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Doof Records

ReleasesCD: 32


Bonky - BonkyDoof RecordsDOOFCD012002
Various Artists - Acid TestDoof RecordsDOOFCD022002
Various Artists - TriundDoof RecordsDOOFCD032002
Kopsses - KopssesDoof RecordsDOOFCD042002
Jocid - JocidDoof RecordsDOOFCD052002
Bonky - Bonky 2Doof RecordsDOOFCD062003
Various Artists - SwampDoof RecordsDOOFCD072003
Zirkin - Dance ShowDoof RecordsDOOFCD082003
Various Artists - JamDoof RecordsDOOFCD092003
Mechanix - Illegal DanceDoof RecordsDOOFCD102003
Blanka - InfinityDoof RecordsDOOFCD112003
Various Artists - Electric Shock Treatment First SessionDoof RecordsDOOFCD122004
Various Artists - Electric Shock Treatment Second SessionDoof RecordsDOOFCD132004
Entropy - The Second Law Of ThermodynamicsDoof RecordsDOOFCD142004
Various Artists - ForestDoof RecordsDOOFCD152004
Various Artists - BoooDoof RecordsDOOFCD162005
Rev - InvertedDoof RecordsDOOFCD172005
Various Artists - Mind GamesDoof RecordsDOOFCD182005
Double R.E.L - Cereal KillerzDoof RecordsDOOFCD192005
Various Artists - Play WayDoof RecordsDOOFCD202006
CCL - Unleash The BeastDoof RecordsDOOFCD212006
Entropy - Purple PeopleDoof RecordsDOOFCD222006
Zirkin - Dance Show 3Doof RecordsDOOFCD232006
Terranoise - Terrano VibrationsDoof RecordsDOOFCD242006
Various Artists - ScratchDoof RecordsDOOFCD252006
Cactus - Extremely CarefulDoof RecordsDOOFCD262007
Various Artists - Phunk CoreDoof RecordsDOOFCD272007
Various Artists - Left Speaker DancerDoof RecordsDOOFCD282007
Orca - Fist Of FuryDoof RecordsDOOFCD292008
Various Artists - Double HelixDoof RecordsDOOFCD312008
Entropy - Think Slow Move FastDoof RecordsDOOFCD322009
Rev - AmusiaDoof RecordsDOOFCD332009
Bonky - Bonky Various Artists - Acid Test Various Artists - Triund Kopsses - Kopsses Jocid - Jocid Bonky - Bonky 2 Various Artists - Swamp Zirkin - Dance Show Various Artists - Jam Mechanix - Illegal Dance Blanka - Infinity Various Artists - Electric Shock Treatment First Session Various Artists - Electric Shock Treatment Second Session Entropy - The Second Law Of Thermodynamics Various Artists - Forest Various Artists - Booo Rev - Inverted Various Artists - Mind Games Double R.E.L - Cereal Killerz Various Artists - Play Way CCL - Unleash The Beast Entropy - Purple People Zirkin - Dance Show 3 Terranoise - Terrano Vibrations Various Artists - Scratch Cactus - Extremely Careful Various Artists - Phunk Core Various Artists - Left Speaker Dancer Orca - Fist Of Fury Various Artists - Double Helix Entropy - Think Slow Move Fast Rev - Amusia