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Sectio Aurea

MembersMarina Sostaric , Christian Faverio
Sectio Aurea is a project born between the interest of math, nature and symbols.

Behind this project there is Marina Sostaric (dj Strix) born in Serbia in 1982 & Christian Faverio (dj S-Mutans) born in Italy in 1976.

Based now in south of Switzerland where in the alps they found a place where "The sane meet the Insane" to make psycho music as they like.

Marina has been playing classical guitar since she was really young and after exploring all kind of music she got into psychedelic trance in 1998. Since 6 months she started to play chill out sets as Dj Strix.

Christian aka Dj S-Mutans discovered psychedelic trance in 1999. He has been a dj for several years and his style has varied during the course of the past few years. Now he is playing the underground sounds since long time.

After their meeting in 2003 they started to produce fast n arithmetic psychedelic tunes.


Marina Sostaric

Sectio AureaMarina Sostaric , Christian Faverio

Christian Faverio

Sectio AureaMarina Sostaric , Christian Faverio


Sectio Aurea - As Above So BelowTantrumm RecordsTANCD006CD
Sectio Aurea - As Above So BelowTremors Underground ProductionsTUP09-05CD
Sectio Aurea - Dance Of The Bumble Bees (Haunted Castle Remix)Ultiva RecordsULTCD001CD
Sectio Aurea - Laboratorio LunareD-A-R-K RecordsDARKCD001CD
Sectio Aurea - Sistema UomoTriplag MusicTRPLGCD007CD
Sectio Aurea - Snake ClubTriplag MusicTRPLGCD001CD


Dark Whisper vs Sectio Aurea - You Are The BuddhaMind Tweakers RecordsMTRCD01CD