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Cosmicleaf Records

ReleasesCD: 17


Various Artists - Chill On IceCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD012004
Various Artists - Chill On Ice - Second EditionCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD01SE2006
Various Artists - Fragile LifeCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD022005
Various Artists - Nova NaturaCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD032005
Side Liner - Emotional DivingCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD042006
Zero Cult - Art of HarmonyCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD052006
Various Artists - Nova Natura 2Cosmicleaf RecordsCLCD062006
D.Batistatos - ArchitectCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD072006
Side Liner - Once Upon A TimeCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD082007
Various Artists - Nova Natura 3Cosmicleaf RecordsCLCD092007
Zero Cult - IkebanaCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD102007
Side Liner - My Guardian AngelCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD112008
Kick Bong - Flower PowerCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD122008
Will-O-The-Wisp - Long Sleep PlainCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD132008
Side Liner - Crying CitiesCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD142009
D. Batistatos - Weeper On The ShoreCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD152009
Zero Cult - Dreams In StereoCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD162009
Various Artists - Chill On Ice Various Artists - Chill On Ice - Second Edition Various Artists - Fragile Life Various Artists - Nova Natura Side Liner - Emotional Diving Zero Cult - Art of Harmony Various Artists - Nova Natura 2 D.Batistatos - Architect Side Liner - Once Upon A Time Various Artists - Nova Natura 3 Zero Cult - Ikebana Side Liner - My Guardian Angel Kick Bong - Flower Power Will-O-The-Wisp - Long Sleep Plain Side Liner - Crying Cities D. Batistatos - Weeper On The Shore Zero Cult - Dreams In Stereo