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MembersRichard Kegg
Richard Kegg aka ‘Purple’ started Djing in 1990 in Jersey, and has been in-house DJ for Dragonfly Records since 1996. Now based in Brighton, Richard has had success with a clutch of releases of differing 4/4 styles on various labels such as Dragonfly (label 12” top seller), Kamaflage, Transient, Flying Rhino, Atomic, Automatic, Synergetic and Joof.

His collaborations include artists Tim Healey (Quirk / Electric Tease), Steve Ronan (Cydonia), Pete Lazonby (Hooj Choons / ProleKult), and Dino Psaras (Cydonia / Tortured Brain). His house & progressive trance has been championed by the likes of Sasha, Oakenfold, Sander Kleinenberg & also Pete Tong on BBC Radio 1’s Essential selection.

Richard is keeping true to his love of trance at the moment and is currently making some more Full on tunes for Dragonfly, and also collaborating on tracks with Dino Psaras and Tim Schuldt. His current DJ style is a blend of psy trance and techno, and can also provide cutting edge house sets.


Richard Kegg

Bullet ProofDino Psaras, Richard Kegg , Ian Rive, Razak Helalat
PurpleRichard Kegg
Purple BuddahJeremy Van Kampen, Richard Kegg
Richard KRichard Kegg
Triple XRichard Kegg , Tim Healey



Purple - Cascades EPDragonfly RecordsBFLT531999
Purple & Lunar - Subtle Thrust EPTransient RecordsTRA0572000
Purple & Ronan - Future Blue EPTransient RecordsTRA0652001
Various Artists - Ticon and Purple EPDragonfly RecordsBFLT682001
Various Artists - Purple & Oliver Prime EPSynergetic RecordsSYN0022003


Purple - AxonicLiquid Sound DesignBFLCD38CD
Purple - AxonicDragonfly RecordsBFLT53EP
Purple - CascadesDragonfly RecordsBFLCD37CD
Purple - CascadesDragonfly RecordsBFLT53EP
Purple - CascadesDragonfly RecordsBFLCD44CD
Purple - CascadesDragonfly RecordsBFLLP37LP
Purple - Money ShotDragonfly RecordsBFLCD45CD
Purple - Money ShotDragonfly RecordsBFLT68EP
Purple - TwistedSynergetic RecordsSYNCD04CD
Purple - TwistedSynergetic RecordsSYN002EP


Purple & Acan - Above and BelowSynergetic RecordsSYNCD09CD
Purple & Acan - KilowattSynergetic RecordsSYNCD04CD
Purple & Acan - KilowattSynergetic RecordsSYN002EP
Purple & Acan - Kilowatt (007 Edit)Future Lovers RecordsFULCD01CD
Purple & Acan - SelectraSynergetic RecordsSYNCD09CD
Purple & Lunar - Subtle ThrustTransient RecordsTRANR635CD
Purple & Lunar - Subtle ThrustTransient RecordsTRANR626CD
Purple & Lunar - Subtle ThrustPsysolation RecordsPSYSOL01CD
Purple & Lunar - Subtle ThrustHOMmega ProductionsHMCD11CD
Purple & Lunar - Subtle ThrustGlobal Trance NetworkGTN108525CD
Purple & Lunar - Subtle ThrustTransient RecordsTRA057EP
Purple & Lunar - Subtle ThrustReturn to the SourceRTTSCD11CD
Purple & Lunar - Subtle Thrust (Layback Mix)Transient RecordsTRA057EP
Purple & Lunar - Subtle Thrust (Layback Mix)Phonokol2180-2CD
Purple & Lunar - Subtle Thrust (Layback Mix)Phonokol2197-2CD
Purple & Ronan - Future blueYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE004CDCD
Purple & Ronan - Future BlueTransient RecordsTRANR635CD
Purple & Ronan - Future BlueTransient RecordsTRA065EP
Purple & Ronan - Future Blue (Remix)Transient RecordsTRANR633CD
Purple & Ronan - Future Blue (Remix)Transient RecordsTRA065EP
Purple & Ronan - Hold onWaldfrieden EventsWF002CD
Purple & Ronan - Hold On (Purple's Groovelious Mix)Dragonfly RecordsBFLCD65CD
Purple & Ronan - Tiger punchYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE006CDCD
Purple & Ronan - Tiger PunchAtomic RecordsATOM012LPLP
Purple & Ronan - Tiger PunchAtomic RecordsATOM012CDCD
Purple vs Acan - KilowattYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE038CDCD


Nucleus - Hovercraft (Purple & Ronan Remix)Atomic RecordsATOM012EP
Nucleus - Hovercraft (Purple & Ronan Remix)Atomic RecordsATOM008CDCD
Nucleus - Hovercraft (Purple & Steve Ronan System Remix)Indigo RecordsIND06162CD
Slinky Wizard - Hit and Run (Purple & Ronan "System" Remix)Atomic RecordsATOM011CDCD
Slinky Wizard - Hit and Run (Purple & Ronan "System" Remix)Atomic RecordsATOM015EP
Purple & Lunar - Subtle Thrust EP Various Artists - Purple & Oliver Prime EP