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The Nommos

MembersGoa Gil , Ariane , Peter Zeigelmeier


Goa Gil

Goa GilGoa Gil
The NommosGoa Gil , Ariane , Peter Zeigelmeier


The NommosGoa Gil , Ariane , Peter Zeigelmeier

Peter Zeigelmeier

CeibaPeter Zeigelmeier, Adam O'hana
The NommosGoa Gil , Ariane , Peter Zeigelmeier



The Nommos - DigitariaAvatar RecordsAVA0202004
The Nommos - Primal MeltdownAvatar RecordsAVA0392006


The Nommos - AmmaReturn to the SourceRTTSCD05CD
The Nommos - AmmaIndigo RecordsIND14272CD
The Nommos - AmmaCeiba RecordsCR003CD
The Nommos - AmmaAvatar RecordsAVA041CD
The Nommos - AmmaCeiba RecordsCR004CD
The Nommos - Between WorldsAvatar RecordsAVA042CD
The Nommos - Blood SacrificeAvatar RecordsAVA039CD
The Nommos - Breath Thru ItAvatar RecordsAVA020CD
The Nommos - Cosmic CyclesAvatar RecordsAVA020CD
The Nommos - Dance Or DieAvatar RecordsAVA039CD
The Nommos - Dark Tunnel (Birthday Blues)Avatar RecordsAVA039CD
The Nommos - DjembeCeiba RecordsCR006CD
The Nommos - Djembe (Rough Mix)Avatar RecordsAVA002CD
The Nommos - Djembe FolieAvatar RecordsAVA039CD
The Nommos - Electromagnetic WavesTemple Twisters RecordsTTRCD04CD
The Nommos - Happy Hofmann 100Dropout ProductionsDPCD105CD
The Nommos - Here He comesAvatar RecordsAVA018CD
The Nommos - Here He Comes (New Edit)Avatar RecordsAVA020CD
The Nommos - IbogaAvatar RecordsAVA039CD
The Nommos - IbogaAvatar RecordsAVA046CD
The Nommos - Idee NoireVertigo RecordsVERTIGOCD11CD
The Nommos - ImpulsesMistress Of EvilMOE66601CD
The Nommos - In The ShadowAvatar RecordsAVA029CD
The Nommos - In The ShadowGoagadar MagazineGOAGADAR001CD
The Nommos - InfinityGoanmantraGMCD001CD
The Nommos - InsomniaVertigo RecordsVERTIGOCD02CD
The Nommos - Kali Does The DanceAvatar RecordsAVA057CD
The Nommos - Life Is a DanceAvatar RecordsAVA020CD
The Nommos - MagmaAvatar RecordsAVA039CD
The Nommos - Mental RitualGoanmantraGMCD003CD
The Nommos - Mountains Of The MoonAvatar RecordsAVA020CD
The Nommos - NamelessVertigo RecordsVERTIGOCD11CD
The Nommos - Po ToloFairway Records3014572CD
The Nommos - Po Tolo (B Sirius Mix)Psychic Deli RecordsPDCD005CD
The Nommos - Po Tolo (B Sirius Mix)Psychic Deli RecordsPDLP005LP
The Nommos - Po Tolo (B Sirius Mix)Avatar RecordsAVA033CD
The Nommos - Po Tolo (B Sirius Mix)YoYo RecordsYOYO09CD
The Nommos - Po Tolo (B Sirius Mix)Ceiba RecordsCR001CD
The Nommos - Psychotic ReactionVertigo RecordsVERTIGOCD11CD
The Nommos - Ritual MechanicsAvatar RecordsAVA020CD
The Nommos - San DanceAvatar RecordsAVA039CD
The Nommos - Shamans LaughAvatar RecordsAVA039CD
The Nommos - ShatteredVertigo RecordsVERTIGOCD05CD
The Nommos - SpiralspheresAvatar RecordsAVA020CD
The Nommos - Supersonic ReconstructionBrainBusters RecordsBBCD002CD
The Nommos - Tam Tam MagiqueAvatar RecordsAVA043CD
The Nommos - The Forest Never SleepsAvatar RecordsAVA039CD
The Nommos - The MaskAvatar RecordsAVA020CD
The Nommos - The RiverAvatar RecordsAVA020CD
The Nommos - Tribal WeirdosGoanmantraGMCD006CD
The Nommos - WhateverDropout ProductionsDPCD100CD
The Nommos - Digitaria The Nommos - Primal Meltdown