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MembersChristophe Drouillet, Frederic Holyszewski


Christophe Drouillet

AbsolumChristophe Drouillet
Absolut NoiseChristophe Drouillet, Mickey Noise , Dimitri Uriel
C.R.M.B.Christophe Drouillet, Shajahan Matkin, Farid Merbouche , Josef Quinteros
ElixirCedric Dassulle , Christophe Drouillet, Farid Merbouche
LagoonChristophe Drouillet
N.B.K.Ari Linker , Christophe Drouillet
SynergyChristophe Drouillet, Samy Guediche
TiyaChristophe Drouillet, Cynthia Koch
TranswaveChristophe Drouillet, Frederic Holyszewski
UltraChristophe Drouillet, Dimitri Nakov

Frederic Holyszewski

DadoFrederic Holyszewski
DeedrahFrederic Holyszewski
Federico BaltimoreFrederic Holyszewski
Infected DeedrahErez Aizen, Amit Duvdevani, Frederic Holyszewski
Krome AngelsDino Psaras, Shanti Matkin , Frederic Holyszewski
New Bit GenerationHar-el Prussky, Frederic Holyszewski
SyntheticFrederic Holyszewski
The Good, The Bad and The UglyFrederic Holyszewski, Serge Souque, Dimitri Nakov
TranswaveChristophe Drouillet, Frederic Holyszewski



Transwave - Datura EPTrans'pact ProductionsVOL0771994
Transwave - A Journey in The Outerspace EPMatsuri ProductionsMP081995
Transwave - The Rezwalker EPMatsuri ProductionsMP101995
Transwave - Land Of Freedom EPSubstance RecordsSUB480961996
Transwave - Quasar EPSymbiosis RecordsSYMB0101996


Transwave - Hypnorhythm EPStep 2 House RecordsS2H031LP1995
Transwave - HeliumMatsuri ProductionsMPLP021996
Transwave - PhototropicSubstance RecordsSUB480911996


Transwave - HypnorhythmStep 2 House RecordsS2H031CD1995
Transwave - HeliumMatsuri ProductionsMPCD021996
Transwave - PhototropicSubstance RecordsSUB480921996
Transwave - HeliumSPV PolandSPV-D06621999
Transwave - Backfire3D Vision Records3DVCD0262007
Transwave - FrontfireFineplay RecordsFINEP0082009


Transwave - A Journey in The Outerspace (Original Mix)Matsuri ProductionsMP08EP
Transwave - A Journey In The Outerspace (Remix)Matsuri ProductionsMPLP02LP
Transwave - A Journey in the Outerspace (Remix)Matsuri ProductionsMPCD02CD
Transwave - A Journey In The Outerspace (Remix)Fairway Records50557CD
Transwave - A Journey in The Outerspace (Remix)Matsuri ProductionsMP08EP
Transwave - A Journey in the Outerspace (Remix)SPV PolandSPV-D0662CD
Transwave - AbsolumSubstance RecordsSUB48091LP
Transwave - AbsolumSubstance RecordsSUB48092CD
Transwave - Adoration To The AumStep 2 House RecordsS2H034LPLP
Transwave - Adoration To The AumStep 2 House RecordsS2H034CDCD
Transwave - Adoration To The AumStep 2 House RecordsS2H031LPLP
Transwave - Adoration To The Aum3D Vision Records3DVCD026CD
Transwave - Adoration to the AumStep 2 House RecordsS2H031CDCD
Transwave - Anahata3D Vision Records3DVCD026CD
Transwave - AnahataReturn to the SourceRTTSLP02LP
Transwave - AnahataLeguan RecordsDA56004-2CD
Transwave - AnahataReturn to the SourceRTTSCD02CD
Transwave - Arsonik3D Vision Records3DVCD026CD
Transwave - Aural PerceptionStep 2 House RecordsS2H031LPLP
Transwave - Aural PerceptionStep 2 House RecordsS2H031CDCD
Transwave - AxonalStep 2 House RecordsS2H034CDCD
Transwave - AxonalStep 2 House RecordsS2H031LPLP
Transwave - AxonalSub TerraneanSPV089-38592CD
Transwave - AxonalStep 2 House RecordsS2H031CDCD
Transwave - BiolabVisionary Records302.4048.2CD
Transwave - Biolab (Epilogue)Matsuri ProductionsMPLP02LP
Transwave - Biolab, EpilogueSPV PolandSPV-D0662CD
Transwave - Biolab, EpilogueMatsuri ProductionsMPCD02CD
Transwave - BluewaveTrans'pact ProductionsVOL077EP
Transwave - Bombay Night3D Vision Records3DVCD026CD
Transwave - Byron BaySubstance RecordsSUB48091LP
Transwave - Byron BaySubstance RecordsSUB48096EP
Transwave - Byron BaySubstance RecordsSUB48092CD
Transwave - Code S93D Vision Records3DVCD026CD
Transwave - Cycles Of LifeSymbiosis RecordsSYMBCD01CD
Transwave - Cycles Of Life3D Vision Records3DVCD026CD
Transwave - Cycles Of LifeKickin RecordsKICK36CD
Transwave - Cycles Of LifeFineplay RecordsFINEP008CD
Transwave - Cycles Of LifeVisionary Records302.4035.2CD
Transwave - Cycles of LifeSymbiosis RecordsSYMB010EP
Transwave - DaturaTrans'pact ProductionsVOL077EP
Transwave - Flamicogyre3D Vision Records3DVCD026CD
Transwave - FlamycogireFairway Records3014572CD
Transwave - Fortune TellerStep 2 House RecordsS2H031CDCD
Transwave - Fortune Teller (Live In Cannes)Step 2 House RecordsS2H031LPLP
Transwave - GoacoreStep 2 House RecordsS2H031CDCD
Transwave - GoacoreStep 2 House RecordsS2H031LPLP
Transwave - HeliumSPV PolandSPV-D0632CD
Transwave - HeliumMatsuri ProductionsMPCD02CD
Transwave - HeliumMatsuri ProductionsMPLP02LP
Transwave - HeliumSPV PolandSPV-D0662CD
Transwave - HeliumMatsuri ProductionsMPCD21CD
Transwave - HyperspherePolytox RecordsPR0010CLCD
Transwave - HypersphereStep 2 House RecordsS2H031LPLP
Transwave - HypersphereFairway Records3002402CD
Transwave - Hypersphere3D Vision Records3DVCD026CD
Transwave - HypersphereStep 2 House RecordsS2H031CDCD
Transwave - HypnorhythmMatsuri ProductionsMP08EP
Transwave - HypnorhythmMatsuri ProductionsMPCD02CD
Transwave - HypnorhythmPsychic Deli RecordsPDCD001CD
Transwave - HypnorhythmMatsuri ProductionsMPLP02LP
Transwave - HypnorhythmSPV PolandSPV-D0662CD
Transwave - KalimantanStep 2 House RecordsS2H031CDCD
Transwave - Kalimantan (Live At Rex Club-paris)Step 2 House RecordsS2H031LPLP
Transwave - Land Of FreedomFineplay RecordsFINEP008CD
Transwave - Land Of FreedomSubstance RecordsSUB48202CD
Transwave - Land Of FreedomSubstance RecordsSUB48136LP
Transwave - Land of FreedomSubstance RecordsSUB48169CD
Transwave - Land Of FreedomTwisted RecordsTWSDVD01DVD
Transwave - Land of Freedom (Remix)Phonokol2077-2CD
Transwave - Land of Freedom (Remix)Substance RecordsSUB48352CD
Transwave - Land Of Freedom (Tribute to Man With No Name)Substance RecordsSUB48096EP
Transwave - Land of Freedom (Tribute to MWNN)Substance RecordsSUB48091LP
Transwave - Land of Freedom (Tribute to MWNN)Substance RecordsSUB48092CD
Transwave - Land Of Freedom 20073D Vision Records3DVCD031CD
Transwave - Malaka DanceSubstance RecordsSUB48092CD
Transwave - Malaka DanceSubstance RecordsSUB48352CD
Transwave - Malaka DanceSubstance RecordsSUB48091LP
Transwave - Master and ServantFineplay RecordsFINEP001CD
Transwave - My Dear Medical AssuranceSPV PolandSPV-D0662CD
Transwave - My Dear Medical AssuranceFairway Records50557CD
Transwave - My Dear Medical AssuranceMatsuri ProductionsMPLP02LP
Transwave - My Dear Medical AssuranceMatsuri ProductionsMPCD02CD
Transwave - My dear medical assuranceLeguan RecordsDA56000-2CD
Transwave - OrganicFineplay RecordsFINEP008CD
Transwave - PhototropicSubstance RecordsSUB48092CD
Transwave - PhototropicSubstance RecordsSUB48091LP
Transwave - Phototropic Part IIFineplay RecordsFINEP008CD
Transwave - PrologueMatsuri ProductionsMPCD02CD
Transwave - PrologueSPV PolandSPV-D0662CD
Transwave - QuasarNatraj RecordsNATRAJCD01CD
Transwave - QuasarSymbiosis RecordsSYMB010EP
Transwave - QuazarMercury532656-2CD
Transwave - RezwalkerFineplay RecordsFINEP008CD
Transwave - Rising HighFineplay RecordsFINEP008CD
Transwave - RobostyxStep 2 House RecordsS2H031CDCD
Transwave - RobostyxSub TerraneanSPV089-38582CD
Transwave - RobostyxStep 2 House RecordsS2H031LPLP
Transwave - RobostyxSub TerraneanSPV089-47682CD
Transwave - Snow DropSubstance RecordsSUB48091LP
Transwave - Snow DropSub TerraneanSPV089-98722CD
Transwave - Snow DropSubstance RecordsSUB48092CD
Transwave - Sonica DreamSubstance RecordsSUB48092CD
Transwave - Sonica DreamSubstance RecordsSUB48091LP
Transwave - The RezwalkerMatsuri ProductionsMPCD02CD
Transwave - The RezwalkerMatsuri ProductionsMPLP02LP
Transwave - The RezwalkerSPV PolandSPV-D0662CD
Transwave - The RezwalkerRumour RecordsTRIPCD03CD
Transwave - The RezwalkerFairway Records3005392CD
Transwave - The RezwalkerWhy Not RecordsWHYCD001CD
Transwave - The RezwalkerPhonokol2036-2CD
Transwave - The RezwalkerSymbiosis RecordsSYMBCD01CD
Transwave - The Rezwalker (Black Thunder Mix)Matsuri ProductionsMP10EP
Transwave - The Rezwalker (Black Thunder Mix)Matsuri ProductionsMPCD09CD
Transwave - The Rezwalker (Black Thunder Mix)Matsuri ProductionsMPTCD1&2CD
Transwave - The Rezwalker (London Live Mix)SPV PolandSPV-D0662CD
Transwave - The Rezwalker (London Live Mix)Sub TerraneanSPV089-47032CD
Transwave - The Rezwalker (London Live Remix)Matsuri ProductionsMPCD02CD
Transwave - The Rezwalker (London Live Remix)Matsuri ProductionsMPLP02LP
Transwave - The Rezwalker (Original)Matsuri ProductionsMP10EP
Transwave - TrashishFineplay RecordsFINEP008CD
Transwave - TrashishSPV PolandSPV-D0662CD
Transwave - TrashishSub TerraneanSPV089-47122CD
Transwave - TrashishMercury534146-2CD
Transwave - TrashishMatsuri ProductionsMPLP02LP
Transwave - TrashishFairway Records3010102CD
Transwave - TrashishFM RecordsFM332CD
Transwave - TrashishMatsuri ProductionsMPCD02CD
Transwave - Trashish (Brixton Remix)EastWest JapanAMCM-4319CD
Transwave - Trashish (Remix)Matsuri ProductionsMPLP03LP
Transwave - Trashish (Remix)SPV PolandSPV-D0712CD
Transwave - Trashish (Remix)Matsuri ProductionsMPCD03CD
Transwave - Ulysse (Voyage 1)Distance RecordsDi0172CD
Transwave - Ulysse (Voyage 2)Substance RecordsSUB48136LP
Transwave - Ulysse (Voyage 2)Substance RecordsSUB48022CD
Transwave - Ulysse Voyage 23D Vision Records3DVCD026CD
Transwave - Ulysse Voyage no. 3Substance RecordsSUB48092CD
Transwave - UnmoogedTrans'pact ProductionsVOL077EP
Transwave - UplifterFineplay RecordsFINEP008CD
Transwave - Vision QuestSubstance RecordsSUB48091LP
Transwave - Vision QuestSubstance RecordsSUB48092CD
Transwave - VoyagerSubstance RecordsSUB48092CD
Transwave - Zero DensityMatsuri ProductionsMPCD02CD
Transwave - Zero DensitySPV PolandSPV-D0662CD
Transwave - Zero DensityMatsuri ProductionsMP10EP


Transwave feat. Dimitri Nakov - Coming SoonFineplay RecordsFINEP008CD
Transwave feat. Koxbox - Fuel OnFineplay RecordsFINEP008CD
Transwave - A Journey in The Outerspace EP Transwave - The Rezwalker EP Transwave - Land Of Freedom EP Transwave - Quasar EP Transwave - Helium Transwave - Phototropic Transwave - Hypnorhythm Transwave - Helium Transwave - Phototropic Transwave - Helium Transwave - Backfire Transwave - Frontfire