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MembersCedric Dassulle


Cedric Dassulle

ElixirCedric Dassulle , Christophe Drouillet, Farid Merbouche
LestatCedric Dassulle
Magic MushroomCedric Dassulle , Erez Aizen
Sonic KinkiesCedric Dassulle , Farid Merbouche , Ofer Dikovski
TalamascaCedric Dassulle
TalameskimoCedric Dassulle , Jon Ford



Various Artists - Talamasca and Front Line Assembly EPBalloonia RecordsBALL071998
Talamasca - Halloween EP3D Vision Records3DV0031999
Talamasca - Magnetic Fields EPSpiral Trax InternationalSPITIN112001
Talamasca vs Manitu - Genetic Monster EPMoon Spirits RecordsMSR022001
Various Artists - Dimitri's DAT Bag Sampler EPTIP.WorldTIPW0172001
Various Artists - Raja Ram's Stash Bag Sampler EPTIP.WorldTIPW0202002
Various Artists - The secret of the thirteen crystal skulls EPTIP.WorldTIPW0292003


Talamasca - Beyond The Mask3D Vision Records3DVLP0042000
Talamasca - Musica DivinorumSpiral Trax InternationalSPITINLP052001


Talamasca - Illusion WorldArcadia MusicARCCD0082005


Talamasca - Beyond the Mask3D Vision Records3DVCD0042000
Talamasca - Musica DivinorumSpiral Trax InternationalSPITINCD052001
Talamasca - Zodiac3D Vision Records3DVCD0162003
Talamasca - Made In TranceMind Control RecordsMCCD0012004
Talamasca - Obsessive DreamMind Control RecordsMCCD0072007
Talamasca & X.S.I - OneParabola MusicPAOCD0012009


Talamasca - A Frenchman in Cape TownYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE053CDCD
Talamasca - A Frenchman in Cape Town (Chill Cliff Remix)Nano RecordsNANOCD006CD
Talamasca - A Frenchman In CapetownMind Control RecordsMCCD001CD
Talamasca - Action (Void Remix)Chemical CrewCHEM023CD
Talamasca - Alien TribeAgitato RecordsAGE1005CD
Talamasca - Alien TribeBalloonia RecordsBALL07EP
Talamasca - Alien TribeMDMA MusicMDMA003-2CD
Talamasca - Aquarius3D Vision Records3DVCD016CD
Talamasca - Aries3D Vision Records3DVCD016CD
Talamasca - Aries (X.S.I Remix)Phantasm RecordsPTMCD169CD
Talamasca - Aries 2009 (X.S.I Remix)Parabola MusicPAOCD001CD
Talamasca - Atlantis (Crystal Civilization)Crystal MatrixCMCD04CD
Talamasca - BelieveNova Tekk RecordsNTD90510-24CD
Talamasca - Believe3D Vision Records3DVLP001LP
Talamasca - Believe3D Vision Records3DVCD001CD
Talamasca - Beyond The Mask3D Vision Records3DVLP004LP
Talamasca - Beyond the Mask3D Vision Records3DVCD004CD
Talamasca - Brain Activity3D Vision Records3DVCD014CD
Talamasca - Cancer3D Vision Records3DVCD016CD
Talamasca - Capricorn3D Vision Records3DVCD016CD
Talamasca - Celestial LinesMoon Spirits RecordsMSR02EP
Talamasca - Come On!3D Vision Records3DVCD009CD
Talamasca - Come On!3D Vision Records3DVCD006CD
Talamasca - Come On! (GMS Remix)Solstice MusicSOLC-014CD
Talamasca - Crystal MatrixCrystal MatrixCMCD11CD
Talamasca - Crystal MatrixCrystal MatrixCMCD01CD
Talamasca - DematerialisationChemical CrewCHEM008CD
Talamasca - Drops of Madness (Remix)3D Vision Records3DVCD004CD
Talamasca - FeelingsMind Control RecordsMCCD007CD
Talamasca - FeelingsSolstice Music InternationalSOLM-CD024CD
Talamasca - FlashbackMind Control RecordsMCCD007CD
Talamasca - Frenchman In Tokyo (X.S.I Remix)Mind Control RecordsMCCD007CD
Talamasca - Friendly SquidTribe-adelic RecordsTRB001CD
Talamasca - Future ShockTurbo Trance RecordsTTRCD009CD
Talamasca - Gemini3D Vision Records3DVCD016CD
Talamasca - Get It AllMind Control RecordsMCCD007CD
Talamasca - Ghost In GoaPlanet B.E.N. RecordsPBRCD05CD
Talamasca - Groovy Pygmee Part 1Turbo Trance RecordsTTRCD015CD
Talamasca - Groovy Pygmee part 1Yellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE113CDCD
Talamasca - Groovy Pygmees Part 1 (Tikal Remix)Yellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE140CDCD
Talamasca - Groovy Pygmees part 1 (Tikal Remix)Turbo Trance RecordsTTRCD017CD
Talamasca - Halloween3D Vision Records3DVCD002CD
Talamasca - Halloween3D Vision Records3DVCD004CD
Talamasca - Halloween3D Vision Records3DVLP002LP
Talamasca - Halloween3D Vision Records3DV003EP
Talamasca - Hypnotic ControlMind Control RecordsMCCD001CD
Talamasca - Illusion WorldArcadia MusicARCCD008CDS
Talamasca - Illusion World (Radio Edit)Arcadia MusicARCCD008CDS
Talamasca - InsanitySpiral Trax InternationalSPITINLP05LP
Talamasca - InsanitySpiral Trax InternationalSPITINCD05CD
Talamasca - Joint O'ClockSpiral Trax InternationalSPITINCD05CD
Talamasca - Jungle StormUSTA Records2223-2CD
Talamasca - Jungle StormSub TerraneanSPV089-98722CD
Talamasca - Jungle StormKrembo Records519636CD
Talamasca - Jungle StormKrembo RecordsKRBLP02LP
Talamasca - Jungle StormLeguan RecordsDA56016-2CD
Talamasca - Leo3D Vision Records3DVCD016CD
Talamasca - Lestat Sound DevelopmentMind Control RecordsMCCD001CD
Talamasca - Lestat Sound Development (Sirius Isness Remix)Phantasm RecordsPTMCD157CD
Talamasca - Libra3D Vision Records3DVCD016CD
Talamasca - Life StreamDigital Oracle RecordsDOCD005CD
Talamasca - Little By LittleShiva Space TechnologySSTCD009CD
Talamasca - Magnetic FieldsMDMA MusicMDMA018-2CD
Talamasca - Magnetic FieldsSpiral Trax InternationalSPITINCD05CD
Talamasca - Magnetic FieldsSpiral Trax InternationalSPITIN11EP
Talamasca - Magnetic Fields (Juvenile Remix)Solstice Music InternationalSOL-WCD010CD
Talamasca - Missing LinkSound Sorcery RecordsSSRCD01CD
Talamasca - Missing LinkMaia RecordsMRCD00CD
Talamasca - Musica divinorumYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE007CDCD
Talamasca - Musica DivinorumSpiral Trax InternationalSPITINCD05CD
Talamasca - Musica DivinorumSpiral Trax InternationalSPITINLP05LP
Talamasca - My DestinyMind Control RecordsMCCD007CD
Talamasca - Obsessive DreamMind Control RecordsMCCD007CD
Talamasca - OdysseyArcadia MusicARCCD008CDS
Talamasca - OverloadMind Control RecordsMCCD004CD
Talamasca - OverloadMind Control RecordsMCCD007CD
Talamasca - Panic In MelbourneTransient RecordsTRANR643CD
Talamasca - Party GenerationMind Control RecordsMCCD007CD
Talamasca - Party Generation Thanks To All Of YouVision QuestVP077DVD
Talamasca - Pisces3D Vision Records3DVCD016CD
Talamasca - Polynesian LionMDMA MusicMDMA001-2CD
Talamasca - Psy-kick ExperienceNeurobiotic RecordsNBRCD14CD
Talamasca - Psychedelic KnightsLeguan RecordsDA56035-2CD
Talamasca - Psychedelic KnightsSpiral Trax InternationalSPITINCD05CD
Talamasca - Psychedelic KnightsSpiral Trax InternationalSPITINLP05LP
Talamasca - Psychedelic knightsWhy Not RecordsWHYCD018CD
Talamasca - Robotic Planet3D Vision Records3DVCD006CD
Talamasca - Roswell ManiaMind Control RecordsMCCD005CD
Talamasca - Roswell Mania (Dizzy Mind Remix)Vision QuestVP070CD
Talamasca - Sage IncenseSpirit Zone RecordsSZR119CDCD
Talamasca - Sagittarius3D Vision Records3DVCD016CD
Talamasca - Salvian EffectCrystal MatrixCMCD06CD
Talamasca - Scorpio3D Vision Records3DVCD016CD
Talamasca - SinaiWhy Not RecordsWHYCD012CD
Talamasca - Sinai3D Vision Records3DV003EP
Talamasca - Speaking Robot ???Moon Spirits RecordsMSRCD003CD
Talamasca - Speaking Robot (GMS Remix)Spun RecordsSPUNCD2728CD
Talamasca - Speaking Robot (GMS Remix)TIP.WorldTIPWCD22CD
Talamasca - Speaking Robot (GMS Remix)TIP.WorldTIPWCD50CD
Talamasca - Speaking Robot (GMS Remix)Spun RecordsSPUNCD03CD
Talamasca - Speaking Robot (GMS Remix)Spun RecordsSPUNDVD02DVD
Talamasca - Speaking Robot (GMS Remix)TIP.WorldTIPWLP22LP
Talamasca - Spiritual CrisesMoon Spirits RecordsMSR02EP
Talamasca - Spritual RenewalMind Control RecordsMCCD007CD
Talamasca - SupernaturalMind Control RecordsMCCD007CD
Talamasca - Talafrica3D Vision Records3DVCD001CD
Talamasca - TalafricaNova Tekk RecordsNTD90510-24CD
Talamasca - Talafrica3D Vision Records3DVLP001LP
Talamasca - TalafrikaEros Music90122CD
Talamasca - Taurus3D Vision Records3DVCD016CD
Talamasca - Telepathic AtmosphereAgitato RecordsAGE1009CD
Talamasca - Telepathic Atmosphere3D Vision Records3DVCD004CD
Talamasca - Telepathic Atmosphere (Live Mix)MDMA MusicMDMA009-2CD
Talamasca - Telepathic Atmospheres3D Vision Records3DVLP004LP
Talamasca - Telepathic Atmospheres (Live mix)Global Trance NetworkGTN106725CD
Talamasca - Telepathic Atmospheres (Live Mix)MDMA MusicMDMA009-1LP
Talamasca - The Fifth RevelationTIP.WorldTIPWCD26CD
Talamasca - The Fifth RevelationTIP.WorldTIPW029EP
Talamasca - The FlowPsychic Deli RecordsPDLP009LP
Talamasca - The FlowPsychic Deli RecordsPDCD009CD
Talamasca - The Flow (Remix)3D Vision Records3DVLP004LP
Talamasca - The Flow (Remix)3D Vision Records3DVCD004CD
Talamasca feat. Nomad - The Hunted Becomes The Hunter3D Vision Records3DVCD009CD
Talamasca - The Hunted Becomes The Hunter3D Vision Records3DVLP004LP
Talamasca - The Missing Link (Silicon Sound Remix)Maia RecordsMRCD01CD
Talamasca - The Old SchoolSpiral Trax InternationalSPITINLP05LP
Talamasca - The Old SchoolSpiral Trax InternationalSPITINCD05CD
Talamasca - The RacerSpiral Trax InternationalSPITINCD05CD
Talamasca - The RacerSpiral Trax InternationalSPITINLP05LP
Talamasca - The RacerTokyo X-Ray StudioNODX-00003DVD
Talamasca - The THC philosophyMechanik SoundMECH003CD
Talamasca - ThiefShaffel RecordsSHAFFELCD02CD
Talamasca - Time HunterMind Control RecordsMCCD001CD
Talamasca - Time SimulationGlobal Trance NetworkGTN110025CD
Talamasca - Time SimulationTIP.WorldTIPWCD18CD
Talamasca - Time SimulationSpiral Trax InternationalSPITINLP05LP
Talamasca - Time SimulationTIP.WorldTIPW020EP
Talamasca - Time SimulationSpiral Trax InternationalSPITINCD05CD
Talamasca - Time SimulatorYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE008CDCD
Talamasca - Tribal JourneyKrembo Records519636CD
Talamasca - Tribal JourneyKrembo RecordsKRBLP02LP
Talamasca - TribalisticTIP.WorldTIPWCD14CD
Talamasca - TribalisticTIP.WorldTIPW017EP
Talamasca - Vacation TimeSpiral Trax InternationalSPITIN11EP
Talamasca - Virgo3D Vision Records3DVCD016CD
Talamasca - Wake Up !3D Vision Records3DVLP004LP
Talamasca - Wake Up!3D Vision Records3DVCD004CD
Talamasca - Warming The Luna ParkBionics RecordsBIOCD01CD
Talamasca - Why NotSpiral Trax InternationalSPITINLP05LP
Talamasca - Why NotSpiral Trax InternationalSPITINCD05CD
Talamasca - You are the Machines3D Vision Records3DVCD004CD
Talamasca - You Are The Machines3D Vision Records3DVLP004LP


Deedrah vs Talamasca - Unidentified AircraftSolstice Music InternationalSOL-WCD010CD
DJ Goblin & Talamasca - Creatures from Outer Space (Interactive Mix)Hovek Olam RecordsOLAM002CD
GMS vs Talamasca - High VibeCrystal MatrixCMCD11CD
GMS vs Talamasca - High VibeThe Vision RecordsVRCD02CD
GMS vs Talamasca - Mutation3D Vision Records3DVCD006CD
Nomad vs Talamasca - Psycho (Tribute to Infected Mushroom)3D Vision Records3DVCD006CD
Space Cat & Talamasca - To Be Or Not To BeVision ProductionsNODX01001CD
Space Cat vs Talamasca - Armageddon3D Vision Records3DVCD006CD
Space Cat vs Talamasca - Armageddon3D Vision Records3DVCD024CD
Space Cat vs Talamasca - Z TranceposeSpun RecordsSPUNCD02CD
Talamasca & Eskimo - To Be ContinuedMind Control RecordsMCCD007CD
Talamasca & GMS - High Vibe (Live Version)Mind Control RecordsMCCD007CD
Talamasca & Polaris - Fantastic PlausibilityMind Control RecordsMCCD004CD
Talamasca & Polaris - Fantastic PlausibilityPsymag RecordsPSYMG001CD
Talamasca & Shagma - This Isn't A MistakeMind Control RecordsMCCD007CD
Talamasca & Skazi - Imaginary FriendMind Control RecordsMCCD007CD
Talamasca & Space Cat - On PurposeFektive RecordsFKCD008CD
Talamasca & Space Cat - On PurposeMind Control RecordsMCCD007CD
Talamasca & X.S.I - A smile on your faceParabola MusicPAOCD001CD
Talamasca & X.S.I - Hardest we can!Parabola MusicPAOCD001CD
Talamasca & X.S.I - Play the gameParabola MusicPAOCD001CD
Talamasca & X.S.I - Something you knowParabola MusicPAOCD001CD
Talamasca & X.S.I - The FrequencyParabola MusicPAOCD001CD
Talamasca & X.S.I - TribalaganParabola MusicPAOCD001CD
Talamasca & X.S.I & Dj Gogo - The Good TeamMind Control RecordsMCCD007CD
Talamasca & Yuman - Ambient'n'rollMind Control RecordsMCCD007CD
Talamasca & Yuman - CrescendoExposure ProductionsEXPOCD001CD
Talamasca & Yuman - Ze MasterplanTokyo X-Ray StudioNODX-00008DVD
Talamasca & Yuman - Ze Masterplan3D Vision Records3DVCD019CD
Talamasca feat. Ananda - Kung-Fu LessonMind Control RecordsMCCD001CD
Talamasca feat. DJ Neshama & DJ Gui - The MessengerMind Control RecordsMCCD001CD
Talamasca feat. Domestic & Moshe Kenan - Strangers3D Vision Records3DVLP004LP
Talamasca feat. Jeremy - Take off Man (Cosmonet Remix)Wired Music WMCD019CD
Talamasca feat. Life Extension - UnknownMind Control RecordsMCCD001CD
Talamasca feat. Nomad - The AwakeningMind Control RecordsMCCD001CD
Talamasca feat. Nomad - The Hunted Becomes the Hunter3D Vision Records3DVCD004CD
Talamasca feat. Schyzotrop - Action !!!Mind Control RecordsMCCD001CD
Talamasca feat. Senix & Naya - Mysterious ForcePhonokol2269-2CD
Talamasca feat. Xerox & Domestic - Strangers3D Vision Records3DVCD004CD
Talamasca feat. Yuman & Ben-J - 3 Smoking Gorillas3D Vision Records3DVCD012CD
Talamasca feat. Yuman & Ben-J - 3 Smoking Gorillas3D Vision Records3DVCD024CD
Talamasca vs Dimitri D.K.N. - Abstract EnergyMoon Spirits RecordsMSRCD005CD
Talamasca vs GMS - High VibeCrystal MatrixCMCD05CD
Talamasca vs GMS - Mutation (GMS Remix)Spun RecordsSPUNCD02CD
Talamasca vs Jeremy Tsunami - Take Off ManSpun RecordsSPUNCD14CD
Talamasca vs Life Extension - State Of ConfusionThe Vision RecordsVRCD02CD
Talamasca vs Life Extension - State Of ConfusionDigital Oracle RecordsDOCD002CD
Talamasca vs Manitu - Genetic MonsterMoon Spirits RecordsMSRCD002CD
Talamasca vs Manitu - Genetic monsterYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE003CDCD
Talamasca vs Manitu - Genetic MonsterMoon Spirits RecordsMSR02EP
Talamasca vs Manitu - Genetic Monster (GMS Remix)Spun RecordsSPUNCD02CD
Talamasca vs Manitu - Genetic Monster (GMS Remix)Spun RecordsSPUNCD2728CD
Talamasca vs Matt - Sabotage3D Vision Records3DVCD010CD
Talamasca vs Nomad - Password3D Vision Records3DVCD006CD
Talamasca vs Nomad - The Awakening (220V Remix)Proton RecordsPROCD003CD
Talamasca vs Schyzotrop - ActionPlanet B.E.N. RecordsPBRCD01CD
Talamasca vs Schyzotrop - Action!!!Chemical CrewCHEM002CD
Talamasca vs Silicon Sound - Lysergic Warp3D Vision Records3DVCD015CD
Talamasca vs Skazi - Who Touched My Base Line?Phonokol2292-2CD


1200 Mics - LSD (Talamasca Remix)TIP.WorldTIPW030EP
Elixir - Drops of Madness (Talamasca Remix)Moon Spirits RecordsMSRCD001CD
Sonicsurfers - P.O.D. (Talamasca Remix)Moon Spirits RecordsMSRCD003CD
Various Artists - Talamasca and Front Line Assembly EP Talamasca - Halloween EP Talamasca - Magnetic Fields EP Talamasca vs Manitu - Genetic Monster EP Various Artists - Raja Ram's Stash Bag Sampler EP Various Artists - The secret of the thirteen crystal skulls EP Talamasca - Beyond The Mask Talamasca - Musica Divinorum Talamasca - Illusion World Talamasca - Beyond the Mask Talamasca - Musica Divinorum Talamasca - Zodiac Talamasca - Made In Trance Talamasca - Obsessive Dream Talamasca & X.S.I - One