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MembersArnaud Levasseur
Concept is Dj Noon (Arnaud Levasseur), a french man that started is career in psy trance in 1994, on the island of Bali and since then he’s been playing in big festivals and parties all over the world. Producer for 3 years after a few release he start his solo full on project call “CONCEPT” and release his first Album “Experimental” august 2005. Concept music style his definitely a dark full on melodic building on fat rolling bass line.


Arnaud Levasseur

ConceptArnaud Levasseur
NoonArnaud Levasseur



Concept - ExperimentalFungi RecordsFGCD0022005
Concept - Paranormal3D Vision Records3DVCD0292007


Concept - AledaDigital PsionicsDPSICD26CD
Concept - Alien Macro TechnologyFungi RecordsFGCD002CD
Concept - Atomic ZooShiva Space TechnologySSTCD103CD
Concept - Black HoleFungi RecordsFGCD001CD
Concept - BlowFungi RecordsFGCD007CD
Concept - Cloning Area3D Vision Records3DVCD029CD
Concept - Concret JungleFungi RecordsFGCD004CD
Concept - Electro UndulationRudraksh RecordsRUDRACD001CD
Concept - Entering The Dawn3D Vision Records3DVCD027CD
Concept - ExistenzFungi RecordsFGCD002CD
Concept - Fucking Crazy3D Vision Records3DVCD029CD
Concept - Get HighMindfunk RecordsMFR002CD
Concept - Glow Into The FlowFungi RecordsFGCD002CD
Concept - Human Thing3D Vision Records3DVCD029CD
Concept - Images Of U.F.O.Fungi RecordsFGCD002CD
Concept - InterfernciaUP RecordsUPRCD002CD
Concept - LegalizeDacru RecordsDCRCD004CD
Concept - Lost Satellite3D Vision Records3DVCD029CD
Concept - Micro Express3D Vision Records3DVCD029CD
Concept - Mind TricksFungi RecordsFGCD002CD
Concept - Paranormal Phenoma3D Vision Records3DVCD029CD
Concept - Point Of ViewFungi RecordsFGCD002CD
Concept - ResonateFungi RecordsFGCD002CD
Concept - Sequence ActivateFungi RecordsFGCD003CD
Concept - Shamanik Dreams3D Vision Records3DVCD029CD
Concept - Sharp Phase3D Vision Records3DVCD029CD
Concept - SunflareDigital PsionicsDPSICD33CD
Concept - SyndrumDigital PsionicsDPSICD18CD
Concept - The Dark Edge3D Vision Records3DVCD029CD
Concept - The FutureFungi RecordsFGCD002CD
Concept - TurbulanceFungi RecordsFGCD002CD


Absolum vs Concept - The Dark EdgeFineplay RecordsFINEP005DVD
Concept & Scorb - Dissident FactionsTimecode RecordsTCCD022CD
Concept vs Stardust - AbstraktMacky Mad House RecordsMMHRCD04CD
Concept - Experimental Concept - Paranormal