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Starting out in music playing clarinet, and becoming a member of a small orchestra, the man behind Tryambaka, Tiago Coelho Pimentel found his passion for music in the acoustic sounds. Discovering trance and the art of electronic music at a later day on Portuguese dancfloors, Tiago was amazed with the fusion of simplicity and complexity of trance. His urge to express his feelings through the music he loved to dance to, challenged him to experiment with equipment and begin to write. Tryambaka is one the mind power sons of sage Durvassa. The one commanded to spread Abeda (unity among man). It literaly means He/She who sees the world through the 3rd eye. Tryambaka debut album is in the process of making, and will be released in 2006.


Tiago Pimentel

Sick AddictionTiago Pimentel , Manuel Trindade
TryambakaTiago Pimentel



Tryambaka - The Colour Of TimeBhooteshwara RecordsBHOOTCD0032008


Tryambaka - 150 Fucking Good ReasonsKetuh RecordsKTHCD07CD
Tryambaka - BlenderBhooteshwara RecordsBHOOTCD003CD
Tryambaka - CatastrofeBhooteshwara RecordsBHOOTCD003CD
Tryambaka - Evil MistressTimecode RecordsTCCD024CD
Tryambaka - FilthSpectral RecordsSPLCD03CD
Tryambaka - Fire ChildBhooteshwara RecordsBHOOTCD002CD
Tryambaka - Hardware NightmareBhooteshwara RecordsBHOOTCD003CD
Tryambaka - Hypnotic WindsNoize ConspiracyNCCD009CD
Tryambaka - I Saw Your SawBhooteshwara RecordsBHOOTCD003CD
Tryambaka - M.F.A.Bhooteshwara RecordsBHOOTCD003CD
Tryambaka - MultipassBhooteshwara RecordsBHOOTCD001CD
Tryambaka - My Black AngelRudraksh RecordsRUDRACD001CD
Tryambaka - OdisseyKetuh RecordsKTHCD06CD
Tryambaka - RevelationsBhooteshwara RecordsBHOOTCD003CD
Tryambaka - Safi BarakaBhooteshwara RecordsBHOOTCD003CD
Tryambaka - ShadowsBhooteshwara RecordsBHOOTCD003CD
Tryambaka - Soul SlavesUltravision RecordsUVRCD001CD
Tryambaka - Spawn Of The DamnedTrance Karma RecordsTKRCD001CD
Tryambaka - Spectral TribeSpectral RecordsSPLCD04CD
Tryambaka - Stroke Of LuckAcidance RecordsACIDCD018CD
Tryambaka - Sympathy For The ParentsBhooteshwara RecordsBHOOTCD003CD
Tryambaka - The Pit LordBhooteshwara RecordsBHOOTCD003CD
Tryambaka - Violet ViolencePlutonic RecordsPLUCD001CD
Tryambaka - WannabeBhooteshwara RecordsBHOOTCD003CD
Tryambaka - Wrath Of The GodsDivine Balance RecordsDBRCD002CD


Blisargon Demogorgon vs Tryambaka - Brave NationEvil Knivel RecordsEVILCD003CD
Tryambaka & D-Maniacs - La Cosa NostraKetuh RecordsKTHCD11CD
Tryambaka - The Colour Of Time