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MembersNikita Tselovalnikov
Nikita Tselovalnikov, the producer behind Penta, started to make music when he was twelve years old. Nikita attended music school and played in countless rock, punk and industrial projects now forgotten by history, where he grew up in Leningrad, Russia. In 1991 he relocated to the California, and currently lives in San Jose.


Nikita Tselovalnikov

PentaNikita Tselovalnikov



Penta - PentafilesSpectral ConceptsSCCD032003
Penta - FunraiserAuraQuake RecordsAQCD001 2005
Penta - Horn PleaseAuraQuake RecordsAQCD0042007
Penta - Portuguese AbductionAuraQuake RecordsAQCD0052007
Penta - Give Me Five!AuraQuake RecordsAQCD0062009


Penta - 1001 HangoversKetuh RecordsKTHCD02CD
Penta - 1190Spectral ConceptsSCCD03CD
Penta - AerobicaAuraQuake RecordsAQCD004CD
Penta - Always NoonAuraQuake RecordsAQCD002CD
Penta - AndesAuraQuake RecordsAQCD005CD
Penta - Angels And CirclesDeja Vu RecordsDJVCD020CD
Penta - Are We Done Yet?AuraQuake RecordsAQCD006CD
Penta - BBQAuraQuake RecordsAQCD005CD
Penta - Blue X-MasYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE125CDCD
Penta - Blue XmasGeomagnetic.tvGEOCD006CD
Penta - ButterAvatar RecordsAVA018CD
Penta - CaparicaDropout ProductionsDPCD104CD
Penta - CollaborationSpectral ConceptsSCCD03CD
Penta - Dangerous GameAuraQuake RecordsAQCD002CD
Penta - DetonatorAuraQuake RecordsAQCD001 CD
Penta - Disgusting CreaturesSpectral ConceptsSCCD03CD
Penta - Don't Rock My BoatSpirit Zone RecordsSZR151CDCD
Penta - DownturnAuraQuake RecordsAQCD006CD
Penta - Eater of WorldsAuraQuake RecordsAQCD001 CD
Penta - Esta NocheManic DragonMDREC01CD
Penta - Esta NocheManic DragonMDREC01CD
Penta - Every MachineSpectral ConceptsSCCD03CD
Penta - Everybody Goes CrazyReckless RhythmRECKLESS001CD
Penta - FearYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE076CDCD
Penta - FearDeja Vu RecordsDJVCD010CD
Penta - Feeling FasterAuraQuake RecordsAQCD006CD
Penta - Flash ForwardAuraQuake RecordsAQCD001 CD
Penta - FoggyAuraQuake RecordsAQCD004CD
Penta - For the First TimeAuraQuake RecordsAQCD001 CD
Penta - Frankenstein 2001Geomagnetic.tvGEODVD003DVD
Penta - Frankenstein 2001Goa RecordsGOAREC001CD
Penta - Frankenstein 2001Geomagnetic.tvGEOCD003CD
Penta - Gone With The WindDeja Vu RecordsDJVCD003CD
Penta - Half DimensionalAuraQuake RecordsAQCD002CD
Penta - Here We ComeAuraQuake RecordsAQCD004CD
Penta - Ibiza Calling (Azorsky Remix)AuraQuake RecordsAQCD006CD
Penta - In The Night, In The DarkInpsyde MediaIM006CD
Penta - InverterAuraQuake RecordsAQCD001 CD
Penta - It is DoneAuraQuake RecordsAQCD001 CD
Penta - Jingle BellsAuraQuake RecordsAQCD006CD
Penta - Kill BillDeja Vu RecordsDJVCD016CD
Penta - LadybugShaman Films RecordsSHAMFCD002CD
Penta - Leave a MessageSpectral ConceptsSCCD03CD
Penta - Leave In A MessageYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE030CDCD
Penta - Looking GreatVertigo RecordsVERTIGOCD07CD
Penta - Lost in SpaceSpectral ConceptsSCCD03CD
Penta - Magic BallsAuraQuake RecordsAQCD005CD
Penta - Men DozedAuraQuake RecordsAQCD005CD
Penta - MirCeiba RecordsCR012CD
Penta - MirYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE034CDCD
Penta - Moselle (Stranger Remix)GoanmantraGMCD005CD
Penta - MushroomZaikadelic RecordsZAICD004CD
Penta - Neo CheesyAuraQuake RecordsAQCD005CD
Penta - Neurotic CallSpectral ConceptsSCCD03CD
Penta - No More EvilAuraQuake RecordsAQCD005CD
Penta - Noise ComplaintInti Raimy RecordsINTICD04CD
Penta - Non-ProfitAuraQuake RecordsAQCD004CD
Penta - None Of This Is Real (Master Edit)Vaporvent RecordsVV002CD
Penta - OlympiaAuraQuake RecordsAQCD004CD
Penta - Past HolidaysAuraQuake RecordsAQCD001 CD
Penta - Perfect SundayBrainBusters RecordsBBCD001CD
Penta - Perfect SundayAuraQuake RecordsAQCD004CD
Penta - PigletangoAuraQuake RecordsAQCD001 CD
Penta - PiscotechAuraQuake RecordsAQCD005CD
Penta - PumpkinAuraQuake RecordsAQCD006CD
Penta - RioAuraQuake RecordsAQCD003CD
Penta - Robot PoetryAuraQuake RecordsAQCD006CD
Penta - SeptemberAuraQuake RecordsAQCD001 CD
Penta - Stag PartyAuraQuake RecordsAQCD004CD
Penta - Take TwoAuraQuake RecordsAQCD004CD
Penta - TesaractXilium RecordsXUMCD01CD
Penta - Time JumpAuraQuake RecordsAQCD005CD
Penta - Time WarpSpectral ConceptsSCCD03CD
Penta - TollkornDropout ProductionsDPCD105CD
Penta - Too ColdMistress Of EvilMOE66601CD
Penta - Turning 30AuraQuake RecordsAQCD003CD
Penta - Vegetarian BalladAuraQuake RecordsAQCD005CD
Penta - We're From The FutureAuraQuake RecordsAQCD006CD
Penta - Why Not?AuraQuake RecordsAQCD004CD
Penta - Wonderful FeelingAuraQuake RecordsAQCD006CD
Penta - XMLKetuh RecordsKTHCD02CD
Penta - ZeynepSpectral ConceptsSCCD01CD
Penta - ZeynepSpectral ConceptsSCLP01LP


Z feat. Penta - RevoShivlink RecordsSLRCD014CD
Penta - Pentafiles Penta - Funraiser Penta - Horn Please Penta - Portuguese Abduction Penta - Give Me Five!