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MembersIan Summs
CountrySouth Africa


Ian Summs

BrethrenIan Summs , Joseph Summs
PhyxIan Summs
Twisted SystemChris Hoy , Ian Summs , Craig Hudson



Phyx - Kiss The BladeTimecode RecordsTCCD0172006


Phyx - 7th SwordTimecode RecordsTCCD017CD
Phyx - Black MagicPeak RecordsPR003CD
Phyx - Cold FussionMushroom MafiaMMRCD01CD
Phyx - ContactTimecode RecordsTCCD007CD
Phyx - ContrabandTimecode RecordsTCCD013CD
Phyx - ConundrumTimecode RecordsTCCD017CD
Phyx - Cro-MagnonTimecode RecordsTCCD005CD
Phyx - Dark MuseMushroom MafiaMMRCD02CD
Phyx - DecompressionPsystation EntertainmentPSYX001CD
Phyx - Digital DragonPhar Psyde RecordsPHARCD001CD
Phyx - ElectromagneticTimecode RecordsTCCD017CD
Phyx - EvolverNexus MediaNEXUSCD012CD
Phyx - Fall Of BabylonMMD RecordsMMDCD002CD
Phyx - Fall Of Babylon (Lost And Found Remix)Yabai RecordsYABCD009CD
Phyx - FatalityRudraksh RecordsRUDRACD001CD
Phyx - FreejackTimecode RecordsTCCD024CD
Phyx - Ghost BladeRed Cells RecordsREDCDR001CD
Phyx - Gravity BootsAfrogalactic RecordsAFROCD002CD
Phyx - Hounds Of HellTimecode RecordsTCCD011CD
Phyx - Kansas City ShuffleTimecode RecordsTCCD022CD
Phyx - MaledictionTimecode RecordsTCCD001CD
Phyx - MechanoidTimecode RecordsTCCD021CD
Phyx - Psycho GroovesKetuh RecordsKTHCD04CD
Phyx - Residual EffectsMicro Dot RecordsMDCD001CD
Phyx - Ruby Blaze V.2Ketuh RecordsKTHCD06CD
Phyx - Rumors Of WarTimecode RecordsTCCD017CD
Phyx - Secret SynthesesTimecode RecordsTCCD002CD
Phyx - SerotonineTimecode RecordsTCCD017CD
Phyx - Seventh SwordTimecode RecordsTCCD016CD
Phyx - SilversurferSanskara RecordsSANCD001CD
Phyx - Sin CityPeak RecordsPR002CD
Phyx - Sonic SorcererDigital PsionicsDPSICD10CD
Phyx - Soul KeeperPsymag RecordsPSYMG002CD
Phyx - SoulkeeperTimecode RecordsTCCD017CD
Phyx - SpectreTimecode RecordsTCCD012CD
Phyx - Sub Zero (Remix)Ketuh RecordsKTHCD05CD
Phyx - SubZeroPanorama RecordsPAN007CD
Phyx - Sultan Of SteelTimecode RecordsTCCD010CD
Phyx - The InitiationTimecode RecordsTCCD017CD
Phyx - The WallTimecode RecordsTCCD017CD
Phyx - TribeTimecode RecordsTCCD017CD
Phyx - TwitchTimecode RecordsTCCD003CD
Phyx - UltragothicBeyond LogicBL04PSDCD
Phyx - WastelandTimecode RecordsTCCD009CD


Abomination & Phyx - FlatlineTimecode RecordsTCCD012CD
Phyx vs Menog - DanianSpectral RecordsSPLCD03CD
Phyx vs Tickets - ArcaneDigital Distortion RecordsDDR002CD
Xatrik & Phyx - Rodeo BoogieDigital PsionicsDPSICD10CD
Phyx - Kiss The Blade