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Side Liner

MembersNick Miamis , Bill Miamis
Side Project of Mendark


Nick Miamis

MendarkNick Miamis
Side LinerNick Miamis , Bill Miamis

Bill Miamis

Side LinerNick Miamis , Bill Miamis



Side Liner - Emotional DivingCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD042006
Side Liner - Once Upon A TimeCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD082007
Side Liner - My Guardian AngelCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD112008
Side Liner - Crying CitiesCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD142009


Side Liner - 2222 (Prostranstvo 2008 Remix)Cosmicleaf RecordsCLCD14CD
Side Liner - Cry Of An AngelCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD08CD
Side Liner - Crying CitiesCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD14CD
Side Liner - Crying Cities Remix (Cydelix's Ambient Version)Cosmicleaf RecordsCLCD14CD
Side Liner - Dead EndCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD14CD
Side Liner - Deeply LeepyKagdila RecordsKAGCD122CD
Side Liner - Differente (Remix For Tim Vekka)Cosmicleaf RecordsCLCD11CD
Side Liner - Drawing My LifeCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD04CD
Side Liner - Drawing My Life (Sunhize Remix)Cosmicleaf RecordsCLCD08CD
Side Liner - Emotional DivingCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD04CD
Side Liner - Esoteric PeaceCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD08CD
Side Liner - Fading LifeTempest RecordingsTEM010CD
Side Liner - Far & BeyondCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD11CD
Side Liner - Far EastCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD11CD
Side Liner - ForgivenessCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD11CD
Side Liner - Haunted Thoughts (Cydelix Remix)Cosmicleaf RecordsCLCD04CD
Side Liner - Haunted Thoughts (Omni Festival 2005 Live Mix)Cosmicleaf RecordsCLCD03CD
Side Liner - Highway DreamsCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD14CD
Side Liner - Life SupportCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD09CD
Side Liner - MemoriesCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD04CD
Side Liner - Memories (D.Batistatos Remix)Cosmicleaf RecordsCLCD11CD
Side Liner - Monday MorningCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD08CD
Side Liner - MoonlightTempest RecordingsTEM008CD
Side Liner - Moonlight (Hesius Dome vs Arcane Trickster Remix)Cosmicleaf RecordsCLCD08CD
Side Liner - Morning DewdropsCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD04CD
Side Liner - Morning Dewdrops (MLT Remix)Cosmicleaf RecordsCLCD08CD
Side Liner - My Guardian AngelCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD11CD
Side Liner - New OrderCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD11CD
Side Liner - Next PageCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD01CD
Side Liner - Next PageCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD01SECD
Side Liner - Old NeighborhoodCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD14CD
Side Liner - Once Upon A TimeCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD08CD
Side Liner - One Way To ParadiseYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE149CDCD
Side Liner - Screaming TearsCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD02CD
Side Liner - Screaming Tears (Zero Cult Remix)Cosmicleaf RecordsCLCD04CD
Side Liner - Screaming Tears (Zero Cult Remix)Yellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE128CDCD
Side Liner - Something Beautiful (Arcane Trickster Remix)Cosmicleaf RecordsCLCD04CD
Side Liner - Something Beautiful (Is Out There Mix)Cosmicleaf RecordsCLCD04CD
Side Liner - Something Beautiful (Zero Cult Remix)Cosmicleaf RecordsCLCD08CD
Side Liner - Subconscious Games (Bonus Track)Cosmicleaf RecordsCLCD01SECD
Side Liner - Tall Stories (Remix For D.Batistatos)Cosmicleaf RecordsCLCD14CD
Side Liner - Violet Room (Remix For Zero Cult)Cosmicleaf RecordsCLCD14CD
Side Liner - When The Time Has ComeCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD08CD
Side Liner - White WisdomCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD06CD


Aviron vs Side Liner - MelancholyUnicorn MusicUMCD015CD
Cydelix feat. Side Liner - Beg for a LookUnicorn MusicUMCD003CD
Side Liner feat. D.Bafistatos - SehnsunchtCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD04CD
Side Liner vs Cydelix - Nightmare's Music BoxCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD08CD
Side Liner vs Cydelix - Nightmare's Music BoxUnicorn MusicUMCD013CD
Side Liner vs Cydelix - Nightmare's Music Box RemixCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD11CD
Side Liner vs Red Eye Express - Camera ObscuraCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD14CD
Side Liner vs Secret Sound Labs - Urban HazeCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD14CD
Side Liner vs Stickleback vs Arcane Trickster - Something To RememberCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD11CD
Side Liner vs Will-O-The-Wisp - Soul PathCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD06CD
Side Liner vs Zero Cult - Universal FlowCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD11CD
Sunhize vs Side Liner - Moments Of JackUnicorn MusicUMCD014CD
Will-O-The-Wisp vs Side Liner - Moonlight RemixCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD13CD
Side Liner - Emotional Diving Side Liner - Once Upon A Time Side Liner - My Guardian Angel Side Liner - Crying Cities