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This is a database of all artists that are present in labels/releases part.

You can search by artist real name or artist/group name.
When searching by real name use artist last name because first name is not always stated.

Thanks goes to everyone that have supported me with information!

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Absolum, Ace Ventura, Ajja, Alien Project, Ananda Shake, Andromeda, Astral Projection, Astrix, Atma, Atmos, Azax Syndrom, Bizzare Contact, Bliss, Cosma, Cosmo, Cosmosis, Cydonia, Dark Nebula, Darshan, Deedrah, Dna, Doof, Eat Static, Electric Universe, Electrypnose, Elysium, Eskimo, Etnica, Filteria, Freq, Furious, Gataka, Gms, Goa Gil, Hallucinogen, Highko, Human Blue, Hux Flux, Indra, Infected Mushroom, Jaia, Juno Reactor, Kashyyyk, Kindzadza, Koxbox, Lamat, Liquid Soul, Logic Bomb, Loud, Man With No Name, Melicia, Menog, Mfg, Miranda, Neelix, Ocelot, Oforia, Orion, Osom, Ott, Painkiller, Parasense, Penta, Pixel, Pleiadians, Prana, Protoculture, Psykovsky, Psysex, Ra, Raja Ram, Rinkadink, Sandman, Sensient, Sesto Sento, Shakta, Shift, Shiva, Shpongle, Skazi, Son Kite, Space Buddha, Space Cat, Space Tribe, Sun Project, Symphonix, Talamasca, Talpa, Ticon, Total Eclipse, Transwave, Tristan, U-recken, Vibe Tribe, Vibrasphere, Wizzy Noise, X-dream, Xenomorph, Xerox, Yahel