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MembersMark Allen, Tim Healey


Mark Allen

AkashaMark Allen, Nick Taylor
Goat Ranch 7Mark Allen, Tim Healey
HopefiendMark Allen, Bill Halsey
MindfieldMark Allen, Simon Carman, John Ford, Chrisbo Smith
QuirkMark Allen, Tim Healey
RotatumMark Allen, Colin Bennun, Steve Callagham

Tim Healey

Electric TeaseTim Healey
Goat Ranch 7Mark Allen, Tim Healey
QuirkMark Allen, Tim Healey
SephalopodTim Healey
SimplicityTim Healey, John Petit, Tristan Cooke
SquidTim Healey
Triple XRichard Kegg , Tim Healey
Unconscious CollectiveTim Healey, Colin Bennun, Steve Callagham



Quirk - Dimension Disco EPKrembo RecordsKR041996
Quirk - Dance With The Devil EPMatsuri ProductionsMP341997
Quirk - Shark Matter EPMatsuri ProductionsMP371998
Various Artists - Matsurhythm EPMatsuri ProductionsMP411998
Quirk - Wah Wah Wah EPMatsuri ProductionsMP441999
Quirk - Soft Focus EPAutomatic RecordsAUTO202000
Quirk - Tribodelic EPTransient RecordsTRA0632001
Quirk - Yebo EPAutomatic RecordsAUTO232001
Various Artists - Quirk and Electric Tease EPReturn to the SourceRTTS102001
Quirk - The Sound EPPlusquam RecordsPQ0282002


Quirk - Machina Electrica & Fornax ChemicaMatsuri ProductionsMPLP121998
Quirk - Quality ControlMatsuri ProductionsMPLP261999


Quirk - The Sound EPPlusquam RecordsPQ028CDS2002


Quirk - Machina Electrica & Fornax ChemicaMatsuri ProductionsMPCD121998
Quirk - Quality ControlMatsuri ProductionsMPCD261999
Quirk - Quality ControlSPV PolandSPV-D06721999


Quirk - All That Is GarbledReturn to the SourceRTTSCD08CD
Quirk - CD-Rom Track For PC Or MacSPV PolandSPV-D0672CD
Quirk - CD-Rom Track For PC Or MacMatsuri ProductionsMPCD26CD
Quirk - Cognitive DissidentsCyber Productions3021322CD
Quirk - Cognitive DissidentsKrembo Records519636CD
Quirk - Cognitive DissidentsReturn to the SourceRTTSCD03CD
Quirk - Cognitive DissidentsKrembo RecordsKR04EP
Quirk - Cognitive Dissidents (Hold Down 99 Remix)USTA Records330109-1CD
Quirk - Dance With The DevilMatsuri ProductionsMP34EP
Quirk - Dance With The DevilMatsuri ProductionsMPLP12LP
Quirk - Dance with the DevilReturn to the SourceRTTSCD05CD
Quirk - Dance With the DevilMatsuri ProductionsMPCD12CD
Quirk - Dance with the Devil (Intact Instinct Remix)Midijum RecordsMDCD04CD
Quirk - Dance With The Devil (Remix)Midijum RecordsMDLP03LP
Quirk - Dark MatterMatsuri ProductionsMPLP14LP
Quirk - Dark MatterMatsuri ProductionsMPCD14CD
Quirk - Dark MatterSPV PolandSPV-D0582CD
Quirk - Dark MatterCyber Productions3037162CD
Quirk - Dark MatterMatsuri ProductionsMP37EP
Quirk - Dimension DiscoKrembo RecordsKR04EP
Quirk - Dimension DiscoKickin RecordsKICK44CD
Quirk - Dimension DiscoKrembo Records519636CD
Quirk - Dimension DiscoUSTA Records2223-2CD
Quirk - Disco TrashReturn to the SourceRTTS10EP
Quirk - Disco Trash (Shenkin Shakedown Mix)Return to the SourceRTTSCD11CD
Quirk - DJinnSolstice MusicSOLC-004CD
Quirk - Dynamic TwistPlusquam RecordsPQ029CD
Quirk - Dynamic TwistPlusquam RecordsPQ028CDSCDS
Quirk - Dynamic TwistPlusquam RecordsPQ028EP
Quirk - El Moline De VientoMatsuri ProductionsMPLP26LP
Quirk - El Molino De VienteMatsuri ProductionsMPCD26CD
Quirk - El Molino De VienteSPV PolandSPV-D0672CD
Quirk - El Molino De VienteReturn to the SourceRTTSCD06CD
Quirk - Energy TransitionReturn to the SourceRTTSLP04LP
Quirk - Energy TransitionReturn to the SourceRTTSCD04CD
Quirk - GagakuMatsuri ProductionsMPCD12CD
Quirk - GagakuMatsuri ProductionsMPLP12LP
Quirk - Glam SlamMatsuri ProductionsMPLP26LP
Quirk - Glam SlamMatsuri ProductionsMP44EP
Quirk - Glam SlamMatsuri ProductionsMPCD26CD
Quirk - Glam SlamSPV PolandSPV-D0672CD
Quirk - Haile SensitiveMatsuri ProductionsMPCD12CD
Quirk - Hardware CorrputionSPV PolandSPV-D0672CD
Quirk - Hardware CorrputionMatsuri ProductionsMPCD26CD
Quirk - Heile SenseitiveMatsuri ProductionsMPCD28CD
Quirk - InstituteMatsuri ProductionsMPCD12CD
Quirk - InstituteMatsuri ProductionsMPLP12LP
Quirk - Lofi ScifiMatsuri ProductionsMPLP12LP
Quirk - Lofi ScifiMatsuri ProductionsMPCD12CD
Quirk - MoonstompinYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE014CDCD
Quirk - Mystic LinguisticMatsuri ProductionsMPLP12LP
Quirk - Mystic LinguisticMatsuri ProductionsMPCD12CD
Quirk - Paradise PillsSPV PolandSPV-D0672CD
Quirk - Paradise PillsMatsuri ProductionsMPCD26CD
Quirk - Paradise PillsMatsuri ProductionsMPLP26LP
Quirk - Paradise PillsMatsuri ProductionsMP41EP
Quirk - Paradise PillsKing Coconut RecordsKCR001CD
Quirk - Paradise PillsMatsuri ProductionsMPCD20CD
Quirk - Paradise PillsSPV PolandSPV-D0622CD
Quirk - PingUSTA Records330109-1CD
Quirk - PingCyber Productions3037162CD
Quirk - PingGlobal Trance NetworkGTN101420CD
Quirk - PingSub TerraneanSPV089-98692CD
Quirk - PingMatsuri ProductionsMPCD12CD
Quirk - PingMatsuri ProductionsMP34EP
Quirk - PingMatsuri ProductionsMPLP12LP
Quirk - PingSub TerraneanSPV089-39022CD
Quirk - RobotisedKickin RecordsKICK44CD
Quirk - RobotisedMatsuri ProductionsMPLP03LP
Quirk - RobotisedSPV PolandSPV-D0632CD
Quirk - RobotisedMatsuri ProductionsMPCD21CD
Quirk - RobotisedMatsuri ProductionsMPCD03CD
Quirk - RobotisedSPV PolandSPV-D0712CD
Quirk - Sale of the CenturyPhantasm RecordsPTMCD145CD
Quirk - SalvationMatsuri ProductionsMPLP26LP
Quirk - SalvationMatsuri ProductionsMPCD26CD
Quirk - SalvationSPV PolandSPV-D0672CD
Quirk - Shark MatterMatsuri ProductionsMP37EP
Quirk - Sleazy ListeningSPV PolandSPV-D0672CD
Quirk - Sleazy ListeningMatsuri ProductionsMPCD26CD
Quirk - Sleazy ListeningMatsuri ProductionsMPLP26LP
Quirk - Soft FocusAutomatic RecordsAUTO20EP
Quirk - Soft FocusTransient RecordsTRANR633CD
Quirk - Soft Focus (Hyperion Remix)Automatic RecordsAUTO20EP
Quirk - Soft Focus (Hyperion Remix)Transient RecordsTRANR631CD
Quirk - Soft Focus (Hyperion Remix)Automatic RecordsAUTOCD001CD
Quirk - Sonic JunkyMatsuri ProductionsMPLP26LP
Quirk - Sonic JunkyMatsuri ProductionsMPCD26CD
Quirk - Sonic JunkySPV PolandSPV-D0672CD
Quirk - Spy vs SpyMatsuri ProductionsMPLP12LP
Quirk - Spy vs SpyMatsuri ProductionsMPCD12CD
Quirk - The Church of Sinister FootworkMatsuri ProductionsMPCD12CD
Quirk - The Church Of Sinister FootworkMatsuri ProductionsMPLP12LP
Quirk - The SoundCosmophiliaCOSMOCD01CD
Quirk - The SoundPlusquam RecordsPQ028CDSCDS
Quirk - The SoundPlusquam RecordsPQ028EP
Quirk - Trap DoorMatsuri ProductionsMPCD26CD
Quirk - Trap DoorSPV PolandSPV-D0672CD
Quirk - TribodelicTransient RecordsTRANR635CD
Quirk - TribodelicTransient RecordsTRANR630CD
Quirk - TribodelicTransient RecordsTRA063EP
Quirk - TribodelicGlobal Trance NetworkGTN108525CD
Quirk - TribodelicWhy Not RecordsWHYCD017CD
Quirk - Tribodelic (Mumbo Jumbo Remix)Transient RecordsTRANR642CD
Quirk - Tribodelic (Mumbo Jumbo Remix)Transient RecordsTRA063EP
Quirk - Tribodelic (Mumbo Jumbo Remix)HOMmega ProductionsHMCD17CD
Quirk - Tribodelic (Mumbo Jumbo Remix)Yellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE007CDCD
Quirk - Wah Wah WahMatsuri ProductionsMPCD26CD
Quirk - Wah Wah WahSPV PolandSPV-D0672CD
Quirk - Wah Wah WahChakra Records089-55562CD
Quirk - Wah Wah WahMatsuri ProductionsMPLP26LP
Quirk - Wah Wah WahMatsuri ProductionsMP44EP
Quirk - YeboAutomatic RecordsAUTO23EP
Quirk - YeboTransient RecordsTRANR631CD
Quirk - YeboTransient RecordsTRANR633CD
Quirk - Yebo (Brancaccio & Aisher's A To The K Dub)Automatic RecordsAUTOCD001CD
Quirk - Yebo (Brancaccio & Risher's A to the K dub)Automatic RecordsAUTO23EP


Astralasia - One Fine Day (Quirk Remix)Moonshine MusicMM80096-2CD
Chakra & Edi Mis - X-File '99 (Quirk Remix)YoYo RecordsYOYO37CD
Chakra & Edi Mis - X-File '99 (Quirk Remix)Krembo RecordsKR12EP
Chakra & Edi Mis - X-File '99 (Quirk Remix)Matsuri ProductionsMPCD26CD
Chakra & Edi Mis - X-File '99 (Quirk Remix)Krembo Records519792CD
Ubar Tmar - Eternal Return (Quirk Remix)Matsuri ProductionsMPCD20CD
Ubar Tmar - Eternal Return (Quirk Remix)Krembo RecordsKR11EP
Quirk - Dimension Disco EP Quirk - Dance With The Devil EP Quirk - Shark Matter EP Various Artists - Matsurhythm EP Quirk - Tribodelic EP Quirk - The Sound EP Quirk - Machina Electrica & Fornax Chemica Quirk - Quality Control Quirk - The Sound EP Quirk - Machina Electrica & Fornax Chemica Quirk - Quality Control Quirk - Quality Control