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Ten Madison

MembersPeter Jurgens


Peter Jurgens

Peter GunPeter Jurgens
Ten MadisonPeter Jurgens



Ten Madison - MilkMillennium RecordsMILL128CD2004
Ten Madison - Trouble In RioMillennium RecordsMILL130CD2005
Ten Madison - GroundedMillennium RecordsMILL136CD2006
Ten Madison - TravellingMillennium RecordsMILL140CD2007


Ten Madison - A Nice DayMillennium RecordsMILL128CDCD
Ten Madison - After The CutChillcode RecordsCHILLCD007CD
Ten Madison - Another LifeMillennium RecordsMILL140CDCD
Ten Madison - Beyond The FireMillennium RecordsMILL130CDCD
Ten Madison - BionicMillennium RecordsMILL130CDCD
Ten Madison - BuzanzMillennium RecordsMILL136CDCD
Ten Madison - CarinjoYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE160CDCD
Ten Madison - CarinjoMillennium RecordsMILL140CDCD
Ten Madison - ConvergenceMillennium RecordsMILL128CDCD
Ten Madison - Cup HornMillennium RecordsMILL136CDCD
Ten Madison - Easy LivingMillennium RecordsMILL128CDCD
Ten Madison - EchtzeitChillcode RecordsCHILLCD007CD
Ten Madison - EclipseMillennium RecordsMILL128CDCD
Ten Madison - Empty AirportYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE073CDCD
Ten Madison - EternityMillennium RecordsMILL136CDCD
Ten Madison - Far Away My FriendMillennium RecordsMILL140CDCD
Ten Madison - Fata MorganaYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE065CDCD
Ten Madison - FatamorganaMillennium RecordsMILL128CDCD
Ten Madison - Future CityMillennium RecordsMILL128CDCD
Ten Madison - GanimedMillennium RecordsMILL128CDCD
Ten Madison - Get A SmileMillennium RecordsMILL140CDCD
Ten Madison - Get A SmileMillennium RecordsMILL142CDCD
Ten Madison - Get The MilkMillennium RecordsMILL128CDCD
Ten Madison - Hard StageMillennium RecordsMILL136CDCD
Ten Madison - HarissaMillennium RecordsMILL140CDCD
Ten Madison - HeyaahYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE196CDCD
Ten Madison - HorizonMillennium RecordsMILL136CDCD
Ten Madison - Hot SandMillennium RecordsMILL140CDCD
Ten Madison - HumansMillennium RecordsMILL136CDCD
Ten Madison - In This WorldMillennium RecordsMILL136CDCD
Ten Madison - Leaving MelbourneMillennium RecordsMILL136CDCD
Ten Madison - Letcha LetchaYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE203CDCD
Ten Madison - Letcha LetchaMillennium RecordsMILL140CDCD
Ten Madison - MashinesMillennium RecordsMILL130CDCD
Ten Madison - ModulationsMillennium RecordsMILL136CDCD
Ten Madison - One Day On IbizahYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE048CDCD
Ten Madison - PadsMillennium RecordsMILL140CDCD
Ten Madison - Push The ElefantMillennium RecordsMILL130CDCD
Ten Madison - RaindropsMillennium RecordsMILL128CDCD
Ten Madison - Retro DrumbaseMillennium RecordsMILL128CDCD
Ten Madison - Rhythm & GrooveMillennium RecordsMILL136CDCD
Ten Madison - Sands Of TimeMillennium RecordsMILL136CDCD
Ten Madison - Sands Of TimeYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE111CDCD
Ten Madison - Silver & GoldMillennium RecordsMILL136CDCD
Ten Madison - Silver and GoldYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE138CDCD
Ten Madison - Something Out ThereMillennium RecordsMILL130CDCD
Ten Madison - Sonne Und MeerMillennium RecordsMILL140CDCD
Ten Madison - Sonne und MeerYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE166CDCD
Ten Madison - Spacy LatinoMillennium RecordsMILL140CDCD
Ten Madison - StarMillennium RecordsMILL130CDCD
Ten Madison - Summer FeelingsYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE023CDCD
Ten Madison - SunlightMillennium RecordsMILL128CDCD
Ten Madison - The Dark ChamberMillennium RecordsMILL130CDCD
Ten Madison - The dustYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE011CDCD
Ten Madison - The Inner SpaceMillennium RecordsMILL130CDCD
Ten Madison - TravellerMillennium RecordsMILL140CDCD
Ten Madison - TreesMillennium RecordsMILL136CDCD
Ten Madison - Trip To IndiaMillennium RecordsMILL140CDCD
Ten Madison - Trouble In RioMillennium RecordsMILL130CDCD
Ten Madison - TsunamiMillennium RecordsMILL130CDCD
Ten Madison - WalkerMillennium RecordsMILL130CDCD
Ten Madison - WalkerGlobetronicaGT001-2CD
Ten Madison - WalkerGlobetronicaGT001-2CD
Ten Madison - Without Us?Millennium RecordsMILL130CDCD
Ten Madison - Milk Ten Madison - Trouble In Rio Ten Madison - Grounded Ten Madison - Travelling