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Tactic Mind

MembersLeon Gossler


Leon Gossler

Kyo-LogLeon Gossler
Tactic MindLeon Gossler



Tactic Mind - Top Of The HillCom.Pact RecordsCPCD0302006


Tactic Mind - 2 Far 4 MeCom.Pact RecordsCPCD030CD
Tactic Mind - Circus AnimalCom.Pact RecordsCPCD030CD
Tactic Mind - Computer MusicCom.Pact RecordsCPCD023CD
Tactic Mind - GrindCom.Pact RecordsCPCD030CD
Tactic Mind - Medical ResearchCom.Pact RecordsCPCD030CD
Tactic Mind - Mind ControlCom.Pact RecordsCPCD030CD
Tactic Mind - ObligateCom.Pact RecordsCPCD028CD
Tactic Mind - ShadeCom.Pact RecordsCPCD030CD
Tactic Mind - SuperstitionsEnigmatic Sound RecordsENICD005CD
Tactic Mind - Time MachineCom.Pact RecordsCPCD030CD
Tactic Mind - Top Of The HillCom.Pact RecordsCPCD030CD
Tactic Mind - TroyMoonstone RecordsMSCD001CD
Tactic Mind - Two ThingsShantipi RecordsSTPCD001CD
Tactic Mind - Under CoverCom.Pact RecordsCPCD030CD


Perplex vs Tactic Mind - SamseraLaugh & Dance RecordsLDRCD01CD
Ptx vs Tactic Mind - ShadeSpectrum MusicSPECTCD11CD
PTX vs Tactic Mind - ShadeYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE142CDCD
Tactic Mind & Intersys - Pitch BenderWired Music WMCD019CD
Tactic Mind vs Anymatic - The ExitMagma RecordsMGMCD010CD
Tactic Mind vs M.G.M - BirthTactic RecordsTACTCD005CD
Tactic Mind vs PTX - Shades (Perplex Remix)Spun RecordsSPUNCD3132CD
Tactic Mind vs Rizo - Master PlanAlchemy RecordsALCD020CD
Tactic Mind vs Silent Hill - Mind-TonesTrancelucent ProductionsTP21CD
Tactic Mind vs Toxical - My WayTactic RecordsTACTCD003CD
Tactic Mind vs Ultravoice - Be YourselfTactic RecordsTACTCD001CD
Tactic Mind vs Ultravoice - Mind ControlYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE121CDCD
Tactic Mind vs Ultravoice - Top Of The Hill (Imix Remix)Geomagnetic.tvGEOCD021CD
Tactic Mind vs Unique - ProblemTactic RecordsTACTCD003CD
Ultravoice vs Tactic Mind - Computer Music (Bizzare Contact Remix)SGK ProductionsSGKDVD001DVD
Ultravoice vs Tactic Mind - Computer Music (Bizzare Contact Remix)Com.Pact RecordsCPCD033CD
Ultravoice vs Tactic Mind - Computer Music (Perplex Remix)Spun RecordsSPUNCD3132CD
Ultravoice vs Tactic Mind - Mind Control (Toxical Remix)Com.Pact RecordsCPCD039CD
Ultravoice vs Tactic Mind - Mind Control Vol. 2Free Spirit RecordsFSR0001CD
Tactic Mind - Top Of The Hill