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MembersBarthelemy Bayona , Cyril Montagnet , Jean-Marc Segondy


Barthelemy Bayona

X.S.IBarthelemy Bayona , Cyril Montagnet , Jean-Marc Segondy

Cyril Montagnet

X.S.IBarthelemy Bayona , Cyril Montagnet , Jean-Marc Segondy

Jean-Marc Segondy

X.S.IBarthelemy Bayona , Cyril Montagnet , Jean-Marc Segondy



X.S.I - Warning ZoneMind Control RecordsMCCD0062006
X.S.I - XSI And FriendsPhantasm RecordsPTMCD1692009


X.S.I - 002rMahogany RecordsMAHOCD003CD
X.S.I - A VisionMind Control RecordsMCCD006CD
X.S.I - Alchemik MachinePhantasm RecordsPTMCD161CD
X.S.I - Alchemik MachineYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE152CDCD
X.S.I - Alchemik Machines (Mad Maxx Remix)Phantasm RecordsPTMCD169CD
X.S.I - Another WorldMind Control RecordsMCCD006CD
X.S.I - Back From The Full MoonSounds Of Sanity RecordsSOSCD001CD
X.S.I - BlackoutMind Control RecordsMCCD006CD
X.S.I - CustomersEscape RecordsESCACD01CD
X.S.I - ElfishSpliff MusicSP1CD012CD
X.S.I - ElfishYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE133CDCD
X.S.I - GalaxyMind Control RecordsMCCD006CD
X.S.I - I'm Still HereMind Control RecordsMCCD006CD
X.S.I - KaminoMahogany RecordsMAHOCD001CD
X.S.I - MilleniaDigital Oracle RecordsDOCD005CD
X.S.I - Moving UpPhantasm RecordsPTMCD169CD
X.S.I - My House Is Your HouseMind Control RecordsMCCD006CD
X.S.I - One daySpliff MusicSP1CD007CD
X.S.I - OverzoneRevolve MagazineREVOLVE03CD
X.S.I - OverzoneMind Control RecordsMCCD006CD
X.S.I - OverzoneMind Control RecordsMCCD005CD
X.S.I - Still here (Talamasca Remix)Parabola MusicPAOCD001CD
X.S.I - The ForceMind Control RecordsMCCD006CD
X.S.I - The Last BreathSpliff MusicSP1CD005CD
X.S.I - VisionMP RecordsMPCD003CD
X.S.I - Warning ZoneMind Control RecordsMCCD006CD
X.S.I - X-tra Sound IndependantMind Control RecordsMCCD006CD


Mad Maxx vs X.S.I - CreepingNutek RecordsNUCD018CD
Mad Maxx vs X.S.I - The ShamenPhantasm RecordsPTMCD166CD
Mad Maxx vs X.S.I - The ShamenYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE188CDCD
Talamasca & X.S.I - A smile on your faceParabola MusicPAOCD001CD
Talamasca & X.S.I - Hardest we can!Parabola MusicPAOCD001CD
Talamasca & X.S.I - Play the gameParabola MusicPAOCD001CD
Talamasca & X.S.I - Something you knowParabola MusicPAOCD001CD
Talamasca & X.S.I - The FrequencyParabola MusicPAOCD001CD
Talamasca & X.S.I - TribalaganParabola MusicPAOCD001CD
Talamasca & X.S.I & Dj Gogo - The Good TeamMind Control RecordsMCCD007CD
X.S.I feat. Lucid - DominionPhantasm RecordsPTMCD169CD
X.S.I vs Life Extension - Talking AboutPhantasm RecordsPTMCD169CD
X.S.I vs Mad Maxx - Bass MonkeysPhantasm RecordsPTMCD169CD
X.S.I vs Massive - City Of AngelPhantasm RecordsPTMCD169CD
X.S.I vs Nomad - DarknessPhantasm RecordsPTMCD169CD
X.S.I vs Nomad - ElectronixAgitato RecordsAGE1062CD
X.S.I vs Quality Sound - Get No SleepPhantasm RecordsPTMCD169CD
X.S.I vs Voyager - Return To The PathPhantasm RecordsPTMCD169CD
X.S.I - Warning Zone X.S.I - XSI And Friends