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MembersLaurent Barateau , Pierre Busson


Laurent Barateau

SpeersLaurent Barateau , Pierre Busson
YumadeLaurent Barateau , Pierre Busson

Pierre Busson

Snug as a BugPierre Busson, Damien Vergnaud
SpeersLaurent Barateau , Pierre Busson
TripiatrikStephane Papin , Pierre Busson
YumadeLaurent Barateau , Pierre Busson



Yumade - Triphased EP3D Vision Records3DV0021999
Yumade - When you speak to cows EPShpastic ElasticSHE0011999
Yumade - Bass is Base EPSpiral Trax InternationalSPITIN062000
Yumade - Modern Terms EPShpastic ElasticSHE0032000
Magus vs Yumade - Digital Silence EPCreamcrop RecordsCCEP062001
Various Artists - Paps and Yumade EPDatabass Music RecordsDTB012001
Yumade - Doppler Doper EPCreamcrop RecordsCCEP092001
Yumade - Klanguage EPDatabass Music RecordsDTB052002
Yumade - Tempo Drome EPDatabass Music RecordsDTB042002


Yumade - Danz EgoShpastic ElasticSHELP012000


Yumade - Danz EgoShpastic ElasticSHECD012001
Yumade - KlanguageDatabass Music RecordsDTBCD022002


Yumade - AntitrustDatabass Music RecordsDTBCD02CD
Yumade - AntitrustYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE009CDCD
Yumade - Antitrust (Igneous Sauria Remix)Databass Music RecordsDTB05EP
Yumade - Bass is BaseSpiral Trax InternationalSPITIN06EP
Yumade - BinaryFlow RecordsFLR0309CDCD
Yumade - BinaryYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE037CDCD
Yumade - Black Sun3D Vision Records3DVLP003LP
Yumade - Black Sun3D Vision Records3DVCD003CD
Yumade - Call PaleShpastic ElasticSHE003EP
Yumade - Cure à SaoDatabass Music RecordsDTB05EP
Yumade - Cure à SaoDatabass Music RecordsDTBCD02CD
Yumade - Danz EgoShpastic ElasticSHECD01CD
Yumade - Danz EgoShpastic ElasticSHELP01LP
Yumade - Das HumeDragonfly RecordsBFLLP37LP
Yumade - Das HumeDragonfly RecordsBFLCD37CD
Yumade - Digestive (Pea Remix)Shpastic ElasticSHECD01CD
Yumade - Doppler DoperCreamcrop RecordsCCEP09EP
Yumade - Doppler DoperCreamcrop RecordsCCCD05CD
Yumade - Einmal ist keinmalDatabass Music RecordsDTBCD02CD
Yumade - Fluffin in SideFlow RecordsFLR0001CDCD
Yumade - Free TomCreamcrop RecordsCCLP01LP
Yumade - Free TomCreamcrop RecordsCCCD02CD
Yumade - Going MadDigital Underground RecordsDUCD2006CD
Yumade - GugangPsychic Deli RecordsPDCD011CD
Yumade - GugangPsychic Deli RecordsPDLP011LP
Yumade - Hair ZatsXIII Bis Records9002CD
Yumade - Hair ZatzDatabass Music RecordsDTB01EP
Yumade - In my roomDatabass Music RecordsDTBCD01CD
Yumade - InsightDatabass Music RecordsDTBCD02CD
Yumade - Jungle BreezeStarsound RecordsSSCD02CD
Yumade - KitchheadStarsound RecordsSSCD01CD
Yumade - Klanguage (Hayashi Remix)Databass Music RecordsDTBCD03CD
Yumade - Klanguage (Hayashi Remix)Databass Music RecordsDTB05EP
Yumade - Klanguage (live mix)Databass Music RecordsDTBCD02CD
Yumade - La Reel SimplifieDomo RecordsDOMOCD001CD
Yumade - La Reel SimplifieDatabass Music RecordsDTBCD02CD
Yumade - La Reel SimplifieDatabass Music RecordsDTB04EP
Yumade - LadderDatabass Music RecordsDTBCD03CD
Yumade - Linear bazarDatabass Music RecordsDTBCD02CD
Yumade - Modern TermsShpastic ElasticSHE003EP
Yumade - Modern TermsShpastic ElasticSHECD01CD
Yumade - Mr. NessShpastic ElasticSHECD01CD
Yumade - Mr. NessShpastic ElasticSHELP01LP
Yumade - None For ChillShpastic ElasticSHELP01LP
Yumade - None for ChillShpastic ElasticSHECD01CD
Yumade - Onion SexCreamcrop RecordsCCEP09EP
Yumade - Onion SexCreamcrop RecordsCCCD04CD
Yumade - Pit Fits FizzShpastic ElasticSHECD01CD
Yumade - Pit Fits FizzShpastic ElasticSHELP01LP
Yumade - Play With RecordsExotic Native ProductionsEN002CD
Yumade - Still Smack PoolZillion Mental Anarchie RecordsZMACD002CD
Yumade - Switch Off3D Vision Records3DV002EP
Yumade - Syntaxer3D Vision Records3DVLP002LP
Yumade - Techno SapiensCreamcrop RecordsCCCD02CD
Yumade - Techno SapiensCreamcrop RecordsCCLP01LP
Yumade - Tell it sweetDatabass Music RecordsDTBCD02CD
Yumade - Tempo DromeDatabass Music RecordsDTB04EP
Yumade - Tempo dromeDatabass Music RecordsDTBCD02CD
Yumade - The circusZillion Mental Anarchie RecordsZMACD005CD
Yumade - The Tube (Live Mix)Shpastic ElasticSHECD01CD
Yumade - Time CodeCreamcrop RecordsCCEP09EP
Yumade - Time StressCreamcrop RecordsCCCD07CD
Yumade - To LooseShpastic ElasticSHE001EP
Yumade - Torez TaalSpiral Trax InternationalSPITIN06EP
Yumade - TraktopelleDatabass Music RecordsDTBCD02CD
Yumade - TraktopelleDatabass Music RecordsDTB05EP
Yumade - Triphased3D Vision Records3DV002EP
Yumade - TriphasedMDMA MusicMDMA005-2CD
Yumade - TrotskistSolstice Music InternationalSOL-WCD001CD
Yumade - TrotskistElejam RecordsEJAM002CD
Yumade - True Broken FieldsShpastic ElasticSHECD01CD
Yumade - True Broken FieldsShpastic ElasticSHELP01LP
Yumade - When You Smile at the CowsYoYo RecordsYOYO42CD
Yumade - When you speak to cowsShpastic ElasticSHE001EP
Yumade - Witch BedShpastic ElasticSHECD01CD
Yumade - Witch BedShpastic ElasticSHELP01LP


Liquid Man & Yumade - Here Comes the SunPhonokol2202-2CD
Liquid Man & Yumade - Number 9Phonokol2202-2CD
Soundscape & Yumade - Baikal SuperstarCreamcrop RecordsCCLP01LP
Soundscape & Yumade - Baikal SuperstarCreamcrop RecordsCCCD02CD
Yumade vs Magus - Champagne with FetaCreamcrop RecordsCCEP06EP


Intact Instinct - Chicago Coin's Cinema (Yumade Remix)Global Trance NetworkGTN103036EP
Intact Instinct - Chicago Coin's Cinema (Yumade Remix)Global Trance NetworkGTN103022CDS
Magus - Digital Silence (Yumade Remix)Creamcrop RecordsCCEP06EP
Magus & Igneous Sauria - Digital Silence (Yumade remix)Creamcrop RecordsCCCD04CD
Paps - 2000 Hands (Yumade Remix)Zillion Mental Anarchie RecordsZMACD006CD
Process - Terrorist (Yumade Remix)Creamcrop RecordsCCCD05CD
Yumade - Triphased EP Yumade - When you speak to cows EP Yumade - Bass is Base EP Yumade - Modern Terms EP Yumade - Tempo Drome EP Yumade - Danz Ego Yumade - Danz Ego Yumade - Klanguage