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What is DadA?

DadA is a cultural movement that began in neutral Zurich, Switzerland, during World War I. It peaked from 1916 till 1920 and the movement primarily involved visual arts, theatre, and graphic design. If art were to have an implicit or latent message, DadA strove to have no meaning. The interpretation of DadA was dependent entirely on the viewer and this trend carries on till today, where even after such a long period, not much has changed regarding this concept of parallelism. The music and sounds in this gentle genre span a century of evolved thinking, decades of appreciation of the mind and soul, and years of expansive exploration of technology as a medium.

An introduction to DadA Music

DadA Music is India’s first Electronic music label that brings the best electronic sounds from around the world to the Indian consumer. It is an initiative taken by The India Today Group (ITG), which makes it the second music label to be owned and promoted by them (after Music Today). DadA’s first four releases was formally launched on the 6th of May 2006, at a sound and light (laser) show held at the Purana Qila in New Delhi.


Sattyananda - Internal ActivitiesDadA MusicDA600012006
Kalyug - Digital ChamatkarDadA MusicDA700012007
Jalebee Cartel - One Point NothingDadA MusicDA700072009
Sattyananda - Internal Activities Kalyug - Digital Chamatkar Jalebee Cartel - One Point Nothing