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MembersFrancoise Faggott , Pepe Kosminen
Squaremeat are Pepe Kosminen and Francoise Faggott, a Suomisaundi duo from Helsinki, Finland. Both members of Squaremeat, started their trance career in the early 1990s as DJs. After a few years both got a feeling to start producing music, Pepe in O*MeN and Francoise in Texas Faggott. In 1996 Finnish electronic music producers started Midiliitto, a Finnish music community. From within Midiliitto came the need for a new project and so Squaremeat was born. Squaremeat's unique style is a mix of house, trance, funk, disco and techno with ethnic spice. This chaos , created by a million changes, is nowadays called Suomisaundi and those seeds of chaos they've been sowing in 14 countries so far and more is to come. Pepe and Francoise work also in many different side projects, which you can find on several compilations and MP3 net releases.


Francoise Faggott

SquaremeatFrancoise Faggott , Pepe Kosminen
Texas FaggottFrancoise Faggott , Tim Thick , Pentti Slayer

Pepe Kosminen

Flying ScorpionsPepe Kosminen , Tim Thick
Maha KetamaPeter Bäckman , Pepe Kosminen
O*MENPeter Bäckman , Pepe Kosminen
SquaremeatFrancoise Faggott , Pepe Kosminen



Squaremeat - Hard Horse EPExogenic RecordsEXO12032000
Squaremeat - Illegal Operation EPExogenic RecordsEXO12102002


Squaremeat - SquarebeatNephilim Records230251998
Squaremeat - Wave SoupExogenic RecordsEXOCD032000
Squaremeat - Jungle Boogie Party LineExogenic RecordsEXOCD172003
Squaremeat - Astronomical Coffee BreakExogenic RecordsEXOCD262005


Squaremeat - 102 FloorsNephilim Records23025CD
Squaremeat - 2 2 TangoExogenic RecordsEXOCD26CD
Squaremeat - B5 or B#Nephilim Records23025CD
Squaremeat - Batman vs. PuzzlerExogenic RecordsEXOCD03CD
Squaremeat - Bitch to MidiNova Tekk RecordsNTD90522-07CD
Squaremeat - Bitch to MidiNephilim Records23025CD
Squaremeat - Can't Fool You GuysLiquid Revolution RecordsLIQ0001CD
Squaremeat - Conjuring Trick6-Dimension Soundz6DCD08CD
Squaremeat - Creak At The JointsFaerie DragonFDREC-02CD
Squaremeat - De Kiero PoroExogenic RecordsEXOCD17CD
Squaremeat - Direct ActionJolly Fill MusicJFMCD001CD
Squaremeat - Do it SquareSurreal Audio RecordsSURRCD02CD
Squaremeat - Espoo SunriseExogenic RecordsEXOCD17CD
Squaremeat - EvaporatorExogenic RecordsEXOCD26CD
Squaremeat - Fingerprinter6-Dimension Soundz6DCD08CD
Squaremeat - FreezeNephilim Records23025CD
Squaremeat - Front Side Rock N RollExogenic RecordsEXOCD26CD
Squaremeat - Go AwayExogenic RecordsEXOCD26CD
Squaremeat - Golden AccordionFaerie DragonFDREC-07CD
Squaremeat - Green PleasureShpastic ElasticSHELP02LP
Squaremeat - Green PleasureShpastic ElasticSHECD02CD
Squaremeat - H 130 S+Exogenic RecordsEXOCD03CD
Squaremeat - Hard HorseExogenic RecordsEXO1203EP
Squaremeat - Hard HorseExogenic RecordsEXOCD03CD
Squaremeat - HilavitkutinExogenic RecordsEXOCD03CD
Squaremeat - HypnoPuzzleNephilim Records23025CD
Squaremeat - Illegal OperationExogenic RecordsEXOCD17CD
Squaremeat - Illegal OperationExogenic RecordsEXO1210EP
Squaremeat - Kaks kertaa yks sählyvuoro (Et sä kuitenkaan tajuu)Surreal Audio RecordsSURRCD01CD
Squaremeat - LiukutaklausExogenic RecordsEXOCD26CD
Squaremeat - Mankeli6-Dimension Soundz6DCD09CD
Squaremeat - Marble MadnessNephilim Records23025CD
Squaremeat - Marion CrossExogenic RecordsEXOCD17CD
Squaremeat - Micro FormulaExogenic RecordsEXOCD17CD
Squaremeat - Milk NothingExogenic RecordsEXOCD17CD
Squaremeat - NeliopilaNephilim Records23025CD
Squaremeat - New YorkHippie Killer ProductionsHKPCD02CD
Squaremeat - Night trainExogenic RecordsEXO1210EP
Squaremeat - Our HouseExogenic RecordsEXOCD17CD
Squaremeat - PlatypusExogenic RecordsEXOCD26CD
Squaremeat - Pro PurentaExogenic RecordsEXOCD10CD
Squaremeat - Pure CoffeinExogenic RecordsEXOCD26CD
Squaremeat - Queen Of The NightExogenic RecordsEXOCD26CD
Squaremeat - Shinkansen (Remix)Exogenic RecordsEXOCD26CD
Squaremeat - Soul ReflectionNephilim Records23025CD
Squaremeat - Static TrafficExogenic RecordsEXOCD26CD
Squaremeat - Still AliveUSTA Records3010-2CD
Squaremeat - Still AliveExogenic RecordsEXOCD03CD
Squaremeat - Thigt FrogThirteen Productions13CD01CD
Squaremeat - True RealityExogenic RecordsEXOCD03CD
Squaremeat - Ultra FarExogenic RecordsEXO1203EP
Squaremeat - Ultra FarExogenic RecordsEXOCD03CD
Squaremeat - ValomerkkiExogenic RecordsEXOCD03CD
Squaremeat - Vieteri KierreExogenic RecordsEXOCD17CD
Squaremeat - WakawaaExogenic RecordsEXOCD17CD
Squaremeat - Weird TripExogenic RecordsEXOCD17CD
Squaremeat - Yksinainen RatsastajaExogenic RecordsEXOCD17CD


Poly 61 - Hirabo Invaders (Squaremeat Remix)Thirteen Productions13CDM01CDS
Squaremeat - Illegal Operation EP Squaremeat - Squarebeat Squaremeat - Wave Soup Squaremeat - Jungle Boogie Party Line Squaremeat - Astronomical Coffee Break