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Zen Mechanics

MembersWouter Thomassen
Zen Mechanics was launched in 2002 by the multi-talented Dutchman Wouter Thomassen,
Drawing from his 12 year DJ experience, he soon caused quite a stir with his eclectic style.

By fusing elements of futuristic Trance, Progressive, Ambient & Breaks into a powerfull dancefloor-friendly and atmospheric sound, he quickly gained critical acclaim and interest from a range of top labels as varied as his output (such as Aleph Zero, Iboga, Neurobiotic, Nano, Alchemy and Flow).
Since then he's been travelling the planet nonstop, and booked for some of the world's biggest psychedelic festivals such as Boom, Glade, Universo Paralello, Sonica, Tribe, Solstice, Kaballah & Rainbow Serpent.

Besides this, Wouter runs 2 other projects, Citizen (Progressive) and Transmissions in Bloom (Ambient/Freestyle).


Wouter Thomassen

CitizenWouter Thomassen
SpannerWouter Thomassen
Zen MechanicsWouter Thomassen



Zen Mechanics - Holy CitiesNeurobiotic RecordsNBRCD222008


Zen Mechanics - A New PhilosophyAleph ZeroALEPHZ03CD
Zen Mechanics - Chasing SpacecraftsSphere RecordsSPHCD008CD
Zen Mechanics - Disco PixieNano RecordsNANOCD015CD
Zen Mechanics - Dolly DotsSonic DragonSDREC004CD
Zen Mechanics - Environmental PornYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE167CDCD
Zen Mechanics - Environmental PornYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE104CDCD
Zen Mechanics - Environmental PornIboga RecordsIBOGACD033CD
Zen Mechanics - EvolverProton RecordsPROCD001CD
Zen Mechanics - Glade RunnerNeurobiotic RecordsNBRCD21CD
Zen Mechanics - Ground ControlIboga RecordsIBOGACD028CD
Zen Mechanics - Ground ControlYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE065CDCD
Zen Mechanics - Ground controlWaldfrieden EventsWF002CD
Zen Mechanics - Ground ControlYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE071CDCD
Zen Mechanics - Ground control (Perfect Stranger Remix)Flow RecordsFLR0720CDCD
Zen Mechanics - Ground Control v2Neurobiotic RecordsNBRCD22CD
Zen Mechanics - Ground Control v2Yellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE183CDCD
Zen Mechanics - Have a good oneBeats and Pieces RecordsBNPCD01CD
Zen Mechanics - Have a good oneYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE043CDCD
Zen Mechanics - Holy CitiesNeurobiotic RecordsNBRCD22CD
Zen Mechanics - Industry Of LoveNeurobiotic RecordsNBRCD22CD
Zen Mechanics - Making CirclesMindfunk RecordsMFR001CD
Zen Mechanics - MechaYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE191CDCD
Zen Mechanics - MechaNeurobiotic RecordsNBRCD22CD
Zen Mechanics - ModifiedYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE193CDCD
Zen Mechanics - ModifiedNeurobiotic RecordsNBRCD22CD
Zen Mechanics - Modified (Logica Remix)Phantasm RecordsPTMCD170CD
Zen Mechanics - New Propulsion TechnologyYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE104CDCD
Zen Mechanics - New Propulsion TechnologyNeurobiotic RecordsNBRCD17CD
Zen Mechanics - New Propulsion Technology (Flip Flop Remix)Sonic DragonSDREC009CD
Zen Mechanics - Off The GridNeurobiotic RecordsNBRCD22CD
Zen Mechanics - Orbital CandyAjuca ProductionsAJUCD005CD
Zen Mechanics - Psychotropical NightsVagalume RecordsVGLCD005CD
Zen Mechanics - ShinkansenSiriusSIR005CD
Zen Mechanics - Thriving on trance floorsYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE042CDCD
Zen Mechanics - Thriving On Trance FloorsDance n Dust RecordsDNDCD03CD
Zen Mechanics - Tree-DIono MusicINMCD029CD
Zen Mechanics - Vale De LuaNeurobiotic RecordsNBRCD22CD
Zen Mechanics - VurtYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE153CDCD
Zen Mechanics - VurtAlchemy RecordsALCD022CD
Zen Mechanics - Vurt (Sinewave Remix)Neurobiotic RecordsNBRCD21CD


Dickster vs Zen Mechanics - Bathroom IncidentFree Spirit RecordsFSR0006CD
Perfect Stranger feat. Zen Mechanics - Desert SessionIboga RecordsIBOGACD038CD
Polaris & Zen Mechanics - The RealmNeurobiotic RecordsNBRCD24CD
Zen Mechanics & Allaby - ImmerseNeurobiotic RecordsNBRCD22CD
Zen Mechanics & Headroom - CBRNeurobiotic RecordsNBRCD22CD
Zen Mechanics vs Tactical Strike - ElectrifiedCrystal MatrixCMCD12CD
Zen Mechanics - Holy Cities