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Silicon Sound

MembersJohannes Regneir


Johannes Regneir

Atomic SiliconTamir Ozana , Yair Bar-On , Johannes Regneir
Even 11Johannes Regneir , Yannis Kamarinos
Silicon IsnessJohannes Regneir , Max Peterson , Davina Elsmosino
Silicon SoundJohannes Regneir
SonicsurfersJohannes Regneir , Jean-Baptiste Laffitte
WalhallaCharles Michaud , Johannes Regneir



Silicon Sound - Pure AnalogMoon Spirits RecordsMSRCD0042003


Silicon Sound - 0.68 SecondsSub Machine RecordsSUBCD01CD
Silicon Sound - African DaydreamMoon Spirits RecordsMSRCD004CD
Silicon Sound - Analog DeviceMoon Spirits RecordsMSRCD004CD
Silicon Sound - CylinderAlchemy RecordsALCD002CD
Silicon Sound - CypherNeurobiotic RecordsNBRCD12CD
Silicon Sound - Deep EyeStarsound RecordsSSCD07CD
Silicon Sound - Deep Eye 2005Mind Control RecordsMCCD005CD
Silicon Sound - Digital Thought3D Vision Records3DVCD012CD
Silicon Sound - Digital Thought3D Vision Records3DVCD024CD
Silicon Sound - Electro Body MusicNeurobiotic RecordsNBRCD07CD
Silicon Sound - General XUtopia RecordsUTPCD01CD
Silicon Sound - Generator3D Vision Records3DVCD015CD
Silicon Sound - HyperionYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE199CDCD
Silicon Sound - IgnitionYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE062CDCD
Silicon Sound - IgnitionSpirit Zone RecordsSZR150CDCD
Silicon Sound - Inner SpaceMoon Spirits RecordsMSRCD004CD
Silicon Sound - Jaguar (Remix)Liquid & SolidLSD001CD
Silicon Sound - Jupiter 8Shiva Space TechnologySSTCD017CD
Silicon Sound - MementoMoon Spirits RecordsMSRCD004CD
Silicon Sound - MementoYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE050CDCD
Silicon Sound - MetabolismThird Eye RecordsTERCD001CD
Silicon Sound - MindscapeMoon Spirits RecordsMSRCD004CD
Silicon Sound - ModulateRed Cells RecordsREDCDR001CD
Silicon Sound - Nexus 6Moon Spirits RecordsMSRCD003CD
Silicon Sound - Nexus 6 (Protoculture Remix)Nano RecordsNANOCD008CD
Silicon Sound - Nexus 6 (Remix)Moon Spirits RecordsMSRCD004CD
Silicon Sound - On Your MarksPukka MusicPMCD001CD
Silicon Sound - OnidaMoon Spirits RecordsMSRCD004CD
Silicon Sound - Prime DriveDigital PsionicsDPSICD08CD
Silicon Sound - Pure RealityMoon Spirits RecordsMSRCD004CD
Silicon Sound - Seismic ChargeMoon Spirits RecordsMSRCD004CD
Silicon Sound - ShodanDragonfly RecordsBFLCD69CD
Silicon Sound - Smooth OutExposure ProductionsEXPOCD001CD
Silicon Sound - Strange PlanetTransient RecordsTRANR645CD
Silicon Sound - The JaguarKetuh RecordsKTHCD02CD
Silicon Sound - The ShellProcyon RecordsPROCYCD002CD
Silicon Sound - The Shell (Tikal Remix)Neurobiotic RecordsNBRCD15CD
Silicon Sound - Topple OverKetuh RecordsKTHCD01CD
Silicon Sound - VoyagerMoon Spirits RecordsMSRCD005CD
Silicon Sound - WiredDragonfly RecordsBFLCD76CD


Genetic Spin & Silicon Sound - NatureSpirit Zone RecordsSZR152CDCD
Genetic Spin & Silicon Sound - NatureYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE074CDCD
GMS vs Silicon Sound vs Signs - D.I.S.T.I.N.ISolstice Music InternationalSOL-WCD010CD
Silicon Sound feat. DJ Psychotrop - DepartureNeurobiotic RecordsNBRCD16CD
Silicon Sound feat. Dj Psychotrop - HyperionYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE200CDCD
Silicon Sound feat. Dj Psychotrop - HyperionNeurobiotic RecordsNBRCD23CD
Silicon Sound feat. Jaia - PassengersExposure ProductionsEXPOCD002CD
Silicon Sound feat. Jaia - Passengers (Voyager Remix)Yellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE200CDCD
Silicon Sound feat. Jaia - Passengers (Voyager Remix)Neurobiotic RecordsNBRCD23CD
Silicon Sound vs DJ Pulsate - OnidaSolstice MusicSOLC-014CD
Silicon Sound vs Jaia - PassengersYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE070CDCD
Silicon Sound vs Nomad - Same PlanetMind Control RecordsMCCD002CD
Silicon Sound vs Walhalla - Funky DroidTurbo Trance RecordsTTRCD001CD
Talamasca vs Silicon Sound - Lysergic Warp3D Vision Records3DVCD015CD


Genetic Spin - Lord of the Strings (Silicon Sound Remix)Nervine RecordsNCD002CD
Talamasca - The Missing Link (Silicon Sound Remix)Maia RecordsMRCD01CD
Silicon Sound - Pure Analog