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MembersAlexandra Mercier


Alexandra Mercier

SpiesAlexandra Mercier
Spies Under Magnet InfluenceAlexandra Mercier



Spies - Notinista EPFlatline RecordsPLUS01
Spies - Ceremoniak EPTransient RecordsTRA0421998
Spies - Wide Shot EPAurinko RecordsAUR0062000


Spies - Shape Your ShadeCelestial DragonCDREC042006


Spies - NotinismEquinox ProductionsEQCD102000
Holeg & Spies - Reality DriftWirikuta RecordingsWKTCD012003
Spies - SUVMI: Spies under Von Magnet InfluenceCelestial DragonCDREC052006


Spies - A Cosmic OperatorCelestial DragonCDREC04CDS
Spies - Angels Don't Play HaarpWirikuta RecordingsWKTCD01CD
Spies - Babel BumEquinox ProductionsEQCD10CD
Spies - Babel Bum (Unplugged)Wirikuta RecordingsWKTCD01CD
Spies - BackwashTransient RecordsTRANR615CD
Spies - BackwashTransient RecordsTRA042EP
Spies - Buddah-Like / Ancient TalesCelestial DragonCDREC05CD
Spies - Catalys / Flore In Love (Ursuia Mix)Celestial DragonCDREC05CD
Spies - CeremoniakTransient RecordsTRANR613CD
Spies - CeremoniakPolstar RecordsST513-2CD
Spies - CeremoniakTransient RecordsTRA042EP
Spies - CeremoniakTransient RecordsTRANR613LPLP
Spies - CharactersFlatline RecordsPLUS01EP
Spies - CharactersEquinox ProductionsEQCD10CD
Spies - Characters (Initiation)Wirikuta RecordingsWKTCD01CD
Spies - Cybermission 153Wirikuta RecordingsWKTCD01CD
Spies - Do the Magnet / ToriiCelestial DragonCDREC05CD
Spies - Dust RealityEquinox ProductionsEQCD10CD
Spies - Dust Reality (Dusty Mix)Wirikuta RecordingsWKTCD01CD
Spies - Dust Reality (Hacktive)Wirikuta RecordingsWKTCD01CD
Spies - Flore In Love (Vocal Mix)Psy-HarmonicsPSY052CDCD
Spies - Flore In Love (Vocal Mix)Elejam RecordsEJAM004CD
Spies - Fragments of ice - Fire Of illusionsCelestial DragonCDREC04CDS
Spies - Fragments Of Ice / Fire Of IllusionsCelestial DragonCDREC05CD
Spies - Headless AngelEquinox ProductionsEQCD10CD
Spies - Headless Angel (Kris Kylven Remix)Flatline RecordsPLUS01EP
Spies - Inorganic 2003Wirikuta RecordingsWKTCD01CD
Spies - Inorganic BeingAtomic RecordsATOM001CDCD
Spies - Inorganic BeingEquinox ProductionsEQCD10CD
Spies - Inorganic BeingAtomic RecordsATOM001LPLP
Spies - Instead OfWirikuta RecordingsWKTCD01CD
Spies - Instead OfEquinox ProductionsEQCD10CD
Spies - Instead Of (Get your Implant Remix)Tempest RecordingsTEM004CD
Spies - Instead Of AbraxasWirikuta RecordingsWKTCD01CD
Spies - Les Ailes Du DesirEquinox ProductionsEQCD10CD
Spies - Les Ailes Du Desir (Not So Anonymous)Wirikuta RecordingsWKTCD01CD
Spies - Les Ailes Du Desir (Tim Schuldt Remix)Solstice MusicSOLC-002CD
Spies - Les Ailes Du Desir (Tim Schuldt Remix)Flatline RecordsPLUS01EP
Spies - Les ailes du desireEtnicanet RecordsET001CD
Spies - Menlo ParkWirikuta RecordingsWKTCD01CD
Spies - Morirme / Da'wahCelestial DragonCDREC05CD
Spies - NineWirikuta RecordingsWKTCD01CD
Spies - Nine (not for these technologies remix)Psy-HarmonicsPSY046CDCD
Spies - Nostalghian ShapeCelestial DragonCDREC04CDS
Spies - Nostalghian ShapeCelestial DragonCDREC05CD
Spies - ReminiscenceEquinox ProductionsEQCD10CD
Spies - Reminiscence (Merge Remix)Eros Music90552CD
Spies - SpiratualAurinko RecordsAURCD02CD
Spies - SpiratualEquinox ProductionsEQCD16CD
Spies - SpiratualAurinko RecordsAURLP02LP
Spies - T:D:R:O:SEquinox ProductionsEQCD10CD
Spies - T.D.R.O.SFlatline RecordsPLUS01EP
Spies - The AllegoryEquinox ProductionsEQCD10CD
Spies - The PassengerCelestial DragonCDREC04CDS
Spies - Third Man / A New PathCelestial DragonCDREC05CD
Spies - Time RidersEquinox ProductionsEQCD10CD
Spies - Time Riders (Not Reality)Wirikuta RecordingsWKTCD01CD
Spies - Track 4Wirikuta RecordingsWKTCD01CD
Spies - Under Influence / L'organe Du DesirCelestial DragonCDREC05CD
Spies - Wide ShotEquinox ProductionsEQCD16CD
Spies - Wide ShotAurinko RecordsAUR006EP
Spies - Wide Shot (Faith Healers Remix)Aurinko RecordsAUR006EP


Holeg & Spies - Aga SkulWirikuta RecordingsWKTCD01CD
Holeg & Spies - Crossfinger (Memory Del)Wirikuta RecordingsWKTCD01CD
Holeg & Spies - God Is Not GothWirikuta RecordingsWKTCD01CD
Holeg & Spies - Godisnotgoth (Original Version)Aurinko RecordsAUR009EP
Holeg & Spies - Godisnotgoth (Original Version)Aurinko RecordsAURCDS02CDS
Holeg & Spies - Godisnotgoth (Pix Jam Session)Aurinko RecordsAURCDS02CDS
Holeg & Spies - Godisnotgoth (Pop On The Rocks 1)Aurinko RecordsAURCDS02CDS
Holeg & Spies - Godisnotgoth (Pop On The Rocks 2)Aurinko RecordsAURCDS02CDS
Holeg & Spies - Godisnotgoth (Wandering Of Souls)Aurinko RecordsAURCDS02CDS
Holeg & Spies - Godisnotgoth (Wandering Of Souls)Aurinko RecordsAUR009EP
Holeg & Spies - NauktWirikuta RecordingsWKTCD01CD
Holeg & Spies - Oulp Ang OulamWirikuta RecordingsWKTCD01CD
Holeg & Spies - Shaolin Wooden Men vs SpyzWirikuta RecordingsWKTCD01CD
Holeg & Spies - SkulWirikuta RecordingsWKTCD01CD
Holeg & Spies - SmerdolorWirikuta RecordingsWKTCD01CD
Holeg & Spies - The IntruderWirikuta RecordingsWKTCD01CD
Holeg & Spies feat. Bakxiii - Lost In Darkness (Fuzzion Remix)Boshke Beats RecordsBBSCD004CD
Spies & Tim Schuldt - Living EntitySonic Motion RecordsSMRCD01CD
Spies vs Red Eye Express - Sogno D'OroTempest RecordingsTEM008CD
Spies - Notinista EP Spies - Ceremoniak EP Spies - Wide Shot EP Spies - Shape Your Shade Holeg & Spies - Reality Drift Spies - SUVMI: Spies under Von Magnet Influence