orion - ReactivatedIboga RecordsIBOGACD010CD
Orion - ReactivatedTrance Of ScandinaviaTOSCD01CD
Orion - RehabPsychic Deli RecordsPDCD011CD
Orion - ResonatorAlchemy RecordsALCD020CD
Orion - Rolling StoneSolstice Music InternationalSOLM-CD018CD
Orion - RoosterSymbiosis RecordsSYMBCD06CD
Orion - RoosterAvatar RecordsAVA028CD
Orion - RoosterSymbiosis RecordsSYMB022EP
Orion - Si StateSolar Flares RecordsSFCD02CD
Orion - SleepwalkingSolstice MusicSOLMC-023CD
Orion - SleepwalkingSolstice Music InternationalSOL-WCD007CD
Orion - Sleepwalking (Alien Project Remix)Solstice Music InternationalSOLM-CD018CD
Orion - Slide into BleepsZillion Mental Anarchie RecordsZMACD024CD
Orion - SolidPhantasm RecordsPTMLP144LP
Orion - SolidPhantasm RecordsPTMCD144CD
Orion - Space CadetPhonokol2270-2CD
Orion - Speaker SpeakerYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE071CDCD
Orion - Speaker SpeakerExposure ProductionsEXPOCD002CD
Orion - Spider MonkeyPhantasm RecordsPTMLP144LP
Orion - Spider MonkeyPhantasm RecordsPTMCD144CD
Orion - Spider MonkeyChakra Records089-55582CD
Orion - Surreal ExpansionH2O RecordsH2OCD001CD
Orion - Sync The ZinkLiquid & SolidLSD001CD
Orion - The 8thPsychic Deli RecordsPDCD008CD
Orion - The 8thPsychic Deli RecordsPDLP008LP
Orion - The 8thAvatar RecordsAVA028CD
Orion - The SourceSymbiosis RecordsSYMB022EP
Orion - The SourceSymbiosis RecordsSYMBCD06CD
Orion - The SourceAvatar RecordsAVA028CD
Orion - The SourceSub TerraneanSPV089-39242CD
Orion - The Source (Elysium Remix)Symbiosis RecordsSYMBLP06LP
Orion - The Source (Elysium Remix)Symbiosis RecordsSYMBCD06CD
Orion - The Source (Elysium Remix)Avatar RecordsAVA028CD
Orion - Timeless DevotionSolstice Music InternationalSOL-WCD007CD
Orion - Timeless DevotionSolstice MusicSOLMC-023CD
Orion - Tripod3D Vision Records3DVCD012CD
Orion - TwistedTIP.WorldTIPW022EP
Orion - Twisted orbitYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE022CDCD
Orion - Twisted OrbitTIP.WorldTIPWCD24CD
Orion - UltragroovePhantasm RecordsPTMCD147CD
Orion - Universal Ping PongPhantasm RecordsPTMCD151CD
Orion - Viva BahamasSolstice MusicSOLMC-023CD
Orion - Viva BahamasSolstice Music InternationalSOL-WCD007CD
Orion - Welcome To RealityNeurobiotic RecordsNBRCD12CD
Orion - Welcome To Reality (Remix)Neurobiotic RecordsNBRCD17CD
Orion - Welcome To Reality (Remix)Yellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE104CDCD
Orion - Zig ZagSolstice MusicSOLMC-023CD
Orion - Zig ZagSolstice Music InternationalSOL-WCD007CD


Alien Project & Orion - Beat StaticPhonokol2190-2CD
Alien Project & Orion - The Alien MeetingPhonokol2190-2CD
Alien Project vs Orion - Stoned BambinSolstice Music InternationalSOL-WCD001CD
Alien Project vs Orion - Stoned BambinElejam RecordsEJAM002CD
Orion feat. Raja Ram - Ocean Of ColoursSolstice MusicSOLMC-023CD
Orion feat. Raja Ram - Ocean Of ColoursSolstice Music InternationalSOL-WCD007CD
Orion vs Alien Project - Cryptic AliensPhonokol2235-2CD
Orion vs SoulFlyer - Spooky WormsPlastik Park RecordsPARK015EP
Orion vs SoulFlyer - Spooky WormsPlastik Park RecordsPARKCD04CD


Juno Reactor - High Energy Protons (Orion Remix)Novamute RecordsNoMU27EP
Orion - Cynabs EP Orion - Rooster EP Orion - Neon EP Orion - Twisted Orbit EP Orion - Futuristic Poetry Orion - Metamorpheus Orion - Futuristic Poetry Orion - Metamorpheus Orion - Artificial Frequencies Orion - Artificial Frequencies Orion - Electric Behaviour Orion - Futuristic Poetry