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ACDC Records

ReleasesCD: 4, EP: 20
ParentSpiral Trax


Kruger & Coyle - The Witness EPACDC RecordsACDC2012003
Echolab - Real Delay EPACDC RecordsACDC2022003
Cassey - The Plateau EPACDC RecordsACDC2032003
Saiko-Pod - Groove Moderator EPACDC RecordsACDC2042003
Saiko-Pod - Phutures EPACDC RecordsACDC2052003
Alex Joon - Deep Down EPACDC RecordsACDC2062004
Martin H - Liftin' EPACDC RecordsACDC2072003
D.T.M - Heat EPACDC RecordsACDC2082004
Saiko-Pod - Magnetic Force EPACDC RecordsACDC2092004
Martin H - Bolido EPACDC RecordsACDC2102004
Kruger & Coyle - Fit Bint Valley EPACDC RecordsACDC2112004
XV Kilist - My soul is a snack EPACDC RecordsACDC2122005
Atmos - Raumwelt Signal EPACDC RecordsACDC2132005
Chris Pointdexter - Bayo EPACDC RecordsACDC2142005
Saronida Sound System - Dee Vee Dee EPACDC RecordsACDC2152005
Greed - Rolling Hills EPACDC RecordsACDC2172006
Atmos - Ordinary Weekend EPACDC RecordsACDC2182006
Various Artists - Greeds Temptation EPACDC RecordsACDC2192006
Ozgur Can - Sunday EPACDC RecordsACDC3012006
Inkfish vs Tronso - Weird Reactions EPACDC RecordsACDC3022006


Saiko-Pod - PhutureremixesACDC RecordsACDCD0012004
Kruger & Coyle - Randy ExpanderACDC RecordsACDCD0022004
Various Artists - High Voltage House MusicACDC RecordsACDCD0032005
Greed - TemptationACDC RecordsACDCD0052006
Kruger & Coyle - The Witness EP Echolab - Real Delay EP Cassey - The Plateau EP Saiko-Pod - Groove Moderator EP Saiko-Pod - Phutures EP Alex Joon - Deep Down EP Martin H - Liftin' EP D.T.M - Heat EP Saiko-Pod - Magnetic Force EP Martin H - Bolido EP Kruger & Coyle - Fit Bint Valley EP XV Kilist - My soul is a snack EP Atmos - Raumwelt Signal EP Chris Pointdexter - Bayo EP Greed - Rolling Hills EP Atmos - Ordinary Weekend EP Various Artists - Greeds Temptation EP Ozgur Can - Sunday EP Inkfish vs Tronso - Weird Reactions EP Saiko-Pod - Phutureremixes Kruger & Coyle - Randy Expander Various Artists - High Voltage House Music Greed - Temptation