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Dark Summer

MembersMatija Dolenc
Matija Dolenc - Dark Summer was born 1984 in Ljubljana, the capitol of Slovenia.

He had his first touch with electronic music in year 2000, when he got his first progressive mix cd. Soon he got aware of psy and goa trance, went to some partys and soon started to produce his first psytrance tracks and dj sets.

With years passing his home studio was getting more and more elements. Today he is one of the most promising slovenian psytrance artists along with Redax Mental, Audiodevlish labs, Black Milk and others.

Off Beat also cooperates in some other projects: Clockwork orange, Spirit of the moon - party organisation tribe of Slovenia and more.

His production is dark and twisted with some exeptional funky or chilled and down tempo tracks.


Matija Dolenc

Dark SummerMatija Dolenc



Dark Summer - The Tale Of A Broken Switch And The LizardD-A-R-K RecordsDARKCD0042009


Dark Summer - Anxious MinutesD-A-R-K RecordsDARKCD004CD
Dark Summer - Automatic SwallowsD-A-R-K RecordsDARKCD004CD
Dark Summer - Crossroad Of BeyondPlutonic RecordsPLUCD002CD
Dark Summer - Dark Leads The Leader (Electrypnose Remix)Doof RecordsDOOFCD25CD
Dark Summer - Exit Forever (Faxi Nadu Version)D-A-R-K RecordsDARKCD004CD
Dark Summer - In N' OutD-A-R-K RecordsDARKCD004CD
Dark Summer - Mind, Mistery And MisfortuneD-A-R-K RecordsDARKCD004CD
Dark Summer - She Cooked!D-A-R-K RecordsDARKCD001CD
Dark Summer - Treetop Mass ProductionD-A-R-K RecordsDARKCD004CD
Dark Summer - Wild LeapD-A-R-K RecordsDARKCD004CD
Dark Summer - The Tale Of A Broken Switch And The Lizard